Entrepreneurs looking to carve out a niche with new business ventures or expand their opportunities for income without leaving careers behind can often look to franchise ownership as a means to get their foot in the door. Whether leaving a full-time job or dipping a toe in the water, certain franchise concepts can support this modern iteration of entrepreneurship and offer a unique, lucrative side hustle opportunity. 

DoodyCalls, the nation’s leading pet waste removal service for dog owners, has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs act upon their dreams and open the metaphorical doors to their own businesses with reduced risk and a business model built for success. Capitalizing on the ever-growing consumer demand for pet services, the waste removal leader offers a recession-resistant option for aspiring franchise owners in a way that is accessible for those with standing careers and other obligations. 

Through its nationwide franchise network, DoodyCalls offers communities across the United States both residential and community services that include dog waste pickup, brown spot treatment, deodorizing services, and the installation of pet waste stations in parks and other public areas. The key components of DoodyCalls’ viability as a lucrative side hustle include: 

A Proven Business Model: Franchising offers the unique advantage of owning a business within an already recognizable brand. The executive team at DoodyCalls, and parent company Authority Brands, have created a business model that has adapted with the times and offers scalable growth, technology resources, local marketing support, and more so that each franchise owner begins their ownership journey on the track to success. Those looking to open a DoodyCalls location as a side hustle are able to utilize the business model and create a flexible opportunity within which they can rely on a trusted team of experts on the business side and expand their technician team on the customer side. 

A Competitive Edge: Over the years more pet waste pickup operations have taken flight, but DoodyCalls remains at the front of the pack due in large part to national brand recognition and the backing of a reputable company that has withstood the test of time and flourished in a turbulent economy. Having recently added its 50th franchisee, DoodyCalls has achieved tremendous growth doubling our total franchise owner count in less than 2 years after joining Authority Brands.  

Built-In Support: DoodyCalls supports every franchise owner on their way to success while streamlining day-to-day operations and helping to mitigate the risks of opening a business. With ongoing training, business resources, tech support, marketing assistance, and system-wide experts on hand, franchise owners can more easily juggle a full-time job with franchise ownership. 

Steady Income Growth: Strong word-of-mouth referrals, as a result of local marketing resources and support, present a great opportunity for repeat business and steady income growth. As the good word spreads and profits increase, owners have the opportunity to expand their territory or – if desired – pursue ownership full-time. 

Mobility & Flexibility: Each DoodyCalls franchise owner can expand their reach and hire technicians while relying on the top-notch training and resources provided by the DC franchisor team to ensure every technician is a poop scoop expert. For maximum flexibility, franchise owners can also create work schedules that fit into their current lives while enjoying the perks of a mobile business. 

Low Overhead & Administrative Work: With a straightforward business model and numerous resources, franchise ownership allows entrepreneurs to focus more on the work at hand instead of the backend administrative tasks.Thanks to staffing flexibility, and not needing a commercial location or expensive equipment outside of the DoodyCalls truck, the overhead costs of a DoodyCalls franchise can remain relatively low while the business profits. 

DoodyCalls has spent over 20 years connecting franchise owners with success in a way that fits their existing lives through scalability and ongoing support. The franchise offers those with full-time careers an unmatched opportunity to tackle new challenges and diversify their income with a proven business model and supportive management team. In addition to boosting income, owning a DoodyCalls franchise location also affords entrepreneurs a chance to service their community and give back valuable time to their pet-owning neighbors every day. 

As part of the Authority Brands franchise concept umbrella, DoodyCalls franchises are available alongside vital home service concepts like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and more with the opportunity for cross-brand ownership for those with interest in other industries. As concepts like Authority Brands expand their portfolios, the possibilities for aspiring entrepreneurs to open their own businesses – whether as a side gig or full-time – remain almost endless. 


About Larry Amos 

Larry Amos is the Brand Leader and Senior Vice President at DoodyCalls. With a background in mass communication from West Virginia University, Larry has over 20 years of executive leadership experience in team development, franchise territory growth, marketing, and operations.