Aims to expand its quick and convenient junk removal services nationwide

Investing in a JUNKCO+ franchise means stepping into a dynamic and thriving market with the solid backing of BELFOR Franchise Group, a global leader in residential and commercial services franchising.


“We’re thrilled for JUNKCO+ to bring its reliable service offerings to our trusted family of brands,” said Doug Smith, senior vice president of franchise development for BELFOR Franchise Group. “The brand’s dedication to quick and convenient junk removal solutions make JUNKCO+ a great fit for our community of reputable service franchises.”


The recent acquisition of JUNKCO+ by BELFOR Franchise Group not only expands the group’s portfolio but also highlights the promising potential of this junk removal and demolition service provider.


The Genesis of JUNKCO+

Established in Louisville, KY, JUNKCO+ originates from the vision of Blake Gordon, its founder and current Brand President. Witnessing inefficiencies within the lawn care sector, Gordon saw the potential for junk removal services in his area.

Gordon recounts, “Arriving at a job site, we encountered a lawn care team of four individuals mowing grass. Despite their larger crew and array of equipment, we swiftly loaded the junk into our truck, received payment, and departed – all while they continued mowing. Despite having more resources, they earned less.”

Transitioning away from lawn care, Gordon and JUNKCO+ began the journey towards becoming a national junk removal and waste collection franchise brand, driven by a mission to share his prosperity with others.


“I felt compelled to share our success with others as the demand for our services grew,” Gordon explained. “We had successfully established ourselves, attracting new customers and maintaining profitability, all while upholding a professional image.” The decision to join BELFOR Franchise Group ensures JUNKCO+ has the resources needed to empower franchisees to succeed, along with the support structure in place to help the franchise operation expand across the country.


Comprehensive Services Offered by JUNKCO+

What sets JUNKCO+ apart is their commitment to quick and convenient service. Unlike some waste management companies that could take days to respond, JUNKCO+ offers same-day and next-day services, ensuring clients don’t have to deal with the stress of lingering junk.

JUNKCO+ delivers a wide array of services that cater to both residential and commercial clients. These services include:

General Junk Removal: Whether it’s household clutter or business waste, JUNKCO+ provides efficient removal services.

Property Cleanouts: Perfect for estate cleanouts, foreclosures, and hoarding situations.

Furniture and Appliance Removal: Easy removal and disposal of large, unwieldy items.

Demolition Services: Including shed demolition and other minor structural teardown projects.

With a range of services and multiple revenue streams, JUNKCO+ offers a highly scalable franchise opportunity in an expanding market full of demand.


The JUNKCO+ Franchise Opportunity

JUNKCO+ is offering a gateway to a fulfilling business opportunity in the junk removal and demolition service industry. Here’s why it stands out as a promising investment for aspiring entrepreneurs:

High Demand Market: The demand for quick and efficient junk removal services is growing. As more people seek convenient solutions to declutter their homes and businesses, the market for junk removal services continues to expand.

Scalable Business: With low overhead costs and the flexibility to expand services and territories, JUNKCO+ franchisees can strategically grow their business over time. This scalability makes it an attractive option for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Proven Business Model: JUNKCO+ operates on a model that emphasizes efficiency, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Franchisees benefit from a business structure that has been refined and proven successful.

Multiple Revenue Streams: In addition to junk removal, franchisees can offer demolition services, property cleanouts, and more. This diversification allows for multiple revenue streams, enhancing profit potential and business stability.

Comprehensive Training and Support: Franchise owners receive extensive training and ongoing support from BELFOR Franchise Group. This includes business coaching, operational guidance, marketing assistance, and technological support to help navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

With a high demand market, scalable business model, and multiple revenue streams, JUNKCO+ presents a very compelling investment opportunity in the junk removal and demolition service industry.



The BELFOR Franchise Group Advantage

BELFOR Franchise Group is renowned for its robust support system and extensive resources, which are now available to JUNKCO+ franchisees. This backing includes leveraging established relationships, marketing support, and comprehensive operational training from industry experts.


“BELFOR Franchise Group fosters an incredible culture and adopts a highly supportive approach to their franchise brands,” says Gordon. “With decades of experience and a trusted reputation, our franchisees greatly benefit from their expertise.”

Partnering with JUNKCO+ opens the door to a market full of profit potential, delivering convenience, reliability, and outstanding service to customers in need of junk removal solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time business owner, JUNKCO+ provides a simple-to-operate business model for you to achieve your goals and make a positive impact in your community. 









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