The Central American chicken franchise opened eight new restaurants in the first half of the year and executed nine new franchise agreements.

Pollo Campero, the Central American chicken franchise with 89 U.S. locations and another 270 around the world, has broken records in the first half of 2023 and is on track to continue along an exponential growth trajectory. The company closed out the first half of the year with seven new restaurant openings in Manhattan (2) ; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Madison, Tennessee; Lawrenceville, Georgia; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Kyle, Texas. In addition, one of our corporate units was sold in Kenner, Louisiana to a franchise partner.

“We have signed franchise agreements for nine additional units so far this year, and I have another three development agreements representing approximately 12 restaurants available to award through the rest of the year,” explained Director of Franchise Development Blas Escarcega. “We’re targeting San Antonio, Reno and Knoxville for that expansion, but it’s clear there is demand for the concept in markets nationwide.”

“Year to date results continue to deliver meaningful system wide sales and profit growth supported by strong same store sales and unit growth along with increase in restaurant margins. July was a record month for us in regards to system-wide sales and profits,” added Escarcega. “We continue to have exceptional first-day results at our new openings, and there’s tremendous acceptance of the brand in new markets.”

Escarcega said he expects new openings for the remainder of the year to enjoy similar acceptance and enthusiasm. By the end of 2023, Pollo Campero is slated to open three new units in New York City; two restaurants in Orlando; and new locations in Santa Ana, California; Kissimmee, Florida; Fontana, California; Fisherman’s Wharf (San Francisco), California; and Plantation, Florida.

New York is an especially meaningful market for Pollo Campero as it holds great potential. In addition to high population density, establishing the Pollo Campero name in New York will increase exposure to tourists and others traveling for business or pleasure.

“We have a fan base that has known us for many years in Central America and has continued to support our growth efforts wherever we go,” said Escarcega. “We’re very happy with the legacy customer base, and we also have new consumers that don’t know us but have been very open to coming and trying our food, and they continue to come. They like our food, menu and offerings.”

As It Grows, Pollo Campero Continues to Engage the Communities It Serves

As the brand continues to drive system growth, it remains engaged with local communities. Through its Passion for Service campaign, Pollo Campero connects employees of the corporate office with employees and guests in local restaurants.

“Passion for Service is one of the strongest initiatives we’ve taken this year to ensure that our guests and employees are taken care of,” said Escarcega. “We want everyone to feel that they are part of the brand — part of the Campero family.”

Service Days, a key component of Passion for Service, are the twice-yearly events that bring team members from the corporate office to local restaurants. Working side-by-side with

unit-level employees, corporate employees are able to both connect with employees from other levels of the company and witness the dynamics of in-store employee-guest interactions firsthand.

“It’s something that’s a lot of fun. In my case, it was really nice to get out and visit the front line, hear their interactions and feel the brand presence,” said Escarcega. “This also gives us a better idea of how we can promote the brand feel for every customer who visits. It’s a culture that we want to develop, promote and ingrain in all of us whether it’s in the office or the restaurants.”



Pollo Campero also continues to partner with St. Jude to support children and families facing cancer and other life-threatening diseases. An important aspect of this partnership is cup sales in Pollo Campero restaurants. Each year, the brand accepts drawings from patients that are then printed on cups; when these cups are purchased by the public, profits are donated back to St. Jude.

“This is a way for us to engage with a nonprofit organization that we’re very passionate about,” said Escarcega. “We are with them and want them to express themselves, and the drawings and cups that we have seen over the years have been made by some truly talented children. We’ve been working together for many years, and we want the children of St. Jude to feel that Pollo Campero truly cares about them, not that we’re just another brand that sells food.”

As Pollo Campero expands, it is targeting markets across the U.S., including Arizona, Louisiana, North Florida, Alabama, Texas, Utah and Colorado. With strong momentum

developed in the first half of 2023, the franchise is on track to reach its development goals while proving itself as a strong chicken business concept, cultural icon and community player.


Initial investments range from $1,287,250 – $2,491,500*. For more information, visit