Fatima Landa has always had a knack for identifying well-positioned business opportunities.  A decade ago, she launched a commercial cleaning franchise, gaining experience in the franchise world. Seeking a new venture, she came across United Water Restoration Group (UWRG), the premier water restoration and reconstruction franchise with 101 units, and the connection was instantaneous.

United Water Restoration Group, has been making waves in the industry for nearly 15 years. And as extreme weather patterns continue to increase, the company is looking to grow through franchising to meet demand for its services. The full-service restoration company specializes in water damage mitigation, mold remediation, fire and smoke damage restoration, reconstruction, sewage, flood and disaster response while delivering a best-in-class customer experience to residential and commercial customers.

“When I first talked to them, I was struck by how knowledgeable and helpful they were as a franchisor,” said Landa. “I had no experience in water restoration, but they took the time to explain everything, and that’s really what drew me in.” But it was actually a personal experience that officially pushed Landa to the restoration industry. After suffering through a water leak at her home, she realized just how valuable and comforting it was to have a local company that could help and provide peace of mind.

Landa officially launched her UWRG franchise in Beaverton, OR, two years ago. “It’s been a great journey — there have been ups and downs, but they’ve made me stronger,” she said. “The first year was slower, focused on learning, but it’s amazing how much we’ve grown since then.

We’ve been expanding in our community, and it almost feels like it’s been four years instead of two!” The numbers speak for themselves. In her first year, Landa set an ambitious million-dollar goal but fell short. However, this year, she not only reached that goal but surpassed it. As her business continues to thrive, Landa is already planning to expand further.

“We’re looking for an office building because we’ve outgrown our current space,” said Landa. “We also want to open another office in Seattle, WA.” Landa credits her success to the unwavering support from UWRG’s corporate team. “They are so knowledgeable, helpful and inspiring,” she says. “I can call them anytime with questions, and they always have the answers. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

Founded in 2007 during one of Florida’s worst hurricane seasons to date, the franchise has helped thousands of home and business owners restore the condition of their most valuable assets after a fire, flood or other natural disaster. Because the UWRG team is full of experts in the restoration industry, franchise owners can rely on collective years of knowledge and experience in the space. The brand also has 13 successful corporate locations.

“A huge competitive advantage for us is that we’re still in the restoration space,” said Bob Moore, President at UWRG. “We’re not just selling franchises, we are still in this business. There are things that we learn and that we can pass along to our Franchise Owners.” Beyond business success, Landa takes pride in providing valuable services to her community through UWRG. Her franchise is a local, family-run operation that includes her step-daughter and husband as co-owners.

“We’re very close-knit within the community, and that’s been a huge advantage,” Landa notes. “We get a lot of positive feedback, and it’s rewarding to see our employees — some of whom have been with us since the beginning — succeed, as well.”

UWRG is just as committed as Landa to consistently deliver the best experience for customers, and Franchise Owners, by researching newer, better technologies. They have a job platform that is paperless and allows “uber-like tracking” so customers can see their technician enroute to their home or business. They also use apps and plug-ins to integrate different software packages that improves customer communication, technician experience and overall performance.

“We’ve leveraged technology more in the last few years in terms of how our crews operate,” said Moore. “Overall, we’ve gotten better at utilizing technology to streamline the workflow, speed up some of the processes, which helps ensure accuracy and consistency..” As for the future, Landa has ambitious yet measured plans. “We’d like to buy more territories and open other offices,” she says. “But we want to remain a small, community-focused business.”