By: Jason Anderson, President of Vast CoWorking Group

Over the last few years, entrepreneurs have experienced a surge in costly lease agreements and corporate workers have struggled to work from home due to hybrid scheduling and frequent distractions. However, Office Evolution® has proven to be an ideal solution. With our network of business centers strategically located throughout the nation, Office Evolution offers convenient and affordable business environments for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Office Evolution, a member of the Vast Coworking Group™, offers multiple plans, including a popular flex plan that is heavily utilized by remote workers. We are passionate about supporting small business owners – the Dreamers, Risk-Takers, and Doers who dare to chase their passions. 

By partnering with local owners through franchising, Office Evolution leverages franchise partners who want to invest in and operate their own Office Evolution coworking space. With over 80 locations, local franchisees can customize their coworking spaces to better suit the needs of specific communities. This approach means quick adjustments to meet demand and preferences, especially important in the ever-changing world of flexible work. It not only benefits locals but also creates a network of collaborative workspaces that provide a solution for the challenges of the home office. 

Office Evolution has a vast variety of modern offerings such as spacious private offices, flexible coworking spaces, and conference rooms that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. As a member you get 24/7 access to the business lounge, use of the office kitchen, and high-speed Wi-Fi access. Plus, when you host clients for meetings, the Business Center manager will be there to greet them. These amenities allow for many practical benefits when compared to the traditional WFH or home startup experience. 



Combatting Burnout

The pervasive issue of burnout is a genuine concern. Numerous small business owners and employees report enduring long hours and feeling constrained by the lack of flexibility, which ultimately affects their overall job satisfaction. Coworking sets itself apart by granting individuals control over their working hours and routines, making it easier to combat burnout. Many organizations have already reported a significant reduction in employee resignations due to burnout, thanks to the availability of coworking as an alternative work arrangement. A visit to an Office Evolution location will allow you to experience firsthand how you can work fewer hours and achieve peak productivity.

Similarly, franchise owners partnering with Office Evolution play a pivotal role in mitigating burnout and promoting a work-life balance within their local communities. These entrepreneurs, invested in the success of their coworking spaces, understand the challenges faced by remote workers and strive to create environments that alleviate the burdens associated with burnout. Their hospitably allows connections, networking opportunities, and overall better workdays for their clients.


Embracing Flexibility

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of coworking is its unparalleled flexibility. Rather than adhering to rigid schedules that hunt an individual’s ability to spend quality time with family or work during their peak hours, coworkers have the freedom to craft work schedules that align with their priorities. A contented worker is undeniably a more productive one. Similarly, entrepreneurs get a better work-life balance as opposed to working directly in their homes. The essence of coworking lies in leveraging the flexibility it offers, resulting in happier and more productive individuals.

One of our Office Evolution franchisees, Diane Mapes, recently stated that, “Professionals want flexibility without sacrificing productivity or workplace culture. Our Denver location is designed specifically to meet those needs with state-of-the-art design, business amenities, and a collaborative community.”

As an Office Evolution partner, like Diane Mapes, you get access to industry-leading partnerships and collaborative culture. This flexibility in franchise ownership allows entrepreneurs to create personalized work schedules that align with their individual preferences and obligations. Enabling franchise owners to achieve a better balance between their professional and personal lives, but also grow the Office Evolution brand.



The Future of Office Evolution 

As the business landscape continues to shift, the challenges of working from home have become increasingly apparent. Office Evolution has emerged as a beacon for those seeking tranquility and is vital for combating burnout and allowing worker flexibility. Through a unique franchising model, Office Evolution partners with local entrepreneurs, empowering them to invest in and operate coworking spaces customized for their communities. With over 80 locations, this approach allows for swift adjustments to meet the evolving demands and preferences of the ever-changing world of flexible work.

As Office Evolution looks towards the future, our vision is clear: to bring modern coworking spaces to more people. With continued franchising opportunities emerging, Office Evolution is poised to expand its reach to new locations. This strategic approach not only signifies a commitment to accessibility but also reinforces Office Evolution’s dedication to shaping the future of work by offering innovative, flexible, and collaborative spaces for professionals nationwide. 


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