Let’s talk about something we all love but often struggle to get enough of – sleep. A good night’s sleep is transformative, rejuvenating our bodies, sharpening our minds, and setting us up for daily triumphs. But in our fast-paced life, a good night’s sleep can sometimes feel like a luxury. At Verlo, we are on a mission to change this one mattress at a time.

We understand the power of sleep and its impact on our health. Research has demonstrated that cutting sleep corners can lead to health issues like chronic fatigue, reduced mental clarity, and even an increased risk of conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Our mission is to face these challenges head-on, guiding people toward the blissful, restorative sleep they deserve.

The fact is comfort is very subjective. One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply when it comes to the place, we spend nearly ⅓ of our life. At Verlo, we have a sales process that turns the tables on convention. We are all about empowering you to customize your mattress to perfection, setting the stage for your best sleep ever.

Our approach gives you a full menu of options to make your mattress just right. You get to call the shots on everything from the firmness level to the materials we use. Struggling with back pain, allergies, or just can’t seem to find that perfect sleeping temperature? Our comfort coaches are here to guide you every step of the way, making sure your Verlo mattress is a dream come true.

One of the big sleep disruptors we often see is the discomfort caused by pressure points. A poorly fitted mattress can leave you tossing and turning all night. We can “tailor fit” layers of top-quality materials in the mattress to give you targeted support and contouring, soothing those pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. With a Verlo mattress, you can wave goodbye to those restless nights and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Another key player in sleep quality is temperature regulation. Being too hot or too cold can mess with your sleep patterns, leaving you feeling groggy and tired the next day. Verlo has several options to help actively manage temperature regulation throughout the night, ensuring you stay comfortable, and promoting deeper, more restful sleep.

But we know that creating the perfect sleep environment does not stop at the mattress. To complement our top-notch mattresses, Verlo offers a range of accessories designed to take your sleep experience to the next level. We also offer our series of vMotion adjustable bases for finding your perfect sleeping position, a wide assortment of pillows that are fitted to you, and sheets that stay on the bed – everything you need to transform your bedroom into a sleep oasis.

At Verlo, we are not just about selling mattresses, we’re about changing lives. We have seen the magic that a good night’s sleep can work. Our customers tell us they have more energy, improved moods, and are more productive after experiencing the Verlo difference. We believe everyone deserves to wake up feeling their best, ready to seize the day.

Now, we all know that a mattress is an investment, just like a quality suit. And just like how you can take a suit back to the tailor to get it adjusted as your body changes, we offer a similar service with our mattresses. Enter Verlo’s Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. As your body changes over time, we can adjust the comfort of your mattress, ensuring it remains the perfect fit for you.

As the President of Verlo Mattress, I could not be prouder of our dedicated team. We are passionate about how the world sleeps. We are committed to staying on top of the latest advancements in sleep science and technology, making sure our products are always leading the charge. After all, we are mattress experts both inside and out.