How VFPnext is Improving the Digital Member Experience

Front Cover Story October 2021


Standardization is a key principle for any franchise organization, especially with the staffing challenges that exist today. Health and fitness organizations in the United States are seeing the benefits of having a digital member journey to help lessen the load on the staff and enhance the member experience.


One of the most popular examples would be an Apple store experience where Apple employees have an iPad with them to assist customers right on the spot.


Hundreds of health and fitness franchisees in the United States have switched to a technology platform that allows them to have a true digital member experience.





Members are now enjoying the frictionless benefit of having to fill out information only one time and have it pull through all their digital communications. Members feel more connected to the brand when relevant content is delivered to them based on their personal preferences.


In the past this experience was difficult to achieve for many health clubs that utilized multiple software platforms to run their fitness facilities, creating a disjointed member experience that required multiple points of data entry for the consumer and staff.


With the VFPnext technology platform, franchisees can capture the entire member journey and place all data into a single database, changing how these organizations operate.


By having all the member data in a centralized database, clubs are discovering the benefit of having a full 360° view of their prospects and members. With a full 360° view clubs have a better ability to market and upsell their products and services.


VFPnext now offers an industry specific enterprise level CRM, digital guest registry, membership tour, digital enrollment, and PT orientation that are accessible through an iPad. The entire application is API connected to the club’s billing and management system so that the entire member journey is now digitally captured.


Health clubs can now capture thousands of data points about their members that they can use to enhance the member journey.


There are three distinct benefits from digitizing the entire member journey:

  1. Capturing the data
  2. Reducing the friction for your members
  3. Creating efficiencies for your staff


  1. Data capture:

Long gone are the days of paper; but data capture is so much more than just gathering name phone number and email. Data capture now includes the entire digital footprint of the customer – all their interactions with the club’s digital content, the club’s staff, and all of the club’s digital fitness. One member could have thousands of data points that begin with their web browsing, their lead capture form, their visit to the club, their signing up as a new member, and their fitness orientation. The in-club data capture can happen on the Digital Guest Registry, the staff’s iPads used during the membership tour, the digital enrollment process and during the digital fitness orientation.


Capturing all these data points and putting them into a central database that can be leveraged should be a critical mission of all clubs. The obvious benefits of capturing more data on each member and prospect are that you can better understand your marketing attribution and deliver more relative personal content to your members and prospects, giving you the ability to retain and upsell each member.


  1. Frictionless member experience:

Create a better experience for your members where they are constantly wowed by your understanding of their fitness goals, personal preferences, and intuitiveness of your systems. Text reminders of appointments, congratulations for reaching fitness goals, emails reminding them of classes they may like are all examples of how understanding your members through their data can make an amazing experience for a member. Prospects who are welcomed into the club, already have their information preloaded into the Digital Guest Registry and have a seven-day pass waiting for them are impressed by the club’s personalization and efficiencies.


  1. Reduce staffing requirements:

Having a centralized database that the staff can access through an iPad gives them the ability to continually service members more efficiently and with an increased level of wow. With data being pulled across all systems, staff now is required to do much less data entry. Staff who used to be in charge of sending out emails and text messages now can have those tasks automated for them so they can concentrate on the members in front of them.


Digital member journey is not an entirely new concept. It has been proven in many industries but is now available in the health and fitness industry.





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