When a franchise concept’s offerings are tried-and-true with hundreds of happy customers is there still a need for innovation? Absolutely – that is if businesses want to create longevity and sustainability within the franchise model. To create financial stability, drive success, promote scalability, and ensure the long-term viability of a brand, franchisors need to enhance offerings and keep a finger on the pulse of what like-minded services their clientele might be looking for. 

Monster Tree Service, the leading full-service tree care franchise in the United States, knows that franchise concepts in every industry are constantly working toward increased revenue for their franchise owners.  A key factor in boosting sales is a franchisor’s willingness to innovate. Unveiling new services and expanded offerings has helped the tree leader to increase profitability and attract new franchise owners to expand its overall network and cover new territories across the country. 

Monster Tree Service’s proven business model and homes full of happy customers attest to the power of the current services offered, but the team knew it was time to innovate and ideate new approaches to proactive care and overall yard health. Looking for ways to support existing customers and attract new ones, the company created comprehensive Soil Health Services. Designed to provide residential and commercial property owners with a customized soil management plan, these services help consumers keep their soil at optimal health through professional treatment and offer franchise owners a chance to reach new customer demographics. They also increase opportunities for partnerships within additional industry sectors by thinking beyond the branch. 

The team of arborists and plant health care specialists at Monster Tree Service believes in a holistic approach to plant health care that begins in the soil. With this in mind, the team innovated a way to create a soil health plan that is tailored to the specific needs of the property and works beyond a traditional, fertilizer-only approach. The new Soil Health Services offered by participating Monster Tree Service franchise owners across the country may include a soil sample analysis and quarterly or seasonal soil treatments of fertilizer and soil amendments. Progress is routinely inspected, and the Monster Tree Service team will address any targeted services or plan adjustments needed to meet customers’ goals for their trees and landscaping. 

This comprehensive plan includes addressing common plant health care concerns by encouraging soil biodiversity, mitigating soil compaction, addressing nutrition problems, and more. The new service widens the current scope of customer care and helps expand each franchise location’s team skill set, in turn creating additional modes of revenue generation. “Successful franchise owners understand the relationship between healthy soil and a healthy business. By championing soil healthcare, our franchise owners can gain new customers who appreciate their commitment to quality. It’s a win-win scenario, where the soil thrives, and so does their franchise.” – Clint Rowley, Monster Tree Service Vice President

By adding Soil Health Services to Monster Tree’s already extensive list of offerings – which includes tree removal services, emergency services, pruning, trimming, arborist insight, and more – franchise owners with the company are able to more acutely identify gaps in the market, take advantage of emerging trends and meet new customer needs. This addition provides another revenue opportunity for franchise owners that complements the work already being done to promote healthy landscapes and communities. Within a season, most customers can expect to see tangible results, including better moisture retention, improved soil structure, and a reduction in their need for fertilizers and pesticides.

The Soil Health Services are just one example of Monster’s commitment to innovation. In fact, as recently as 2021 the company introduced Plant Health Care services that give customers professional and responsible solutions for optimal plant and tree health, including fertilization, insect and disease management, root collar excavation, trunk injections, soil and tissue testing, invasive species treatments, and more. 

New services and innovation also offer additional revenue streams for franchise owners as teams can cross-sell and upsell new offerings to existing customers and become a one-stop shop for all of a client’s needs within a given category. At Monster Tree Service, consistent innovation helps create a well-rounded wheelhouse of services and position franchise owners as the go-to resource in their communities for all arbor and landscape needs, from soil to treetop. 

“Our franchise owners aren’t alone during their franchising journey; we provide them with the knowledge and tools to excel. This support helps their businesses grow alongside the trees and communities they care for, making Monster Tree Service a smart choice for entrepreneurs looking to invest in a prosperous future.” – Clint Rowley, Monster Tree Service Vice President

Consistent innovation and expanded offerings convert to more customer acquisition and increased revenue generation overall, but that’s not the only reason franchise concepts like Monster Tree Service are continuously expanding service offerings from the root up and finding new ways to support their customer base in more ways than just branch care. By offering new services like Soil Health Services, Monster Tree can help the community’s environment thrive and take a comprehensive, proactive approach to customer care by looking out for the health of their entire yard and managing each landscape’s long-term success. New services and products are one cog in the machine that creates improved experiences for every customer and, in turn, allows money to really grow on trees. 

Monster Tree Service is part of the Authority Brands franchise concept umbrella and offers services alongside other outdoor brands including America’s Swimming Pool Company, DoodyCalls, and Mosquito Squad. The tree care leader is consistently expanding and recruiting new franchise owners across the United States to offer safety and peace of mind to communities nationwide. 


About Scott Hilary

Scott Hilary is the Brand President at Monster Tree Service. With an extensive background serving the brand, Scott has over 10 years of executive leadership experience in team development, franchisee growth, marketing, and operations.