Describe your organization – how long has it been in operation? when did you start franchising? how many franchisees do you currently have?

For more than 20 years, the award-winning Woodhouse Spa has offered guests a variety of luxury treatments that are fully customized to meet their guests’ unique needs. Woodhouse Spa has 84 locations across 22 states including Texas, Colorado, California, New York, Ohio and Florida. Woodhouse Spa has proven that its concept resonates with consumers around the U.S. and has driven significant economic growth and job opportunities in the luxury self-care industry. Woodhouse offers a calming environment that is rich with warm earth tones and textures, sounds of nature, soothing aromatherapy for skin treatments, massage therapies, facials, and other exquisite services, such as waxing. Every treatment, detail, space, and feature has been carefully crafted by the Woodhouse masters of mood and body care. The rapid expansion has solidified Woodhouse as a premier spa franchise and the unequivocal leader in mood and body care, pioneering a new category of wellness services in the approachable luxury space.


What is your main product/service?

At Woodhouse Spa, guests are treated to a diverse range of luxurious, fully personalized treatments tailored to their individual needs. Our serene environment, adorned with warm earth tones, textures, and the harmonious sounds of nature, creates a tranquil haven. From skin treatments and massages to facials, and waxing, each detail and space within our spa is meticulously curated by our expert masseuses and estheticians in mood care. As pioneers in mood and body care, we lead the way in wellness by offering a comprehensive approach that transcends traditional massage services. Our holistic philosophy integrates top-tier massage therapies and facial rejuvenations with whole-body aesthetics, sleep therapies, and rejuvenating bath rituals, setting us apart in the industry. Our spa spaces are designed to encourage guests to relax and unwind, mirroring the luxurious ambiance of resort spas, while our commitment lies in delivering transformative and enduring results that extend well beyond their visit.



What type of person would ‘fit’ your franchisee profile?

What we seek in potential Woodhouse franchisees are business-savvy professionals who are passionate about wellness and are dedicated to enhancing lives through self-care. They prioritize delivering unmatched spa experiences and fostering an environment where their team is motivated to do the same. Additionally, prospective franchise owners benefit from a time-tested business model, innovation, and comprehensive support inherent in our premier franchise system. With over two decades of refining our spa model, we boast a track record of success, positioning us as the industry leader—a compelling factor for those considering entering the luxury spa business.


Where are your current locations/territories? Where are locations/territories available?

Woodhouse Spas has 84 locations across the United States. Readers can reference our store locator on the Woodhouse website to find a specific location.



Why is there a need for this product/service? Why are you different to your competition?

Woodhouse transforms the ordinary spa experience, serving as a sanctuary that offers unparalleled wellness journeys to guests seeking unique and personalized treatments. Our luxury spa caters to a wide spectrum of spa services, deliberately crafted to address individual needs, from enhancing sleep cycles to fostering mental clarity, diverging from the standardized services found in many spas. Beyond these exceptional treatments, Woodhouse stands out in several ways: our elevated design features serene natural tones and textures, fostering an ambiance of tranquility for guests to unwind. 

We attribute our success to our fantastic spa owners. Each spa is independently owned and operated, and our franchise owners are passionate about luxury self-care. Many of them started as Woodhouse guests who fell in love with the unique blend of traditional and cutting-edge services and techniques that make Woodhouse special. Our franchise model encompasses diverse revenue streams, encompassing treatments, retail products, and gift cards. Backed by comprehensive support, spanning local and national marketing initiatives to robust operational tools, Woodhouse ensures its franchisees have the necessary resources for success.



How do you look after your franchisees? e.g. what support/training/back up do you offer?

As a leader within Woodhouse, our role involves guiding franchisees through every aspect involved in establishing and operating a spa. We provide owners with a comprehensive and practical system to ensure that our franchisees cover all essential elements, establish a transparent budget, and implement a solid operational model right from the start. Our comprehensive onboarding process for franchisees typically spans 12 weeks, providing a structured timeline and support for the grand opening of the Woodhouse.



Plans for new systems/concepts in 2024

This year, Woodhouse aims to introduce new and improved technologies and equipment to the spas to offer more personalized and effective treatment for clients. Woodhouse will be enhancing the overall customer experience by continuing to tailor treatments and services to individual needs, preferences, and wellness goals while focusing on creating a more luxurious and immersive environment for all. Woodhouse Spa is dedicated to redefining the everyday spa experience by bringing modern luxury into daily life. Our vision extends beyond special occasions; we believe self-care is an ongoing journey. We aim to make luxurious wellness accessible to everyone, reshaping the concept of self-care. Our focus is on crafting experiences that promote total well-being, nurturing both body and mind.



Where do you see the Franchise in the next five years?

Over the next five years, we envision substantial growth for Woodhouse Spa. With a commitment to excellence, we diligently continue to seek top-notch franchise owners and prime locations, ensuring unparalleled guest experiences. Our proven model and reputation set us apart, and we aim to add 10 to 15 spas annually. We actively pursue adept franchisees who possess spa industry interests, financial capability, and leadership experience. We boast an enticing service catalog that fosters continual professional growth, catering to a sophisticated clientele that allows our professionals to showcase their expertise. 

In the coming years, we will continue to aggressively expand in key U.S. target markets and anticipate opening more than 8 locations in 2024. With 84 locations and the goal to expand to around 10 locations a year, we’re solidifying our position as a rapidly growing premier spa franchise, focusing on expanding our reach into new markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Jacksonville, and Philadelphia for further expansion. In our commitment to expanding further, Woodhouse plans to expand its footprint in eight key markets across the United States.




What is your advice for those exploring franchise opportunities?

When exploring spa franchise opportunities like Woodhouse, thorough research is key. I suggest diving into each franchise’s brand identity, vision, market presence, and financial model to gauge their track record and potential for success. Evaluate the level of support offered, from comprehensive training to ongoing assistance, and speak directly with current franchisees to gain valuable insights into the day-to-day operations and their overall satisfaction with the franchisor. 

Additionally, I recommend conducting a thorough market analysis of the specific region you intend to establish your location, considering the demographics and competition of the overall area. It’s also important to review the franchise agreement meticulously to ensure the franchise aligns with your personal goals, expertise, and long-term vision for growth.



How do you motivate your franchisees?

Motivating our Woodhouse franchisees is central to our mission, achieved through a multifaceted strategy. We emphasize a clear vision and achievable goals, ensuring franchisees understand the purpose and direction while offering comprehensive training and continuous support across all operational facets. We’ve been honing our systems and support for over 20 years, and our franchise owners value the tools, resources, and ongoing education that we provide. 

Recognizing and celebrating achievements fuels their drive. Additionally, we foster a community where our Woodhouse franchisees can all connect, share insights, and learn collectively, promoting a sense of collaboration. Remaining adaptable, and open to feedback, and providing access to financial support and resources underscore our commitment to their success, creating a culture of empowerment and shared growth within our Woodhouse franchise network.