The story of Seven Brothers is not really about burgers. It is a love story, one that we are still telling today through delicious food. It all started in 1976 when a young Samoan surfer and a beautiful California girl fell in love and got married. This is the story of our mom and dad that would ultimately become the story of us—the “seven brothers.” It is a story of love, work, loyalty, and family.

Our dad came from an adoring Samoan family of 14 children. As fate took its course, eventually we came: us seven boys, one after another— boys, only boys, always boys, despite our parents’ longing for a daughter. As you can imagine, our house was a revolving door of chaos with lots of laughter, no privacy, friends funneling in at all hours, long talks about life, and constant rough-housing. Our parents taught us to love God, love others, and love surfing. Our most treasured childhood memories were the days soaking in the sun on white sandy beaches, escaping to the deep blues of the ocean, and service our parents found for us to do around our community. Family and community service were the two great pillars that us Hannemann brothers grew up to value above all else—to preserve the authenticity and dignity of our family values, and to prioritize serving others before ourselves no matter what. One December, we gave up getting presents to bring Christmas, clothing and bedding, to three homeless families. Another summer, we helped cut down 10 eucalyptus trees at an elementary school to make a safer child drop-off area. These are just two of countless experiences that shaped us as brothers and as a family to do more and be more for the community.

Despite facing the realities of raising a large family, our parents dreamt that all us boys would grow up to work and live life together. The dream of Seven Brothers Burgers was realized in Kahuku, right on the North Shore of Hawaii after we bought a hole in the wall restaurant on a whim in 2009. We were humbled very quick, but in time we found success with lines out the door and sometimes around the corner. Dad always used to say, “I think God is reaching down touching each burger with his finger.” I think he was right about that. Since then, it has always been about taking the time to make time for the community, and to make sure that everyone who visits feels like a part of the family. I always like to say that food was never meant to be fast—it’s an experience meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family.

With Seven Brothers Burgers, I’m proud to say that we’ve created a community all its own, one that continues to blossom and thrive with each meal we serve. Although we have grown from the original seven brothers and have since started families of our own, making our head count a solid thirty-eight people deep, the dream is the same, and so is the place. Seven Brothers is where you will always find us aiming to serve God and others first.

With 6 locations currently open in Hawaii and Utah, the dream has always been to deliver a community-driven, family-oriented business model and dining experience. We believe that every community deserves a place to call home, a place where a meal is more than a meal—it’s a taste of “Aloha,” community, and family. We come from a huge family that is growing every day, and we consider every staff member and customer of SBB to be an extension of our family. Currently, we are looking for multi-unit franchisees in Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho and Utah who want to bring warmth, relaxation and a slice of beachy paradise to their local areas. Continuing to cultivate the family dream further throughout the United States has been a long-standing goal of ours. While jumping into the world of franchising has been nothing but a blessing thus far, it is also a chance to do so much more beyond serving burgers.

By franchising, we are bringing a piece of Hawaii to every market we enter, so it’s important that we maintain our family values and keep that authenticity intact as we expand. As we grow, we want the knowledge and appreciation for surf culture to grow, and we want communities to feel included in that no matter where they are. We believe people are starving for connection. Now a days, the priority for food is quicker faster, more convenient. We believe in taking the time with people with people to create a connection and feeling like no other.  Biting into one of our burgers should taste like Kahuku, whether our customer is on the crystal shores of Hawaii or in the middle of the desert.

To those who say a backstory is just a backstory, I disagree. The “why” determines “what” you do and what you plan on bringing to communities. At its core, Seven Brothers Burgers is about family, love, and serving the community no matter what. Without the love that brought our parents together, and the love that kept all seven of us brothers together, there would be no Seven Brothers Burgers. A business cannot exist without its heart and soul, and for us, family is at the center of all we do.