The pet industry continues to grow, and entrepreneurs nationwide are looking for ways to get an edge up on the competition and get a piece of the billion dollar pie. In fact, in 2022 the pet industry was valued at nearly $137 billion with business ventures around the country offering grooming services, gourmet pet food, yard rentals for pups to play, and more. 

So how can pet-centric businesses keep a paw up on the competition? One mobile grooming franchise might have just the answer: mobility, consistent innovation, a model built on scalability, and more.

Woofie’s, an award-winning pet services franchise concept, has created a unique niche for success for every franchise owner through a proven business model built on a few key differentiators that keep their team ahead of the pack. In addition to creating multiple revenue streams through offerings including pet-sitting, mobile dog spa services, and dog walking the first-of-its-kind pet franchise has propelled franchise owners to success and continues to expand across the United States.


Some key aspects of the Woofie’s business model that put it a paw above the rest include: 

Mobility: With the rise in mobile franchises after the pandemic that forced many businesses to shutter their doors, some dog-loving entrepreneurs looked to invest in a more sustainable, convenient model to offer the pets in their communities top tier services. The mobility-focused business model behind Woofie’s allows franchise owners to bypass the real estate struggles, additional administrative work or expenses, and client service barriers that brick-and-mortar shops can present. The vans also allow for more brand exposure and plan for a presence at dog parks, adoption events, and more so Woofie’s owners can truly get to know their customer base. The van model also saves customers’ time and allows franchise owners to cast a wider service net across their territories and create customers out of pet-owners who cannot travel or have pups who may be skittish. 

Scalability: In the ever-expanding world of franchising, scalability is paramount to long term success and the executive team at Woofie’s knows that. Franchise owners complete in-depth training and rely on valuable resources to meet the growing consumer for pet services while maintaining a sustainable business model and growing their teams of grooming techs and administrative help at a manageable rate. With the ability for each owner to scale their operations, Woofie’s owners are empowered to drive themselves toward long term success. 

Enhanced Innovation: Embracing the latest technology is a must-do for almost every franchise as it can help create a more positive customer experience, as well as cut down on back-end administrative work for the owners. Woofie’s continued commitment to innovation has helped transform how franchisees care for four-legged clients with state-of-the-art mobile apps that allow pet owners to smoothly schedule services, track their pets progress in real-time, and receive company updates. While franchise owners lean on pet monitoring capabilities that ensure pooch safety and well-being, technology doesn’t replace the face-to-face interactions and customer service for both human and furry clientele. 

Customization: The biz on wheels concept also allows grooming techs to customize their schedules to allow greater work-life balance as well as create a completely custom service offering menu based on local customer needs that enables them to target their customers more comprehensively. With a custom menu of client services, Woofie’s owners can reach a larger client base and ensure a bit of recession resistance as quality pet care is essential for more pet owners. In fact, due largely to the mobility and customization of the businesses, Woofie’s has seen growth and managed to thrive through turbulence in the economy since 2004. 

Support Network: Woofie’s franchise system offers each owner top-of-the-line marketing resources, tech-forward support systems, extensive operations training, and a wide network filled with other franchise owners and executives to offer industry expertise and guidance, so every customer has the best experience possible. Instead of raising each franchise location up in a silo, Woofie’s owners are encouraged to mentor and communicate with one another to enable full systemwide success and expansion. 


Where there is success and consumer demand, there will always be competition. Woofie’s continues to help franchise owners unleash success through a sustainable business model and uber-mobility. Each one of the many Woofie’s franchise locations is operated by trained professionals who have a passion for pets and a dedication to customer service. Being part of the pack empowers each franchise owner to create a niche business that is the only of its kind to blend dog walking, pet sitting, grooming, and mobility right in their own community. 

 Founded in 2004 and franchising since 2018, Woofie’s is the first and only franchise in the professional pet care services industry to offer the combined services of pet sitting, dog walking and mobile pet spa services. Consistently expanding across the country, the pet leader is part of the Authority Brands franchise group. Franchise owners around the United States have found success with Woofie’s and the franchise concept offers entrepreneurs a solid way to embrace their passion for pets while creating viable revenue streams that enable mobility and scalability.  


About Amy Addington

Amy Addington has been President of Woofie’s since January 2022, and was a Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer from Woofie’s inception until then. She has been the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Woofie’s, LLC, which merged into Woofie’s Ashburn, LLC in January 2022, since its inception in March 2004. She was also the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Woofie’s Mobile Pet Spa Services, LLC, a position held from its inception in January 2017.