Creating an American Icon

When construction company owners William Becker and Paul Greene struggled to find clean, affordable lodging options for their crews and families on the road, they set out to make travel more accessible and equitable for all. That’s when they decided to open the first Motel 6 in Santa Barbara, California, in 1962 – in turn creating the economy lodging segment. For just $6 a night, travelers and their pets could stop and rest with clean, comfortable, and affordable accommodations while on the go.

Later, in 1999, Motel 6 expanded into the extended stay category with the opening of the first Studio 6, serving a wider group of travelers who need longer-term accommodations. United under G6 Hospitality, the parent company of this industry-leading economy lodging portfolio, Motel 6 and Studio 6 now boast more than 1,400 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Looking ahead, we are committed to not just making travel more accessible for all, but making ownership more accessible through our simple, proven business model. That starts with our recent transition to a fully franchised model.


Transitioning to a Fully Franchised Model 

In 2022, we celebrated our 60th year of business and embarked on a transformational change – operating as a fully franchised brand. This strategic shift to an asset-light model allows us to focus solely on branding and franchising. In this new model, franchise owners are the heart of our growth strategy, driving our storied legacy into the future. Our measures of success are franchise owners’ satisfaction, guest satisfaction, and growth. To achieve these goals, our partnerships with owners are critical. We believe that when a franchise owner decides to open a Motel 6 or Studio 6, they’re joining a family – one that is steadfast in its values.

Our unparalleled commitment to owners sets us apart. We offer industry leading support across all aspects of the business, and owners in the G6 Hospitality family know that we are with them every step of the way. Our support does not end the day they sign a franchise agreement: they’re becoming part of a tried-and-true brand with over 60 years of focus in the hospitality business, not to mention a strong team behind them to support their livelihoods and build and grow their portfolio.




Unlocking the Opportunity in Economy Lodging

The economy lodging business model is unique. It’s a simple concept with strong returns thanks to an amenity-light model that is resistant to disruption. On the heels of the pandemic, we saw just how strong economy lodging is as demand from essential workers sustained business despite global upheaval, and we have come back stronger. 

So, while Motel 6 was born of the belief everyone has the right to travel, we also believe that everyone has the right to ownership to unlock the full potential of the economy lodging business. For franchise owners looking for their next investment opportunity, we encourage them to ask: 

  1. Performance: A franchise business should deliver a high return on investment, even in the face of disruption. Does your franchisor have industry-leading performance to demonstrate reliable returns?
  2. Make Money Faster: Flexibility when you have a simple business model that offers flexible conversion opportunities, means you can turn the light on quickly and start driving revenue. How quickly can you open and start making money? 
  3. Access to Support: Seek a partner who has best-in-class resources for sales, marketing, revenue management and more. Does your franchise agreement include ongoing support and resources?
  4. Loyal Customers: Customer loyalty drives topline growth. Will your brand have a strong customer base? 
  5. Operating Costs: Amenity-light business model mean less cost to operate and fewer full-time employees. Is your franchisor’s model cost effective and efficient?
  6. Ownership Satisfaction: When we say our owners are family, we mean it. Partner with the lodging brand with over 92% owner satisfaction. What is your franchisor’s current owner satisfaction rate?


Leading with a Heart for Service

At G6 Hospitality, we’re proving you can stand out by staying true to your roots. While others in the industry get distracted, our singular focus allows us to uphold our values and continue leaving the light on for our team members, owners, hotel teams, guests, and the communities in which we serve. Together, we can unlock the power and possibilities of ownership and travel for all.