With continued innovation and leadership additions, the beloved community-centric pet food provider is actively scouting for passionate and qualified franchisees across the U.S.


Pet Wants, a pet health and wellness company delivering small batch pet food directly to consumers’ homes, has crossed the mid-year point with strong momentum. With an impressive 14 new franchise signings and a 13% YOY sales increase, the brand is confidently striding towards future expansion, with plans to open six to 10 additional retail outlets nationwide by year-end.

The story of Pet Wants started in 2010, when Michele Hobbs, along with her wife Amanda Broughton, launched the brand, inspired by a deep commitment to pet health and well-being. Their journey began with a simple kiosk at Cincinnati’s Findlay Market, aiming to provide a higher standard of pet food than what was then available in major outlets. This venture was triggered by the health struggles of their cherished dog, Jackson, who battled allergies and debilitating skin rashes. Unsatisfied with vet-recommended food that exacerbated Jackson’s issues, Hobbs took the initiative — delving into food research, analyzing labels and ultimately determining that no off-the-shelf product would suffice. So, they decided to establish their own pet food brand. Partnering with a manufacturer in Ohio, they developed unique formulas, giving birth to the Pet Wants brand.

As the years went by, Americans started spending more and more on their pets. The national pet food industry alone has soared to an astounding $50 billion, with pet food and treats leading the sector. Spotting this trend, Pet Wants tapped into the market, delivering fresh,

nutrient-packed food straight to customers’ homes. Their products stand out due to the natural ingredients, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, and lack of harmful fillers and substandard components commonly found in other brands.

Recognizing the immense demand for wholesome pet food, Hobbs decided to expand the Pet Wants concept through franchising in 2015. The brand has since flourished to nearly 150 locations nationwide, earning them the honor of being named the fastest-growing pet franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine.

DeNita Carani, President of Pet Wants, commented on the brand’s successful journey. “In times of economic shifts, the enduring dedication of U.S. pet owners towards their pets’ health and well-being is evident,” she said. “We’re thrilled to welcome into our fold experienced business entrepreneurs who perceive the immense potential of our brand and are enthusiastic about joining our thriving network.”

Pet Wants is a relatively low-cost investment opportunity in a high-demand industry with a scalable storefront model. Franchise business owners quickly launch their Pet Wants’ business as a mobile or event-based business and focus on acquiring subscription delivery customers and building connections with local pet parents. During this launch phase franchisees connect with a national commercial real estate partner to locate the right space for their retail business. Within the first year they launch their retail pet store and grooming center that sells Pet Wants food, custom treats and high-end pet accessories.

Instead of manufacturing tons of kibble at once, Pet Wants manufactures food every 6-8 weeks and ships the optimal amount of food directly to franchise owners to maintain freshness. Pound per pound, Pet Wants’ food is highly competitive with premium and prescription diets, often coming in at much less per feeding.

Carani further expanded on Pet Wants’ commitment to innovation. The brand is gearing up to introduce Pet Wants Complete to its private label product line. This freeze-dried product is versatile, fit to be a treat, topper or even a complete meal, enriching the brand’s already diverse offerings.

Over the years, Pet Wants has continued to push itself to offer the best pet food and services. The brand’s accomplishments in the previous year, notably the successful launch of grooming services and Carani’s appointment as the brand president, showcases its capacity for consistent growth and innovation in the ever-evolving pet sector.

For those with entrepreneurial aspirations, Carani believes the timing couldn’t be more apt to benefit from the strong foundation and scalable business model that Pet Wants presents. As the brand pursues future endeavors, it is actively scouting for passionate and qualified franchisees across the U.S.

“From adding experienced franchise owners to our network to expanding the private label products we offer, we are very excited to continue our momentum with the Pet Wants brand,” Carani said. “We are very proud of the growth we’ve seen this year, but we want to make sure to continue to prioritize our franchisees’ success so we can be sure to grow the right way.”


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Pet Wants is a pet health and wellness company that strives to improve the nutrition, health, vitality, and well-being of pets. Founded in 2010, the brand’s specially crafted, private-label pet food formulas are made in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients complete with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl, all made in the USA. Pet Wants has set a new standard in what you should expect in your pet food through their 140+ locations across the United States. To learn more about Pet Wants, visit https://www.petwants.com/ or

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