Executive Home Care: The Nation’s Leading In-Home Health Care Provider


As the number of Americans aged 65 and older continues to grow exponentially, so does the need for quality elderly care. To match this demand, Executive Home Care, a full-service, premium in-home health care company, seeks to expand their presence and open new franchises nationwide.




About Executive Home Care

Founded in 2004 and franchising since 2013, Executive Home Care has a strong understanding of the significant responsibility of providing in-home care. As the nation’s leading in-home care provider, the brand offers a wide range of service options and care programs, setting out to improve the quality of life and establish peace of mind for both clients and their families.

According to AARP, approximately three out of four American adults over 50 are much more comfortable living in their own homes, amidst their personal treasures and familiar surroundings. Executive Home Care sets out to enhance the well-being of those in need with a commitment to service excellence. The company follows their brand promise of building exceptional C.A.R.E., which stands for showing compassion, being attentive, showing respect and providing excellence.

Executive Home Care’s Services 

Every caregiver at Executive Home Care is uniquely trained, allowing them to give in-depth, day-to-day care for clients. Understanding that the caregivers are pinnacle to the health of their clients, Executive Home Care conducts a comprehensive vetting process to ensure a strong partnership and personal connection between each client and caregiver.

The brand offers a variety of non-medical services ranging from weekly companionship visits to full-time personal and homemaking care. Each plan is tailored to the individual to fully meet a client’s needs. Executive Home Care also offers other specialized programs, such as home to hospital transition care, care for a broad spectrum of health conditions, fall risk and home safety plans, and assistance in managing insurance policies.

Meet Executive Home Care’s New Chief Growth Officer and Leadership Team 

To keep up with the high demand for in-home, personalized care, Executive Home Care embarked on curating a brand relaunch. To kickstart the brand overhaul, Executive Home Care appointed Tim Hadley as the brand’s new CEO, while naming Jason Wiedder as Chief Growth Officer. Prior to joining the team, Tim spent nearly two decades providing strategic business planning, growth strategies, and data analytics in several healthcare fields, including in-home care, ambulatory care, and medical equipment sales. Jason brings to the table nearly 20 years of experience in both the franchising industry and in-home care sector. Jason has played an integral part in the growth of a number of franchises, including his work with Senior Helpers, a brand he helped propel from three locations to 275 during his tenure. 

“His experience and results speak for themselves, and make him the ideal person to assist in bringing Executive Home Care to new heights,” said Tim Hadley about Jason. “While Jason will play a huge part in our future growth, we are lucky enough to have built an A-team that a lot of smaller companies usually don’t have,” continued Hadley. “In May, we dubbed Kevin Porter as our Senior Vice President of Franchise Operations, who brings over 20 years of franchising homecare and healthcare operations experience with him. We’ve also added a Chief Financial Officer in Greg Esgar, and promoted Rima Chaudhari to Director of Training and Development after being with us for four years. Altogether, the Executive Home Care leadership team has approximately 75 years of in-home care/healthcare experience.”

Executive Home Care’s Rebranding

As the leadership team was ushered in, they brought with them a new logo, a fresh website look, and innovative software and policy upgrades. Executive Home Care has partnered with third-party organizations to streamline both their scheduling and communications practices. The partnerships have created an easier avenue for the brand to connect franchisees with their skilled caregivers, and increase scheduling efficiency at all Executive Home Care locations.

“An important criterion for us is ensuring that we have a large team of qualified caregivers to meet all client demand, and pairing them with the correct client to meet their needs,” said Jason. “The new state-of-the-art communication software will allow us to quickly connect our franchisees to a wide network of skilled caregivers.” 

Own an Executive Home Care Franchise

The combination of elite software, a stellar leadership team and determination to provide the best care have put Executive Home Care in a prime position for their expansion across the nation. 

Executive Home Care is actively seeking single and multi-unit franchise partners with a strong entrepreneurial spirit who have heart, empathy and a passion for helping people. Franchisees will receive help with planning and business development from opening day to long-term planning, as well as continuing education, access to exclusive software planning, and an elite sales and marketing approach. Including the franchise fee, the initial investment for an Executive Home Care franchise is between $99,000 to $175,000. 

For more information about Executive Home Care, please visit www.executivehomecare.com.