Bill Lulis is an entrepreneur from Chicago who is making waves in the fitness industry. Passionate about fitness and driven by the desire to build a thriving community, he is the proud owner of three TITLE Boxing Clubs in the Chicago-area. 

As we often see in franchising, Lulis spent more than two decades working corporate jobs in finance and wealth management before becoming a franchisee. Throughout his career, he always held onto a passion for fitness. After years in the corporate world, he wanted to return to the fitness space as he spent many years in sports and competing in marathons. 


Stepping into the Ring with a Historic Brand

Lulis’ journey with the world’s leading boxing fitness brand began when he and his wife joined their local TITLE Boxing Club as members to explore an alternative to marathon running. The moment they stepped into the club and experienced the high-energy atmosphere, intense workouts, and sense of camaraderie among members, Lulis knew he had stumbled upon something special. 

He immediately saw how boxing, and specifically TITLE as a franchise, caters to a diverse group of people. Lulis looked around and saw people of all ages, colors, backgrounds – and all were on very personal fitness journeys. His clubs reflect this same image as he has built a diverse and inclusive community at each location, and has found support from the corporate team and other franchisees each step of the way.  

Embracing the vision of empowering individuals through fitness, both physically and mentally, Lulis saw the TITLE franchise opportunity as the perfect way to expand his franchise footprint and make an even greater mark on the fitness industry.


Creating an Environment that Provides Fitness for All

As a multi-unit owner, Lulis caters to a broad audience with varying fitness preferences and goals. A key belief of his is that fitness should be accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of age, background, or fitness level. He is intentional in his pursuit of fostering an environment that welcomes individuals from all walks of life, and therefore, has created a supportive and encouraging space where members feel motivated to achieve their goals.

TITLE’s partnership with ‘Rock Steady Boxing’ is one way in which Lulis ensures his clubs offer something for everyone. This program provides a non-contact boxing-based fitness curriculum for people with Parkinson’s disease. For Lulis and his team, their priorities go far beyond providing a workout as they hope to improve someone’s quality of life – in both a physical and mental capacity. 

“We want everyone to feel welcomed and supported on their fitness journey, no matter what that might look like for them,” said Lulis. “Owning multiple TITLE Boxing Clubs has been an incredible journey of growth and fulfillment. We know that each club has its own unique character and community, and it’s been a privilege to see our members feel empowered through our boxing classes.”


Not Just Hiring, But Building a Family

One of his most significant accomplishments lies in his ability to hire and retain dedicated employees, a common challenge in the fitness industry as many concepts face high turnover rates. Building a true family within each club is at the core of his success. He believes that employee satisfaction translates to member satisfaction. By being fully engrained in each club, Lulis can provide personalized support and ensure that each club’s unique needs and members are addressed efficiently and strategically. 

The sense of family extends well outside the doors of each club. Lulis has built a strong and results-oriented relationship with the TITLE Boxing Club leadership team. The dedication they have for each franchisee’s success is unmatched, from operations to marketing and beyond. Each of these are core components of the business, and the great success he receives from corporate enables Lulis to create a comfortable, inclusive environment that keeps his members coming back. 

“Coming from spending decades in corporate America, I truly enjoy going to work every day because I get to work with people who are family,” he added. “My team and I have worked hard to build a culture that builds people up, from our members to our staff. When employees feel valued and supported, they extend that same care to our members. It’s a ripple effect of positivity and motivation that fuels our community’s growth.”


Gloving up for Continued Growth

Lulis has emphasized that he is in it for the long haul with TITLE Boxing Club. His goal is to continue to expand in the Chicago area and grow with the brand as it evolves. In the future, he is excited to meet new boxers from every generation while continuing to provide accessible, fun, and challenging workouts for all members. 

With a blend of business acumen, passion for fitness, and genuine care for their community, Lulis has established himself as an inspiring force in the fitness industry. His tenacious pursuit of excellence, dedication to his employees and members, and commitment to diversity has set the standard for what a fitness franchise should be. 

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