Until recently, skincare going hand-in-hand with wellness was never a big talking point in the tanning industry. Tanning beds have fallen out of popularity due to conversations surrounding sun damage and skin cancer, while many sunless tan foams and lotions are facing similar scrutiny due to questionable ingredients in their formulas. People are becoming more aware of making health-conscious choices, from the household cleaning supplies they use to the food and makeup they buy. Having been raised by a registered nurse mother and physician father, I learned at a very young age the importance of prioritizing your health. These values that were instilled in me as a young person would ultimately blossom into the founding pillars of Pure Glow—to provide a “pure” option for tan-lovers that looks realistic and is safe for the skin.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the tanning industry is that people only tan for cosmetic or vanity-based reasons. This is a one-dimensional, over-generalized view on what is a very robust and up-and-coming industry. Like countless individuals on this planet, I suffered from debilitating shame and humiliation due to a stubborn skin condition. My acne was embarrassing and painful; any efforts I made to cover it up only seemed to make it look worse. There are many skin conditions besides acne that can cause an individual to want to seek out measures in order to even out their complexions. People with vitiligo, eczema, rosacea, scarring or other chronic conditions oftentimes have trouble finding products that are made for them. My journey of managing my acne led me to the world of sunless tanning, and then airbrush tanning. While airbrush tans immediately boosted my confidence, I noticed many things that made the experience unpleasant; the formula smelly, sticky, and oxidized to a color that didn’t look anything like a natural tan. The fade out was often patchy and left me with more “imperfections” to worry about on my skin than before. Pure Glow is everything I wanted during the worst days of my acne flare-ups, and more. Most of our clientele are people like me who are learning how to manage what is often a chronic (lifelong) condition and just want to give themselves a confidence boost. After a decade of self-funded research, I realized the limitations in current tanning technology and ingredients and set out to fix them. I developed an organic and non-toxic formula that naturally reacts with the skin’s melanin to mimic a natural tan. 

The tanning industry is undergoing a massive cultural shift as consumers are prioritizing inclusivity and health more than ever before. These shifts and changes in the industry are making it such an exciting time for us to start franchising. Airbrush tanning is one of the few beauty services that do not require licensing or certification programs, making Pure Glow an easy-to-enter franchise opportunity with no red tape. Trainings, licenses and certifications tend to pile a mile high for beauty or makeup concepts looking to franchise. So not only are prospective franchisees coming into a very innovative, rapidly-growing sector of sunless tanning applications, but they also will be able to open their studios and train employees in a quick, timely manner. I knew before entering the franchising scene that I wanted to provide a solid franchise support system and flexible scheduling, allowing franchisees to nurture their work-life balance while running their own business.

It is hard to be a young woman with a hunger to succeed in the business and franchising world, especially when you’re funding your endeavors with everything that you have. I knew going into this journey that, while working in the beauty industry would offer some reprieve, I would still have to work twice as hard to be seen as successful as my male peers. I knew this was a challenge that I would face, as I had been throughout my life, as do all women. One thing I didn’t expect to happen while pioneering my own business was to be fighting on an entirely different front; in 2021, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, right in the middle of a pandemic that was shutting down small, locally-owned businesses left and right while taking millions of lives. This had the potential to end my life and completely derail my business, but I didn’t let it. I beat it, and I still managed to lift my dream company off the ground stronger than ever before. This grit and determination is the driving force behind all that I do. I cherish and value my health so much, and want to offer that to people in the form of skincare and airbrush tanning. I want people to know that they can look like the best version of themselves without damaging or prematurely aging the skin.

From increased bodily and racial diversity in models, expanded shade ranges, to a global rise in health-consciousness and safe ingredients, it is clear the world of beauty and skincare is headed towards a new, refreshing era. With this increase in inclusivity comes an increased demand for transparency and accountability from beauty brands. People want to know what you’re about and who you’re for. They want to look at a beauty band and see the humanity and dedication behind its founders, products and campaigns. Consumers are putting their trust in us beauty brands to provide safe, healthy and effective services that leave people feeling great about themselves. Brands who do not fall in step with the new wave of fresh and transparent beauty practices are bound to be left behind as the world grows more health-conscious. In a few years, safe, nourishing, non-toxic ingredients in self-tanners will be an industry standard, and Pure Glow is keen on leading this charge through our decision to start franchising. The best kind of glow is the one that comes from inside.