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Roll-Em-Up Taquitos: Turning a Family Favorite Recipe Into a Rapidly Growing Franchise, Set to Expand Into the Midwest and East Coast Markets


Since the first Roll-Em-Up Taquitos location opened its doors three years ago, the brand has grown tremendously and is now looking to enter the Midwest and East Coast. The past few years have been filled with monumental success and booming business deals at the feet of the first of its kind, fast casual franchise. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the entire Roll-Em-Up Taquitos team, the innovative brand has become a mega-successful business venture on track to open over 470 locations, all within the first year of franchising. 



With multiple locations currently open in California and nearly 500 in development across the Southwest, the brand has decided it is finally time to take the next step and bring their innovative taquito franchise to the Midwest and East Coast. The goal is simple; to share Mama Karen’s famous taquitos with as many hungry people as possible, and this is the next step in their master plan. 


For the Roll-Em-Up Taquitos team, choosing this area of the country for their expansion was easy. The Midwest and East Coast are home to some of the most populated cities in the United States with some of the most diverse and innovative cuisines around. With their unique approach to fast casual dining, there’s no doubt Roll-Em-Up is a shoo-in for success. The Roll-Em-Up Taquitos team has had their sights set on this region since they began franchising, and their incredible growth over the past year has prepared them well for this transition. 


“Looking back on our growth over the past year is incredible,” said Chris Wyland, Chief Development Officer of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos. “Seeing our dining concept take off and be loved by so many has been amazing. Looking forward, we are so excited to see what this expansion into the Midwest and East Coast markets will bring to Roll-Em-Up Taquitos. We have been preparing and building out our team so we can be the most well-known fast casual restaurant across the country, and we cannot wait to see where Roll-Em-Up Taquitos will go from here.”

Reaching this level of success in such a short amount of time hasn’t been as easy as it sounds. Over the past three years, the Roll-Em-Up Taquitos team has been working non-stop to perfect both their menu offerings and their franchising opportunity. They understand that a franchise cannot be successful if the product being offered isn’t up to par. With a focused menu of taquito combinations including fresh ingredients like beef, chicken, potato, cheese, and avocado, along with a handful of delicious homemade sides, customers expect nothing but the highest quality each visit, and Roll-Em-Up Taquitos delivers. 


“All of our products are made fresh in-house daily and made to order,” said Ryan Ursey, Founder and CEO of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos. “We take great pride in serving our customer’s fresh, pan fried taquitos just like our mom made for our family. It has been a dream to be able to bring one of our family’s favorite meals into so many homes.”

Likewise, Roll-Em-Up Taquitos prides itself on the unwavering support they lend to their franchisees. From selecting a location to design and construction, all the way through to marketing and employee training, Roll-Em-Up Taquitos helps ensure that their franchisees will be successful. The brand began as a family venture, and no matter how large Roll-Em-Up Taquitos grows to become, they will always carry that family mentality with them in everything they do. 


As the brand continues to grow, the Roll-Em-Up Taquitos team is working hard to plan where all of the new locations will go. In the early days of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos, the team opened their first location in a former Starbucks drive-thru. At first, this seemed like a less than ideal spot for this infantile business, but to much surprise, the location excelled. This positive response inspired Roll-Em-Up Taquitos to continue to revive commercial real estate spaces and build them out to fit their concept. Doing this is not only more economical for franchisees, but also gives spaces a second chance at being home to a successful business. 


“With a concept that is so versatile and able to be put into just about any space, we believe this will help speed up our expansion across the country,” said Ursey. “The ability to revamp pre-loved spaces and build them out to what we need them to be has been a really fun challenge for our Roll-Em-Up Taquitos team.”


The story of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos is quite simple. It all began in the Ursey family home where Father and Son, Ron and Ryan, fell in love with Mama Karen’s delicious beef taquitos. Ron, the Ursey family patriarch, always hoped to one day open their very own taquito-only family restaurant, but unfortunately, Mama Karen passed away before that dream became a reality. Fast-forward a few years and you’ll find a rapidly growing team at the reins of one of the most successful street casual restaurant franchises in the country. With multiple successful locations already open, and over 470 locations under development, Roll-Em-Up Taquitos is just getting started. 


“Roll-Em-Up Taquitos is a family-oriented business that provides a one-of-a-kind consumer experience, from its delicious pan-fried taquitos to the reggae music blastin’, the brand is not one to forget,” said Ursey. “Roll-Em-Up Taquitos has allowed our family to bring my mother’s famous taquitos into the homes of families all across the Southwest United States, and we are so excited to get to share this nationwide.” 


All in all, the past few years have been an exciting whirlwind for Roll-Em-Up Taquitos. From turning a beloved family staple into a booming franchise opportunity to watching the Roll-Em-Up Taquitos family continue to grow each and every day. There is no doubt that the next few years will be just as, if not more, successful than the first few. 

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