Josee Minero is a powerhouse entrepreneur who transformed her career from being a receptionist to becoming the largest-grossing multi-unit franchise owner in the AtWork®️ franchise system. Being part of a staffing franchise, Josee is a matchmaker of sorts — connecting companies that need employees with applicants who are seeking jobs. But Josee’s story is more than a lesson in bootstrapping and business savvy — it is about the deep passion she feels for matching people with their perfect job opportunities.

Upward Mobility

Josee’s journey began in the offices of an independent national staffing agency, where she climbed the ladder — starting as a receptionist and eventually becoming a division vice president over her 32-year tenure. Despite not attending college, Josee’s sharp intellect and grit propelled her forward.

“I learned the ropes of recruiting and sales, grasped HR laws, and embraced leadership. Each step was a building block towards something bigger,” Josee recalls.

Her path to success was significantly influenced by her father, an entrepreneur who ran his own auto body shop after years of saving and planning. 

“He taught me the value of hard work and to never let anyone define my worth. I carried that lesson throughout my career,” Josee shares.

Seizing an opportunity to shape her destiny, Josee decided to dive into the world of franchising with AtWork, a national staffing agency with a local touch, known for its commitment to impacting communities by putting people to work. 

“I knew it was time for me to make a change when I received the wrong answer from my employer. I had a great career, and I was treated well, but it became evident to me that it was not going to fit the next 10 years of my life. It is all about timing. There are times I wish I had gotten into franchising sooner — but I was not ready. It all happened the way it needed to happen. My journey brought me to franchising with an incredible amount of experience and background in staffing that has helped me immensely in my franchise ownership with AtWork.”


Starting in 2017, with a single location in La Palma, California, her AtWork empire quickly expanded to include six locations across the United States, including bustling markets in Missouri and Florida.

“I’ve always believed in seizing opportunities. When AtWork presented a chance to take charge of my career, I knew it was my moment,” Josee explains. 

AtWork President Jason Leverant knew Josee’s knowledge of the staffing industry would be a benefit, but she has brought so much more to the system.


“Josee’s work-positive attitude, amazing work ethic, and her “AtWork For You” approach to managing her team makes Josee stand out as a rockstar franchise for AtWork. She inspires all of us,” said Leverant.

Strategy and Success

Her success is not only measured by the expansion of her locations but also by the profound impact she has on individuals’ lives daily. Her operations have generated $15 million in sales, a testament to her effective leadership and the robust business model provided by AtWork.

Operating a multi-unit franchise has allowed Josee to diversify her business interests geographically and internally, providing stability and growth even through challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The benefit of several geographic locations is that when one market experiences a downturn, others are up. Diversification is important internally as well. For example, our service can provide temp services, temp-to-hire, or direct hire. For our business to capitalize, we do all three. This balance helps maintain overall stability and growth,” she notes.


Josee attributes much of her success to the team she has built, including her husband of 42 years, Fred, who brought his sales expertise to the business, her son Tony, a Marketing Specialist, and her daughter, Jackie, the Vice President of Operations, who is set to continue her mother’s legacy.

“Working with family has been one of my greatest joys. They share my vision and dedication, making our success a collective achievement,” she says with pride.

Beyond her family, Josee’s leadership style has been crucial in fostering a supportive and efficient work environment.

“I believe in empowering my team and being the best leader I can be. We are not just filling positions — we are creating opportunities for success in life,” she emphasizes.

Josee’s career approach to staffing goes beyond mere placement. She strives to treat each candidate with respect and dignity, ensuring they feel valued. This philosophy was vividly illustrated when she personally stepped in to assist a woman who showed up needing help finding a job but did not have an appointment. Josee intervened and insisted on interviewing the applicant herself and had her placed the next day.

“That day reinforced my belief in personal touch. We are here to serve people, to assist them in their job search, and to ensure they never feel turned away,” Josee recounts.

One of the most touching moments in her career involved a man who they had placed in a customer service job. The applicant came to Josee’s office the next day with his wife and three children. The kids presented Josee with a bouquet of flowers, thanking her because she had gotten Daddy a job, and that meant they were going to be able to go to Disneyland as a family. 


“Hearing a child thank you because their father’s job helped fulfill a family dream is profoundly moving. Moments like this fuel my passion,” Josee reflects emotionally.

Looking forward, Josee is enthusiastic about future growth. 

“This industry is about flexibility and problem-solving — about adapting to market needs and ensuring we are always ready to serve, no matter the economic climate,” she states confidently.

For those contemplating a venture into franchising, especially in staffing, Josee offers a piece of advice: 

“Understand your market, know your value, and be ready to work hard. In franchising, as in life, opportunities do not just come — you create them.”

Josee’s journey is not just about business success — it is about making a meaningful impact. From a receptionist to a leading franchise owner, her journey is a testament to the impact of hard work, family support, and doing something you love. In the world of staffing, she is not just a franchise owner — she is a true matchmaker, connecting people with opportunities that transform their lives.