Margaret Chebat, a beacon of leadership at PuroClean, isn’t just focused on elevating the company’s success; she’s on a mission to enhance the impact on franchise owners, her team, and clients alike.

In business for 23 years, PuroClean is one of the country’s leading property restoration and remediation franchises, helping thousands of people each year. In the dynamic restoration and remediation industry, one individual stands out for her extraordinary journey from a coordinator position to becoming the youngest female vice president at PuroClean. Yet, her story goes beyond professional triumphs; it’s about shattering barriers, empowering women, and championing diversity within the industry.  


Margaret’s Early Influence at PuroClean: 

In 2013, Margaret embarked on her restoration career as a Marketing Coordinator at PuroClean, handling pivotal responsibilities that directly impacted brand imaging, consumer awareness, and support for the franchise network. Navigating a traditionally male-dominated industry as a diverse woman presented unique challenges, but Margaret’s tenacity, resilience, and passion paved the way for her upward trajectory.

Armed with an MBA, she swiftly ascended within the company, culminating in her current role as Vice President of Account Management for Business Development. As the youngest female Vice President in the company’s history, Margaret’s journey reflects her unwavering dedication and passion for PuroClean and exemplifies the exceptional mentorship and support she received from her leaders and peers along the way.


Industry Transformation: 

As the bridge connecting PuroClean with top-tier insurance companies and commercial clients, Margaret orchestrated the growth of transformative partnerships that created opportunities for franchisees. Under her guidance, the company’s approach to customer service, credibility, and technology underwent a paradigm shift, positioning PuroClean as an industry innovator. Colleagues and President Steve White commend Margaret for her strategic insights, acknowledging her as a hardworking individual whose drive and enthusiasm have fueled her success at PuroClean.


Evolving Landscape: 

Margaret’s current position as Vice President involves intricate responsibilities as the liaison between PuroClean and its expansive network of insurance and commercial partners. These collaborations have elevated the company’s standing within the industry and allow franchisees to be in the first position on calls to dispatch for insured homes and to commercial properties needing remediation. Her emphasis on quality communication and strategic guidance of the partner and franchisor ensures that PuroClean’s clients receive an elevated customer experience. 

Margaret Chebat’s success can be attributed to a keen understanding of the insurance industry’s preferences and her propensity to push boundaries. Her work leverages the factors insurers appreciate, such as the scale of operations, effective communication, and the integration of advanced technology. She helped integrate new technologies into PuroClean’s franchise owners and customer systems.  She is committed to helping with quicker response times, strong customer service, and increased transparency into each claim. She not only wants franchise owners to have all the necessary tools to succeed but also to provide the exceptional level of service the PuroClean brand is known for. These advancements demonstrate to major insurance companies and commercial partners alike that PuroClean is at the forefront of service in the industry. 

Working with ‘best in class’ insurance partnerships enables PuroClean to stay ahead of industry trends, regulations, and best practices. Furthermore, such partnerships establish a sense of trust and credibility in the eyes of the clients and franchisees. As Margaret works to gain additional opportunities with insurance and commercial clients, it adds a layer of confidence for customers, assuring them that the services provided meet the stringent standards set by the industry. Margaret’s efforts and implementation of processes and relevant KPIs ensure that PuroClean remains at the cutting edge of the restoration sector, adapting its services to meet evolving standards and customer expectations



Empowering Change: 

Margaret has embraced her role as a thought leader and vision caster, actively empowering women within the restoration and remediation industry. As a proud member of PuroWomen, her advocacy centers on fostering a more diverse and representative workforce. Internally, Margaret has expanded the Business Development Team’s growth and contributed to the increase in accounts and overall revenue goals.


Looking to the Future: 

As Margaret envisions the future, she plans to expand her team with additional account managers and reviewers. Her goals include securing new accounts, strengthening relationships with existing insurance and commercial partners, and expanding PuroClean’s influence with regional carriers. This forward-looking vision underscores her commitment to amplifying PuroClean’s success and highlights why she’s achieved rapid success in her career.

Through Margaret Chebat’s journey from coordinator to Vice President of Account Management for Business Development at PuroClean, one thing remains constant: consistency is key. Her success serves as a testament to the power of determination, trustworthiness, and building connections. As the youngest female Vice President at the company, Margaret continues to pave the way for women to flourish within the dynamic world of restoration, leaving an indelible mark on PuroClean’s legacy.