Erin Kaylor brings a wealth of experience to the high-energy coffeehouse franchise as it is on the precipice of monumental growth.

Erin Kaylor, a franchise veteran and finance leader, is bringing her passion to BIGGBY® COFFEE as Chief Financial Officer. As the brand approaches important growth milestones with over 360 units open and another 140 in development, Kaylor will serve a crucial role in supporting the entire system through its next stage of development.

“I’m a CPA and an accountant by trade, but the vast majority of my career was spent in the finance organization of McDonald’s,” said Kaylor. “This new role fits very nicely because I have a lot of experience working with franchisees. I did retire from McDonald’s in 2017, but I discovered I just wasn’t quite ready for retirement. Before long, I found myself back to work at a local gated community and country club as their CFO and Assistant General Manager.”

At McDonald’s, Kaylor held numerous positions over her twenty-plus years with the company. In her last role, she collaborated with U.S. leadership on the development and execution of a comprehensive re-franchising strategy across the country. This role also enabled her to partner with franchise owners on building their individual businesses.

Kaylor held her later role with the Bluffton, South Carolina Berkeley Hall Club for about two years, and just before the pandemic, she entered her second retirement with intentions to travel the world. When COVID hit, this proved impossible, and she once again found herself looking for engaging opportunities.

“I had just made the decision to go back to work, and a recruiter reached out to me with this opportunity,” said Kaylor. “It felt like a perfect fit.”

After climbing the corporate ladder, Kaylor views the opportunity with BIGGBY® COFFEE as her time to shine in a role where she can truly feel good about the work she’s doing each and every day.

“The commitment to conscious capitalism that the company stands for is so meaningful to me,” explained Kaylor. “Working for a truly purpose-driven organization is important to me at this point in my career. I think our work sourcing coffee across the globe directly from farmers is amazing. We are literally changing lives around the world. That’s what motivated me to join the team.”

With 360 locations and growing, Kaylor recognizes that there is a lot of exciting work to do to build a strong foundation that will not only support the system at its current size but also take it into the future.

As she works to implement the systems she sees necessary to take BIGGBY® COFFEE to the next level, she will work collaboratively with members across the organization to ensure the financial success of both the company and the individual store owners.

“I feel a responsibility to ensure the financial success of the company now and into the future,” said Kaylor. “We want to support franchise owners with their individual profitability and personal success, as we also address profitability at the home office level. I’m excited to foster and develop a team that will contribute to that mission.”