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The Covery set out to fill the gap in the fitness industry when it comes to recovery.


Edward (EK) Navan is the co-founder and CVO of The Covery Wellness Spa and is helping spearhead the brand’s unique franchise opportunity.

With a successful franchise background having co-founded REGYMEN Fitness in 2017, EK is eager to bring The Covery to more communities as they set out to fill the gap in the fitness industry when it comes to recovery.



“Years ago, early on in my career, I worked as an equipment specialist with a group that sold franchises in the fitness space. While working with them, I learned a lot about the ebbs and flows in the franchise world. I took that experience with me when we started REGYMEN Fitness and ultimately The Covery; understanding that I had to bring in a team that could help build a solid foundation of support and systems. What I’ve learned is that building a scalable model means an evergreen process; as in you are never done learning and evolving.”  

The Covery which began franchising in 2019 has built a strong leadership team with diverse backgrounds in health and fitness to help guide prospective franchisees to success with the brand, as well as propel them towards their goal of disrupting the health and wellness space by allowing communities to take a big picture approach to their health. While we as a society tend to lean towards a reactive approach to wellness, The Covery helps individuals be more proactive, tackling their mental and physical fortitude head on in an attempt to prevent problems in the future.


“I’ve been in fitness my entire career. I’ve always been competitive, and I found that in the business world, much of what we do to build companies is very similar to athletics; in the sense that you always have to have an edge, you have to stay on the forefront of information and several steps ahead of your competition. After years on the road in various sales and consultation roles, I found myself run down, both mentally and physically. In looking for a better quality of life, I turned to preventative therapies over reaction-based decisions.”


The Covery’s franchise system is built around the concept of providing a diverse collection of non-invasive therapies that strengthen both the mind and the body. Through Navan’s quest on his own personal health journey, he was inspired to seek more than what was currently available, not only for himself, but for everyone. Utilizing unique tools and treatments has opened up an entirely different side of the health and wellness industry, allowing each individual to custom target the areas where they feel like they need help in, not just for those that train throughout the week, but for those that are dealing with the everyday stressors of life.


“From the day I did my first IV therapy and cryotherapy session, I was immediately hooked. I felt incredible; I had more energy than I had in years, my body moved better, my aches and pains were gone, and mentally, I felt much sharper. The more therapies I tested, the better I performed and the more balanced I felt. This is when it came full circle to me, that life is a sport. I began to study new (old and tested, but new to the general public) exponential technologies in our field, which led me to look into light therapy, sound therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, PEMF, and much more. While I had heard about these various technologies and therapies in the past, I now was diving into them and learning real life applications. In short, I felt incredible, I saw optimization in every level of my life and I wanted to share my story with anyone who would listen, as I knew if it was life changing for me, it could do the same for others.”


In an industry that is more prevalent than ever as we all try to find balance in our health, both physically and mentally, the time for The Covery to grow and expand is ideal. With a strenuous last 2 years, the importance of both mental and physical health and recovery is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The brand provides a safe space to focus on the individual health journey and spending quality time prioritizing self-care.  


“The Covery is in a place that allows for the business owner to make an immediate positive impact in their communities and in their personal lives; as well as improving their financial health. It is difficult to find a business that truly helps people live better and healthier lives, while profiting at the same time; The Covery Wellness is exactly this. Our franchise model allows for people to invest at several different financial levels. By this, I mean that our franchisees can establish a footprint within their area of development, and they can build a “hub and spoke” type model that allows for them to pick and choose the level of overall investment; from IV and limited therapies only, to the larger model with all the therapies included from day one. Because of our years of experience in fitness, we also have a unique understanding of how the fitness, spa, and wellness models can be combined to help create an approach to health that has people covered from aesthetics to athletic recovery and overall human optimization through our unique approach to mental and physical wellness at The Covery Wellness.” 


As the brand continues to grow with six locations open and eight in development, The Covery has no plans of slowing down. They are looking for franchise partners that are passionate about health and wellness and want to bring restorative therapies to new communities.


“In our current climate, following the last several years, I feel strongly that focusing on one’s self-care is critical for not just quality of life, but quantity. Self-care takes on a broader scope now more than ever before. With so many advances in longevity therapies, energy healing devices, cryotherapy, and much more, paired with the continued evolution of mental health apps like Calm and Braintap; the potential in this space is infinite. We’ve got big goals for The Covery Wellness over the next 5-years, but for the immediate future, we have plans to continue steadily growing the brand nationally, introducing more communities to the power of recovery. People want instant gratification; but imagine the power of instant gratification with compounding results as you continue on your path to overall wellness over time. The goal of staying healthier never changes, however, the target of what healthy means will continue to evolve for everyone.  We have created a space where people can come in to recharge and reset; they can come in for a quick burst of energy, or spend an entire day rebooting their operating systems, both body and mind. In short, The Covery concept works wherever there are people who want better for themselves and for others. This is the future of healthcare; we are focused on prescriptive outcomes over prescriptions.” 


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