Christmas Decor, the leading holiday decorating franchise, offers an opportunity for seasonal business owners to expand services and build a year-long operation.


Christmas Decor, the Christmas decorating franchise with over 300 locations nationwide, has built a powerful business model that can bolster the annual revenue for entrepreneurs with seasonal businesses focused on the warmer months.

While its parent company, The Decor Group, has conceptualized additional business models to support franchise owners in driving revenue throughout the year, the traditional Christmas Décor franchise can be a great add-on for business owners who have summer-focused seasonal businesses.

“Will it feel like you’re building a brand new business? The reality is that it won’t. If you already have a raging river running north, Christmas Decor can run parallel to that business,” said Brandon Stephens, president of Christmas Decor. “We have franchisees that, by utilizing this side-by-side model, are able to secure impressive revenues without pulling attention away from their other ventures.”


Why Christmas Decor Is an Easy Choice

A low barrier to entry, combined with strong franchisee onboarding and support, make Christmas Decor an even more attractive seasonal side hustle. According to Christmas Decor’s 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document, franchised units

achieved an average gross revenue of $399,993, and the top-performing unit reported nearly $6 million in gross revenue. The company has even been recognized by Entrepreneur as a top franchise opportunity for less than $50,000.

In 2022, Christmas Decor reached $75 million in system-wide revenue.

Many outdoor businesses see a peak in demand during the spring and summer, with business either slowing or stopping entirely during the fall and winter. While independent owners may be glad to have a break, this structure can make recruiting and retention challenging. Adding another business that peaks in the winter, like Christmas Decor, brings in more consistent revenue and simplifies the recruiting and retention process by offering steady, full-time employment opportunities.


The Side-by-Side Model in Action

This side-by-side model is already being practiced by entrepreneurs across the United States. Bill Cowley is a Christmas Decor franchisee who also owns a pest-control business. He’s leveraged this combination to create two scalable businesses that he says complement each other well. “We’ve been in the pest control business since 1991, so over 30 years. That’s what we do all year round. We get a little slower in the winter, but we are very busy in the spring, summer and fall. Because the demand for our service obviously falls off a bit in the winter time, that’s where Christmas Decor comes into the picture,” he explained. “When we got into the Christmas business, we did it to increase cash flow in the wintertime and provide work for employees who would have otherwise been seasonal workers.”


Maximizing Your Potential

The potential is even bigger for the owners of service brands like Cowley’s. Because a house is one of the biggest investments most people will ever make, property owners tend to be choosy about whom they trust with their home projects. Business owners who have already established themselves as trustworthy and reliable through a pest control, lawn care or window washing business, for example, can add holiday decorating to their offerings and market a new range of services to an existing customer base.

Additional involvement as a business owner tends to lead to more visibility in the larger community. With more opportunities to connect with community partners, give back and raise awareness surrounding the business, Christmas Decor offers another platform for owners to use to establish themselves as community leaders as well as drive both of their seasonal businesses.

Adding Christmas Decor to an existing portfolio also diversifies investments of time, energy and cash. “Entrepreneurs with successful summer businesses still find themselves struggling to navigate dips in revenue and the challenges of recruiting and retaining great talent when they can’t offer a full-time job year-round,” Stephens said. “With a Christmas Decor franchise, you will be supported with a proven business model and a team of experts as you grow your holiday decorating business, and you’ll be able to create an even more stable, lucrative entrepreneurial model for yourself and your team members.”


Beyond the Holidays

For business owners who run seasonal businesses but are looking to boost their income every month of the year, Christmas Decor’s NiteTime Decor model can provide yet another revenue stream.

Through NiteTime Decor, franchisees can offer services that significantly improve an outdoor space any time of year. Homeowners are becoming more conscious of the benefits of high-quality lighting on their properties, and franchisees can build on an existing customer base to develop their lighting business into a sustainable, year-round venture.

NiteTime Decor offers a range of services for customers who might be looking to:

  • Increase safety and security through better lighting
  • Enhance the curb appeal of a home by highlighting the front of the property
  • Spotlight the beauty of existing landscaping and architecture by highlighting the best features
  • Create a resort-like feel in outdoor living spaces with the addition of more artistic lighting

“Our residential clients tend to be on the more affluent side, and you’re building relationships with them,” Stephens said. “So if you’re a contractor who offers other services, you may land them as a Christmas client, then you can go in and cross-sell them on all your other services.”



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