Grease Monkey Poised for Next Era of Growth – Surpassing 500 Units


Leading Automotive Aftermarket Repair Facility Franchise Fuels Expansion with Multi-Unit Operators 

Grease Monkey®, a flagship brand under the FullSpeed Automotive® umbrella, is gearing up for its next era of growth as it is set to surpass 500 units open by mid-2023. Multi-unit expansion continues to play a strategic role in the brand’s development as new and existing franchisees are doubling down on growth opportunities, riding the wave of Grease Monkey’s nationwide growth by expanding their portfolios. Currently, much of the Grease Monkey system is comprised of multi-unit franchisees.



Driving Grease Monkey’s franchise growth strategy is the newly appointed President of Franchise, Ron Stilwell. Previously serving as Chief Development Officer for FullSpeed Automotive, Stilwell has played a significant role in helping grow FullSpeed Automotive’s unit count by 31% in 2022 to date. With a competitive edge, boasting 35-plus years of industry experience, Stilwell is leading the strategy of the operations department, development, training, purchasing, and more. 


FullSpeed Automotive is building a team of best-in-class leaders to elevate and fuel growth for its flagship brands. With a fresh, revitalized approach to the business and the implementation of several strategic enhancements, the future is bright for Grease Monkey, as this is an exciting chapter in the organization’s growth story.


Multi-Unit Franchisees Building Robust Portfolios  


Grease Monkey is seeing increasing interest from those looking to diversify their portfolios, while expanding with existing franchisees. 


For example, Tyson Daniels took a leap of faith and left his job to go out on his own nearly 10 years ago. Purchasing his first Grease Monkey franchise has provided many opportunities and individual growth. Since then, he’s bought and sold locations, doubled revenue, and is always looking for ways to continue growing the number of shops and service offerings. To date, Daniels’ portfolio consists of seven Grease Monkey facilities, and he is in the process of acquiring three more. 


“With the right concept and a proven track record, now is the time to commit to accelerated development,” said Daniels. “Follow the model and commit to executing at the highest level, and you’ll see the sales increases follow. This will open the door to more growth opportunities.” 


When franchisees sign on for a three-center minimum agreement, they receive multi-unit discounts on the franchise fee (first location: $39,900; second location: $20,000; third or subsequent locations: $15,000 each).


Another standout multi-unit franchisee is Brian Morrison, who brings 23 years of automotive industry experience to the table as he’s grown his portfolio to include six Grease Monkey facilities – with one additional site in development – and three SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service® locations. 


One aspect of the business model that initially caught Morrison’s eye was that it offered a wide array of services beyond quick-lube and preventative maintenance. With a full-service operation – from brakes to tires, oil changes, manufacturer’s recommended services, and more – the business allows the opportunity to provide an array of services that customers need. In addition, Morrison was particularly interested in the Veteran program for franchisees.


Specifically, Grease Monkey ranks no. 6 in Entrepreneur Magazine as a Top Franchise for Veterans, and as an IFA VetFran member, Grease Monkey offers a $10,000 discount off the franchise fee for Veterans and First Responders.


“The Veteran program allowed me to save almost $40,000 in my first year of business, which has certainly paved the way for my continued growth,” said Morrison. “I don’t know what the total unit-count endgame looks like, I just know that building my empire is easy, fun, and rewarding. So right now, I don’t see an end in sight.”


Paving the Way for Aggressive Franchise Development 


With an aggressive franchise development and M&A strategy, Grease Monkey plans to continue expansion efforts across the country. Leadership sees a particular growth opportunity in several markets to include: Southern California; Phoenix, AZ; Houston, TX; and key DMAs in Florida such as Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando, among other territories nationwide. 


In 2022, FullSpeed brands have grown from 703 units to over 900 company, franchised, and licensed units. FullSpeed also recently unveiled its highly anticipated new store models that are set to fuel the next wave of expansion. 


“2022 has been a strong year for Grease Monkey,” said Stilwell. “You can see growth is accelerating. We’ve invested resources and capital to prepare for the future and are committed to upholding our position as a leader in franchisee support and unmatched customer service. There’s vast whitespace across the country, and we’re laser-focused on breaking into these untapped markets.” 


When franchisees invest with FullSpeed Automotive brands, they’re investing in an organization with a strong culture, solid systems, and proven business models backed with a combined 70+ years of experience in providing quality car care in the industry. 


‘Store of the Future’ – New Store Models 


Grease Monkey hits the accelerator on franchise growth with new store models designed to improve customer service within compact real estate footprints. The ‘Store of the Future’ models emphasize an enhanced customer experience while improving efficiency for franchisees who are driving nationwide expansion.


The auto aftermarket repair industry has been largely outdated and untouched, making the all-new model a revolutionary move in an effort to modernize the industry. The key features of the new prototype include new express lanes with a 15-minute stay-in-the-car model, clear and directional signage on the parking lot to bring ease to the consumer, all new comfortable lounge areas and patio seating with refreshments and entertainment for units that already provide additional services, and state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence that will educate, inform, and streamline the customer experience.  


The store will have a distinctively branded exterior featuring a new slogan, “Done Fast. Done Right.™” Square footage will vary based on real estate. The new model can also be adapted to fit existing auto-service facilities. Beta tests are beginning this year and will roll out to new franchisees, with the option for existing franchisees to upgrade next year. 


“While the customer experience is at the forefront of every strategic decision, we anticipate the flexible, new store models to be a real source of attraction for eager and sophisticated franchisees,” said Stilwell. “When franchising, it’s critically important to ensure that the cost of the build works well with the economic model and provides a great ROI for years to come. We feel we’ve achieved that with these new prototypes, saving money and construction costs while maximizing operational efficiencies to drive franchisee profitability.”


With fast-growth and strong performance – boasting $1,452,160 average net sales for the top quartile of sales averages* – Grease Monkey is looking to bring on qualified and engaged individuals seeking single, multi-unit, and conversion opportunities. For more information, visit or call 800-364-0352.

*Based on franchisee-owned Grease Monkey centers that were in the Top Quartile of average sales for fiscal year 2021. This information appears in our 2022 FDD under Item 19.