Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey often begins with an intense passion, a visionary outlook, and a commitment to making a positive impact. Shaina Denny, the dynamic female, LGBTQ+ CEO, and Co-Founder of Dogdrop, a groundbreaking dog daycare franchise that is reshaping the landscape of canine care, is inspiring devoted pet parents and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.


Denny’s venture into the pet care industry wasn’t just a career shift; it was a transformative experience. Having gathered valuable insights from her previous role at an electric car manufacturer in Beijing, where she honed the skills of nurturing early-stage companies and steering them to success, Denny returned to the United States and made Los Angeles her home. It was there that her journey took a furry turn with the introduction of Poppy, a mini chocolate dapple dachshund, sparking the inception of Dogdrop.


Faced with the challenge of finding a daycare solution that matched her expectations, Denny encountered a void in flexibility, cleanliness, engagement, and an overall “wow” factor. Undeterred, she decided to pioneer her vision, reimagining dog care from the ground up.


Dogdrop stands as a testament to Denny’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the experience for both dog parents and their cherished companions. The concept is elegantly simple yet revolutionary—a membership-based dog daycare that fits in mixed-used properties, fostering peace of mind for parents and a vibrant community for dog enthusiasts. Utilizing science-based training methods as the foundation for how Dogdrop interacts with the dogs, the brand has optimized socialization, brain stimulation, and relaxation. By paying in 30-minute increments and offering convinces such as curbside pickup, Dogdrop allows flexibility for the dog owner. This modern, tech-savvy approach, allows Denny and her team to solve the evolving needs of dog parents.


“Providing consumers with easily accessible dog daycare that is flexible and convenient is our ethos, and is responsible for the success that Dogdrop has had over the past several years,” said Shaina Denny, Co-Founder and CEO of Dogdrop. “Entrepreneurs are excited to join our franchise because they understand our commitment to delivering high-quality care to dogs while building a tech-savvy and modern brand. The demand for Dogdrop continues to increase as more business professionals return to the office and/or hybrid work schedule and the need for more flexible care options with a brand they can count on.”


The journey from concept to reality was no walk in the park. Denny, fueled by her vision of a safe, nurturing, and convenient environment for dogs, alongside a mission to empower pet lovers, undertook a formidable venture that demanded extensive research, planning, and resourcefulness.


The key to Dogdrop’s success is its innovative use of proprietary technology and its ability to seamlessly integrate dog care into the lives of pet parents through mixed-used properties, elevating the pet care experience. From pet profile management and vaccination records for parents to member management and data analytics for providers, the platform ensures seamless connectivity between dog owners, their furry friends, and Dogdrop staff. Denny’s commitment to innovation shines through, setting Dogdrop apart in the competitive dog daycare landscape.



Beyond providing exceptional dog daycare services, Denny’s mission extends to creating a supportive, inclusive community for dog parents to connect, share, and revel in their love for their companions. Emphasizing convenience, transparency, and quality for on-the-go dog parents, Dogdrop positions itself as the preschool equivalent for your canine companion. “Dogs have an incredible power to bring people together and start conversations between people that otherwise wouldn’t have connected,” Denny notes. “I wanted Dogdrop to be a place where not only dogs can play and interact but where pet parents can bond and share their experiences.”


As a franchise, Dogdrop serves as a gateway for aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in a business aligned with their passion and values. Denny is actively seeking franchisees who share her love for pets and entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment that has propelled Dogdrop’s success. Today, Dogdrop has blossomed from a singular location into a flourishing franchise network, offering unique and innovative dog care solutions to communities nationwide. With Denny at the helm, the brand continues to evolve and expand, with a resolute vision to make Dogdrop accessible to as many dog parents as possible. With the growing demand for convenient dog care located in apartment buildings and multi-family properties, Denny predicts comminuted growth for the franchise system.  


The story of Shaina Denny is one of passion, perseverance, and addressing a previously overlooked problem. Denny’s dedication to providing top-tier dog daycare, integrating proprietary technology to enhance the dog owner experience, and fostering a sense of community among dog lovers, sets Dogdrop apart in the industry. As she guides Dogdrop on its remarkable journey, Shaina Denny remains steadfast in empowering entrepreneurs and strengthening the bond between humans and their dogs.