Network Exchange (NLX), the premier flexible business networking organization, helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses by building connections locally and is part of a nationwide network.

NLX encourages members to share the power of its business model with local non-profit organizations, giving them a more visible profile and a stronger platform for connecting with local businesses and seeking support.


It’s an innovative model that brings professionals together to help each other grow their businesses. NLX offers the best features of traditional networking updated for today’s fast-moving, tech-oriented business environment. Members use its proprietary online platform to exchange leads, referrals, and commissions, and each chapter has the flexibility to develop meeting schedules as well as its own individual style and mission to provide a unique local networking experience that is powered and backed by NLX’s system and values. In addition, each chapter is limited to a single business from any industry, which maximizes the benefits by restricting competition.

Dozens of chapters comprise the NLX network, drawn by its relatively low investment cost, proprietary technology and wealth of resources from membership in the United Franchise Group™ (UFG) family of affiliated brands and consultants. Brands benefit from the resources and expertise UFG has developed over three decades in the franchise industry and can call on each other for support and help. NLX also operates within UFG’s Starpoint Brands™, a constellation of trusted companies representing the very best in their industries.

“Of all the advantages an NLX chapter offers, I think one of the strongest is the connection it helps businesses build to their local community,” says Austin Titus, President of NLX. “Our franchise owners and their members thrive by connecting each other to local customers – that’s what business is all about.”

A critical connection can be forged by including non-profit organizations, enabling chapters to give back to their communities. NLX allows its franchise owners to offer non-profit memberships at half the standard fee, using a charity promo code it provides. Like other chapter members, the organization gets an exclusive seat in the chapter; no other organizations from the non-profit sphere may join.

“It’s important to us that the community sees an NLX chapter working side-by-side with a local non-profit organization, supporting efforts to meet local needs,” Titus says. “We think this charitable component adds great value to a chapter and makes it an even better investment for a business looking to expand its portfolio.”

NLX membership has even more tangible payoffs for the non-profit member than visibility and connections. Just as for-profit businesses gain revenue from their affiliation with NLX, so do the non-profits. In addition, fellow NLX members often provide financial support and volunteer assistance.

A prime example of this is NLX’s Two Rivers chapter in Holmdel, New Jersey. Its 12 members include the RAINE Foundation, which helps children and families in crisis; its name stands for Reaching All In Need Everyday. Based in Hazlet, New Jersey, it provides food, clothing, toys, and general assistance during the holidays while operating a crisis hotline and serving families in need throughout the year.

The Two Rivers chapter is part of RAINE’s “army of volunteers,” helping to raise funds and support in several ways. For example, the chapter is sponsoring a table at RAINE’s upcoming Spring Gala, and members help on the ground at RAINE events like Thanksgiving and Christmas projects.

Two Rivers was established in 2022 by local business owner George Lechner as a complement to his company, Coastal Air Conditioning which he founded in 1996. He recently offered the non-profit seat of his NLX chapter to RAINE and paid its entire membership in full rather than providing the 50% NLX discount.

It’s just the latest of many non-profit groups Lechner has helped over the years; he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various local causes.

“I’ve lived in New Jersey for sixty-four years. It’s my home, and it’s important to me to help make it better,” Lechner says. “At Coastal Air Conditioning, we like to say we’re a ‘values-first company,’ and one of my personal values is to take care of my friends and neighbors and make it possible for others to do so. So the fact that NLX also cares about making an impact in a very practical way was a big factor in my choosing NLX when I was looking for a new business investment.”

Both non-profit and for-profit members get the benefit of a global brand that has been helping to grow businesses since 2018. NLX is an outgrowth of UFG, which has its origins in the founding of UFG’s Signarama franchise brand in 1986.

“We’re very proud of the growth of our chapters and the businesses that keep them moving forward, and I think our non-profit initiative is a big part of that,” Titus says. “But it’s much bigger than a business driver. Our members are very community minded and understand the importance of raising the community up so that it’s a better place for themselves, their employees and their customers to live and work. And in the end, isn’t that what business is all about?”

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