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Kingdom Harvest™, North Carolina’s original CBD & Hemp brand, is making a lasting mark in the fast growing hemp industry across the country in a nonconventional manner.

Founders Shelle Rogers, David Payne, and Frank Seuss, desired to create a hemp brand which was different.

Shelle Rogers Frank Seuss David Payne




The vision was simple, create an organically grown product which flows from farm to shelf and gets results.
Kingdom Harvest™ sources its hemp directly from Kingdom Farms, an organic hemp farm located in a secluded area of Western North Carolina. Kingdom Farms was one of the first large scale organic hemp farms in North Carolina and has maintained its significance in the farming of high quality CBD hemp flower.


Because Kingdom Harvest ™ has a direct connection with Kingdom Farms, it knows the source of the hemp flower and the quality of the same which is extremely important for the consumer; Kingdom Harvest ™ worked closely with local laboratories to create the premiere whole spectrum CBD brand on the market.

In short, Kingdom’s products provide naturally good results to the consumer. Kingdom Harvest ™ has secured its
position in the fast growing hemp market through the manufacturing of the highest quality hemp derived products in the industry; the posting eye-catching content; the use of brand ambassadors and the routine exposure of its hemp products on social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook.

Kingdom Harvest ™ approaches the hemp market in a proactive manner and balances quality, price and demand accordingly.

Kingdom Harvest ™ is non-conventional; they desire to allow a “franchise” opportunity without typical franchise components such as fees and royalties.

Accordingly, Kingdom Harvest ™ is announcing expansion plans to achieve their overall goal of bringing individual wellness through organically grown hemp derived products with select individuals through the Kingdom Harvest Alliance™ program.

“An ally is someone who shares a common goal; we want to allow our allies to share in the placement of these great products in hopes that the customer really finds relief. As such, our program is set up on the principal that if you want to be our ally; then we will help you get established and not burden you with fees and royalties.

A success for an ally is a success for all of us” said Shelle Rogers, Founder and Executive Director of Kingdom Harvest.

We do it right

Willaim Ford Tyler and Jordyn Rogers

“Kingdom Harvest did a lot of research. As everyone knows CBD and Hemp are popular but there wasn’t a whole-spectrum product on the market when we started. We felt it was the right move at the right time, and we wanted to bring products to the consumer which were just as nature intended. So, our team created what is
known as the whole-spectrum extraction process which utilizes over 480 of the naturally occurring phytonutrients plus all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids that the hemp plant supplies” said William Ford, head of Kingdom’s marketing department.

“We created our own proprietary method of dual extraction that allowed up to bring forth a new product which made it possible to bring balance and homeostasis to your endocannabinoid system, and we were able to bring it to the masses starting for only $1.62 per day. That’s less than a cup of coffee for your health and well-being.”

We are growing!

Since the launch of its’ original two products, Kingdom Harvest ™ has grown to over 50 sku’s from CBD, CBG, CBN, CBDv to THC products such as Delta 8, THCo, and the new THC Plus ™ line. Kingdom Harvest ™ is taking the hemp industry by storm by always being one step ahead and introducing innovative products on a regular basis.

In the public eye

“Kingdom Harvest started out on Facebook like everyone else, and we also joined Instagram, explained Ford. “
It took us a bit to get going but once we hit 10,000, it just went crazy.” Kingdom Harvest’s ™ educational posts and posts of various artists & musicians using Kingdom Harvest ™ products gained the attention of thousands on social media, leading it to become one of the most popular CBD Company accounts in the industry.

Kingdom Harvest ™ utilizes traditional marketing platforms like billboards and radio and maintains a constant presence in the social media arena to perpetuate its brand and the benefits of hemp.

Kingdom Harvest ™ has been featured in HighTimes Magazine, Dental Product Report and made appearances at the 2019 Grammy Award event in Nashville, Tennessee, and numerous Expos across the United States.

In March of 2019, Kingdom Harvest ™ was introduced to dental professionals from around the world at the 150th Hinman Dental Society Expo in Atlanta Georgia. Kingdom Harvest ™ became the first hemp company embraced by the dental industry since the industries’ inception in 1936. After successfully expanding into the dental trade, Kingdom Harvest ™ continued to enlarge its brand as the world faced instability during the COVID Pandemic in 2020. Wellness is now on the forefront of consumers across the United States.

Kingdom Harvest Alliance™

Kingdom Harvest ™ opened the first store in Hendersonville, North Carolina just fifteen miles from the actual farm. The success of this retail location lead to Kingdom Harvest ™ to establish the Kingdom Harvest Alliance Program. The goal of this program is to expand Kingdom Harvest ™ by way of alliance with individuals who share the goal of wellness for the consumer. Kingdom recognized the burden of traditional franchise and royalty
fees and has eliminated these elements from its alliance program.

Since 2020, Kingdom Harvest ™ launched multiple alliance stores in locations across the continental United States from the Wellness Stores in Boise, Idaho to its newest concept of a Wellness & Wine Café located in Brevard, NC.

Kingdom Harvest ™ desires continuity in its stores but also welcomes creativity; they seek motivated individuals who desire to share in Kingdom’s vision for wellness by way of nature’s goodness.

The Industry

The CBD/Hemp business is booming and is taking the world by storm and shows no sign slowing down. In 2018, sales in the United States alone were over $600 million dollars. In 2019 sales grew to over $5 billion dollars, and are estimated to be over $24 billion dollars by 2023. More products and variations such as CBNv, Delta 8,
Delta 10, THCo, THCp continue to drive the market and ultimately sales.

“A Kingdom For Everyone”

Kingdom Harvest ™ is expanding and seeks to form alliances with driven individuals who share the commitment to both excellence and wellness. As with any new venture, there are initial costs. These include the costs you would need to invest in securing your location (rent/up-fit) as well as stocking your shelves. These costs
can range between $10,000 and $25,000.

However, unlike a typical franchise fee which supports the parent company, your costs will go towards the purchase of inventory which you can recoup by way of sales. Kingdom Harvest ™ has a proven track record of success and specialize marketing strategies which it desires to share with you; additionally Kingdom Harvest ™
has an extensive training program for all locations.

For more information about the alliance program, please contact our Executive Director, Shelle Rogers: 828-243-8778 or visit