In my 30-plus years of franchising, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of helping small businesses grow and thrive. In a post-pandemic world full of small business hardship, it has been my number one priority to expand the proven business models of multiple franchise brands and to support the teams that bring these brands into their communities. The biggest part of serving communities is finding a way to ask yourself, “What is the problem, and how can my business help alleviate it?”

Whether a pet has separation anxiety, a disability, or is a bit people-shy, we can all relate to the struggle and stress of finding a quality pet grooming service. Any responsible pet owner knows that routine bathing, brushing, teeth cleaning, and nail cutting are all critical in preventing matted hair, unhealthy skin, and other problems that can cause pets to have pain and discomfort. While many pet owners opt to beautify their pets at home, it can be messy, time-consuming, and stressful for both person and pet.

A trip to the vet or groomer can be troubling for any pet, no matter how young or old. I set out to address the “necessary evil” of pet grooming and wanted to change the narrative in order to create a personalized and accessible solution. In 2017, the solution I came up with was Furry Land Mobile Grooming, a state-of-the-art, accessible and convenient mobile pet grooming franchise to make the experience better for both person and pet.

I created Furry Land because not everyone has the ability to transport their pets to get groomed, and not all pets are equipped to deal with stressful social situations. As a franchise developer and entrepreneur, I am constantly looking to facilitate brands that will make a difference to local community members.

Here are just a few reasons behind why I brought Furry Land to life, and why I think every community in America should have a mobile pet groomer on-call:

Reduced Stress – From the very start, your pet knows something is up as soon as you pull out the travel crate when it’s time to go. Travel and car anxiety will put your pet in survival mode before you even make it out the door to the grooming salon; this is why I strongly recommend people take advantage of mobile grooming. It takes away the stress of traveling in a car in a cramped enclosure to a destination with sights, sounds and smells that your pet is unfamiliar with. Having a pet groomer come to you rather than the other way around will keep your pup or cat comfortable and confident remaining in “their” own territory, drastically lowering their anxiety.

Convenience – Not only does it save gas money, but mobile pet grooming services save pet owners time by eliminating the need to transport pets to and from a grooming salon. Mobile pet grooming provides flexible scheduling options and is much quicker. This can be helpful for owners with multiple pets and tight, rigid work schedules. People living in rural areas already spend a lot of time commuting to places like grocery stores or gas stations, some of which are miles and miles away from the home. Cutting out the travel time to the grooming salon has the power to free up extra time for other necessary commutes, like work, school, or doctor appointments. Mobile grooming ensures that pet grooming is as accessible to communities in the countryside as in the city and suburbs.

One-on-One attention – Mobile pet groomers work with one pet at a time, which means that each and every pet gets one-on-one attention throughout the grooming process. This ensures that each pet’s needs are being addressed, whether it be for textured fur that needs a bit more TLC or skin sensitivity. Elderly or disabled pets with chronic health conditions or joint issues may need to take more frequent breaks from standing can have their accommodations better met when they are the sole focus of the groomer in that moment.

No other people or pets – While some pets are naturally more social than others, the last thing a stressed-out animal needs are other stressed-out, unfamiliar animals and people all in very close quarters. While opting for a mobile groomer will keep your pet from getting worked up around other pets, it is also the more sanitary option. While life has predominantly gotten back to business as usual since the pandemic, people with or who have pets with chronic illnesses still need to stay far away from unvaccinated people or pets, or any areas that are generally crowded or germy. For pets, a private and personal mobile grooming experiences eliminates the chances of your pet contracting fleas, ticks or other spreadable illnesses. This means that mobile pet grooming is an ideal, coveted choice that puts the worry of overcrowding and overstimulation to rest, no questions asked.

Personalized Services and Relationship building – No matter where you are, the beautiful thing about mobile pet grooming is that the services can be adjusted to meet the specific needs and conditions of all pets. No matter what, they can come to you. This might not be a big deal for all pet families, but for pets with disabilities or other special needs, this personalization ensures that the grooming process is safe and comfortable form beginning to end, giving the owner a little extra peace of mind. Furthermore, mobile groomers can bond with the pets in the communities they serve by fostering these relationships while they groom. A pet that is geriatric or disabled may not get many chances to socialize and stimulate their minds during the day, so even a quick, twenty-minute interaction with a friendly pet groomer can do wonders for a pet’s mental health and happiness.

We are living in an individualized, virtual world right now. We have mobile services in place for any kind of shopping or travel you could think of. We can buy anything from any store and have it show up on our doorstep. In a day and age when everyone wants to be able to get things to their home quickly and efficiently, I think it’s a shock that we, as a society, haven’t added this same level of comfort, customization and convenience to animal-oriented services like pet grooming. Animals can’t speak and can’t advocate for themselves, so we have to be the ones to come to them. Mobile pet grooming services like Furry Land make sure that no pet or pet parent is left behind, and that’s an attitude that needs to carry over into every local community. With the right group of franchisees who are passionate enough, this goal can become a reality.


By Greg Longe