I have been a dedicated franchise owner and President at BrightStar Care of Leesburg, VA since 2016. I have established my location as a leading home care provider in the Leesburg area and am thrilled to have the opportunity to expand my business within the BrightStar Care franchise system.

I just took the plunge and am opening sixteen new BrightStar Care franchise units across Maryland, D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia. With this expansion, I am increasing my home care portfolio within BrightStar Care’s trusted network which delivers proven superior clinical outcomes for clients and multiple revenue streams for franchisees. For entrepreneurs and franchise owners looking to take their franchise investments to the next level, operating multiple units within the same network is a surefire way to ensure the prosperity and longevity of your franchise footprint.


The benefits of owning multiple franchise locations

With multiple franchise locations, comes multiple streams of revenue for your business. Now that I have expanded into sixteen new territories, I am increasing my return which means I have more capital to invest in my business operations, my employees, and service offerings for my clientele.

By owning multiple agencies, I also increased my overall market share across several states and now have the opportunity to provide competitive paying, highly skilled healthcare jobs for eligible Registered Nurses, nurses, caregivers, and administrative and support staff in several communities. I am thrilled to bring an abundance of new jobs to the communities of Harrisburg, VA, Winchester, VA, Gainesville, VA, Woodbridge, VA, Waldorf, MD, St Mary’s, MD, Upper Marlboro, MD, Washington, DC, Gaithersburg, MD, Burtonsville, MD, Bethesda, VA, Hyattsville, MD, Rockville, MD, Morgantown, WV, and Charleston, WV with my newly established home care agencies. Each new agency provides a higher standard of quality care to new seniors, families, and individuals in need of home care services in these communities.

How to decide the right market to expand your franchise into.

After acquiring my first BrightStar Care location, I quickly developed a firm grasp on the home care market and the demographics of individuals who would benefit from and require home care. As an expert in the home care franchising, I used the successful recipe I established in Leesburg to launch my new agencies and expand the territories I operate in. My ability to successfully train and hire new healthcare staff who can deliver a higher standard of care, also helped guide my decision to expand my franchise footprint.

When expanding your franchise, one of the first things to do is to identify regions that need your services. For me, I found regions where there was a lack of home care or healthcare options that were up to the same standards of service as BrightStar Care. I also considered the number of seniors and families in the area who would potentially need home care services or who are eligible to receive care in the home.

Additionally, when entering a new territory, it is important to understand the overall demographics of the region you are targeting. Do your research and consider what competitors exist in the territories you’re looking to break into. Identify who your ideal consumer is and how you will reach them in this new market. Once you’ve secured details about demographics and reach, consider how you will maintain client loyalty for the long haul so you can become the provider of choice for your intended audience in that market.

Why I chose BrightStar Care to grow my franchise footprint and expand my investment

I have experienced and have found so much value in being a BrightStar Care franchise owner and am passionate about being a member of an organization that provides high-quality care to people’s loved ones. The brand’s high standards and nearly network-wide Joint Commission accreditation was also a major value proposition for me and are the main reasons why I chose to invest further in the franchise concept. BrightStar Care is a proven model that drives results for franchisees, employees, and clients across the board.

A home care franchise is a recession- and pandemic-proof business model, which has proven invaluable during the turbulent times we have experienced over the last three years. Home care services are in high demand regardless of the world’s climate and especially important with the US population of seniors rising. As I diversify my agencies’ skilled care offerings there’s always a strong consumer need.

I am passionate about growing my business within the BrightStar Care franchise network. Now owning seventeen franchise locations across three states, I will make strides to continue to expand my footprint in the coming years. This expansion has been a lucrative business decision and has already had a positive impact on the new communities I am serving. Through heightened brand recognition I am already establishing my home care agencies as the employer of choice for dozens of new healthcare workers and the provider of choice for new families across the seven territories I’ve entered.