The fondue franchise is actively growing in Tennessee, Arkansas, Nevada and California as it continues to field inquiries from highly qualified candidates in major markets nationwide.


Melting Pot, the beloved national fondue franchise, is heating up in 2024. With 92 thriving restaurants and another six in development, the franchise is bringing its unique experiential dining model to more markets nationwide as it helps guests connect, celebrate and enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience.


The brand’s expansion is fueled by a surge of interest from enthusiastic franchisees. Recently, it inked deals for Nashville, Tennessee, and Bentonville, Arkansas, and interest in the fondue concept is heating up in Reno, Nevada, and Fresno, California, too. Franchisees in New Haven, Connecticut, also recently signed a lease for 20 George Street and have begun development with plans to begin serving guests this fall. “It’s clear that this goes beyond just a business opportunity for our owners. The people who become a part of our franchise community want to be the caretakers and custodians of the Melting Pot brand in their communities,” CEO Bob Johnston said. “For guests, we offer a chance to escape, make great memories and pursue dreams. For somebody who becomes a franchisee, we do something similar. We give them a chance to immerse themselves in the business and create memories for themselves, their team members and the countless guests they’ll end up serving.”



The multigenerational franchise team working to open in Bentonville fits this mold quite well.

“We’ve been long-time Melting Pot guests. It’s a product that we all love and believe in, and it’s something that’s particularly suited for the Bentonville area,” said Chad Hickerson, one of the Arkansas owners. “We want to deliver a quality food and dining experience that will quickly become a hallmark of special occasions and even routine enjoyment for countless individuals, couples and families in the region and beyond.”


Melting Pot Returns to and Grows in Key Markets

The growth in Nashville, Tennessee, is another exciting step as it presents an opportunity for Melting Pot to revive its presence in the community after the devastation of a Christmas Day bombing in 2020. Melting Pot’s previous Nashville location was one of over 60 businesses impacted by the tragedy, and the community has longed for the return of one of its favorite restaurants since.


“Nashville is a prime market for Melting Pot, and we’re excited to be reviving our presence in the community,” Johnston said. “The people of Nashville were hit hard by the 2020 bombing, and we’re proud to have franchise partners who are so dedicated to bringing comfort and connection back to their communities.”


As Melting Pot grows its presence through franchise partnerships nationwide, it is also working to develop corporate stores in St. Petersburg and Coral Gables, Florida; Lynnwood, Washington; and Syracuse, New York.


Expanding in its home state of Florida is an exciting opportunity for Melting Pot’s corporate team. With decades of history in the state, Melting Pot is a pillar of many Florida communities, but there is still opportunity to increase the concentration of restaurants across the state to make the experience even more accessible.


“Coral Gables is a high-profile market. It’s one of South Florida’s most sought-after shopping destinations,” said Dan Stone, chief operating and development officer at Front Burner Brands, the Florida-headquartered restaurant management company that operates The Melting Pot. “Miracle Mile is a four-block boulevard that is lined with restaurants, shops, boutiques and art galleries. There’s close to 10 million square feet of office space within walking distance. University of Miami is less than three miles away and there are multiple hotels in the area, including the historic Biltmore Hotel.”



Melting Pot will be joining the best of the best restaurants on Miracle Mile. While there are multiple major players in the area, there is nothing quite like Melting Pot. With its proximity to students, tourists, professionals, and friends and family, the new Coral Gables restaurant will be perfectly situated to serve guests of all kinds.










To Support Ongoing Healthy Growth, Melting Pot Has Launched a New Limited-Time Incentive

Melting Pot’s continued expansion in major markets nationwide is a positive indicator for the brand, and Johnston noted that he continues to see influxes of high-quality, great-fit candidates. To reinvest in these passionate entrepreneurs and empower them in their ownership journeys, Melting Pot has launched a new limited-time development incentive.


A candidate or current Melting Pot franchise owner who is approved before July 1st may execute a new restaurant franchise agreement, paying only a $5,000 franchise fee per unit (discounted from $45,000 — with a rebate paid at lease signing). Leases must be executed within nine months to earn the rebate. Additionally, franchisees who execute the lease within six months will receive a reduced royalty rate of 3% for the first year.


As it continues to identify and invest in driven franchisees, Melting Pot is targeting steady growth in Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Kansas, California, Nebraska, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, New Jersey and Mississippi.