United Defense Tactical (UDT) boasts many outstanding attributes, but the one that stands out most is their proprietary reality-based training curriculum. UDT’s cutting-edge, ultra-realistic self-defense training courses provide students with all of the self-defense skills required to survive a potentially deadly encounter. From violent attacks to home invasions, UDT prepares students to be their own protector as law enforcement cannot always stop a violent crime before it happens. Unlike traditional static range training where the goal is to try to accurately put a hole in a paper target under no threat or pressure, UDT’s hard-hitting curriculum is ongoing and progressive, allowing participants to maintain proficiency and continually increase their fundamental skills while being immersed in realistic training environments. Similar to a gym membership, UDT adamantly believes it is essential to have a committed self-defense training regimen in order to always be prepared and achieve your goals. UDT empowers its members through intense mental, physical, and emotional strength conditioning, greatly enhancing their ability to survive a real-world worst case scenario. UDT’s ultimate goal is to transform potential victims into ‘dynamic thinking’ survivors. With state-of-the-art firearms simulator training, complimented by high impact, non-static, live fire tactical training exercises, UDT provides a first rate, one-of-a-kind product second to none. All in all, UDT offers the most comprehensive training package on the American market, and there’s never been a better, more crucial time to get in on the action.

Skyrocketing violent crime and murder rates, endless mass shootings, riots, fanatical political extremism, and acts of foreign and domestic terrorism over the past two decades have turned the American landscape into a conflict zone. The ‘good ole days’ of confidently attending the theater, mall, school, or local festival in your community without the underlying fear of encountering a life-threatening situation have sadly become a thing of the past. At no other time in our modern history have so many Americans felt so insecure about their personal safety and the overall prosperity of their communities. This indisputable truth has become evident over the past several years with the unprecedented rise, and colossal nationwide demand, for private self-defense instruction. Since Covid, few industries, if any, have enjoyed the exponential growth and mania-level social popularity of the tactical firearms purchase and training industry. In every conceivable form, ‘self-reliance’ is the new age American mindset, with safety and personal security exceedingly topping the list. The collective American desire to be one’s own “first responder” has reached an overwhelming fever pitch, with more and more private citizens striving to become proficient in self-defense. 

United Defense Tactical founder and CEO, Wes Fox, is a visionary innovator with a singular long range mission concept: Provide the highest quality firearms and self-defense education and training available on the open market, on a nationally brand-recognized scale. As a expert weapons, tactics, and combat instructor with world class expertise in numerous martial arts and firearms disciplines, the intensely committed UDT team leader believes that everyone has the inherent right of defensive self-preservation for themselves and their families. Because of this, he is now making UDT’s unparalleled reality-based training available to the masses.


Benefits of Franchising With UDT

Franchising with United Defense Tactical comes with resources that set each facility up for success. As we like to say, our franchisees are in business “for themselves” but never “by themselves”. Our leadership and support team is thoughtfully curated with experts within the self-defense training industry as well as seasoned franchise executives that have worked with successful national franchises including UFC Gyms, Mayweather Boxing, CycleBar, and The NOW Massage, just to name a few.. 

From the time of initial signing, to grand-opening, and throughout the operation of their local UDT academy, franchisees will receive training and support in every aspect of the business, further complimenting the brand recognition and proven systems and processes within our program. Franchisees receive assistance with site location and lease negotiations, as well as support during the entire construction process. Franchise owners themselves will complete a training program to teach them to be successful entrepreneurs in this niche market. UDT will also provide training programs tailored for specific members of the franchisee’s team covering all critical areas of sales, training curriculum, and daily operations. 

Franchisees will be given a proven business model, offering a sense of financial security, backed by market research that minimizes the trial-and-error phase of business development. This includes a robust marketing program which is designed to expedite the economic scalability of each new academy. They are also joining the UDT network, enabling collaboration and knowledge and resource sharing among other franchisees, fostering a sense of community and shared success. Our students are trained to survive, our franchisees are trained to thrive. 

United Defense Tactical is the fastest growing self-defense/firearms training institution in America. UDT’s proprietary reality-based training curriculum is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, and quickly becoming desired by more enthusiasts and professionals than any other single self-defense organization nationwide. UDT is the first and only pioneering tactical brand to introduce this unparalleled level of self-defense training, and the very first to share, and franchise their success on a national platform.

United Defense Tactical is thrilled to have awarded our first several territories to our ‘Founding Franchisees.’ These franchisees – most of whom have been members of UDT – are entering several great California markets, and now UDT is excited to expand more nationally, proudly registered in nearly every region of the US

Paul Davis, one of the ‘Founding Franchisees,’ has been a member of UDT for two years and is opening his center in Long Beach, California. As he has progressed through the member curriculum, he has seen the demand for dynamic training and creating more responsible firearms owners. 

“As a member at United Defense Tactical, the courses have completely changed my life. I’ve seen what this program has done for me, and I want to help bring that to more people,” said Paul. “I want to create a sense of community within my members, and really teach them how to protect themselves.”

In the highly competitive world of tactical self-defense training, UDT stands alone in leadership, innovation, quality, product delivery, and is ideally poised to dominate the tactical firearms training industry for many years to come. The ultimate goal of UDT is to create safer communities across the country, and franchising brings Wes Fox and the entire team closer to that goal.

-Fortune Favors the Bold