In our ever-evolving digital landscape, there’s no better time to embrace technology than now. And a fascinating prediction from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics supports this – a whopping 100,000 tech-related jobs are projected in the next decade. Intriguing, right?

What does this mean for the next generation? 

  The importance of getting children interested early in technology is more important than ever before. 

Enter Code Ninjas. More than just a coding school, we’re the global nexus for budding tech enthusiasts. With a presence in over 300 locations nationwide, finding a dojo near you is a breeze.

A shining example of the company’s impact is Tom Hsieh, a tech industry veteran with a background in electrical engineering, from Code Ninjas El Segundo, California. Witnessing his own daughter’s transformative journey and excitement with her classes, Tom’s mission became clear: to bring the power of coding to his community by creating unforgettable positive memories for kids through coding and STEM education so they can develop into compassionate future leaders sparked by technology to solve real world challenges.

In the same way that parents encourage their kids to develop a knack for languages, concepts, or habits early in life, Tom wants to see kids in their community develop a vital skillset that is only becoming more crucial to the operation of our modern world – all through coding.

By learning the ins and outs of coding, the next generation will not just understand technology, but how it factors into the daily controls of our ever-advancing world.

Now, kids ages 5 to 14 in El Segundo and around the country can take advantage of the many different skills that Code Ninjas offers.

So, what awaits at Code Ninjas?


Embrace Outcome Based Learning

Code Ninjas philosophy centers around the students.

With the curriculum, students dive deep into the coding world, develop their own video games and hone skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. This emphasizes the use of setting clear learning goals, designing activities and assessments that allow each student to achieve those goals. 

Through the use of Code Ninjas, kids will enjoy this learning structure with mentors experienced in the tech realm who will guide them every step of the way. By using high school and college students with tech experience alongside professionals, students will learn to code with in-person classes.

That experience provides each child with creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and STEM skills in a safe and fun community-like environment at each location.

Cultivate and Thrive in a Dynamic Community

At Code Ninjas, every session is an opportunity for imagination and growth.

Every Code Ninjas location offers a safe and creative community for its children to learn. Students who enroll in a program enter into a welcoming environment, with a curriculum that is centered around creativity and flexibility. It allows each child to express themselves with their imagination, experiment with new ideas and gain a sense of ownership and control over their work. 

That creative mindset is key in allowing students to explore the ultimate forms of self-expression, exploration and discovery, which are all pivotal in their development.

Beyond coding, students are encouraged to use their skills to benefit their communities, from app development to innovative web solutions that help solve local problems. This helps provide another sense of self and pride for the children.


Acquire Lifelong Skills

While coding is at our core, the skills you learn here transcend it. Every class is a step towards molding resilient, innovative, and logical thinkers.

They will take away skills that can be used in life and future career down the road. By participating in Code Ninjas, kids learn how to problem solve, use logical thinking, and how to be creative. Skills with the capability to take them anywhere in life they’re hoping to go.

By learning problem solving skills, a child will be able to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. Creativity allows them the opportunity to be innovative and think outside the box to find solutions to problems. Through logical thinking, students learn how to effectively reason and make sound judgements.


The Essence of Code Ninjas

We may be all about coding, our scope is expansive. 

For those aspiring to tech heights, we’re your launchpad. And if you’re driven by pure curiosity, await valuable insights and cherished memories.

 Whether navigating a tech trajectory or fostering a hobby, one thing remains constant: Code Ninjas equips every child with tools for success in the digital age and beyond.

 Eager to join the future? Let’s embark on this coding journey together!

Tom Hsieh is the gentleman with the glasses in the photos labeled CNES and CNES1