Moran Family of Brands partnered with a franchising media guru and industry veteran to debut its Turbo Tint brand in Las Vegas and add locations across the southeastern United States.

Franchise Industry Experts Join Forces

To facilitate growth and add 12 new Turbo Tint locations, Moran’s co-founder and chief executive, Barbara Moran-Goodrich, joined forces with Franchise Update Chairman Gary Gardner to establish Clear Window Solutions LLC, a new franchise ownership group. The high-powered partnership plans to open locations in major cities across the southeast over the next several years, including the Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, and Houston markets. The first store is on track to open in Las Vegas later this year.


“When Barb first mentioned the creation of Turbo Tint several years ago, the concept immediately caught my attention,” Gardner said. “There is a simplicity in the business model with a straightforward approach, small product line, and large profit margins. I was sold after seeing some of the locations in Florida and felt now was the perfect time to bring additional Turbo Tint stores to a new market.”


Gardner founded Franchise Media Update over 30 years ago to provide the latest news and resources for the franchising community. His mission is to help franchisees improve and grow their businesses. His company provides an environment where customers can learn, find new business opportunities, network, and be inspired by their peers. In addition to a robust online news presence, Franchise Media Update publishes Multi-Unit Franchise magazine and Franchise Update magazine, and hosts a variety of conferences to fuel the franchise community.


One-Hour Window Tint Solution

The first Turbo Tint store opened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in October 2020. Longtime Moran franchise owner Greg Goodman saw a market for a new concept. After successfully operating Moran’s Alta Mere brand in Oklahoma for more than 25 years, Goodman and his son Chandler wanted to focus on enhancing the customer service experience by providing tint packages and online scheduling.

As part of Turbo Tint’s business model, customers pick their tint package and schedule an appointment online. When they arrive for service, they select their desired shade of window film, and the entire installation process is completed in one hour or less. The Goodmans tested the concept for one year and worked with Moran to develop an entirely new brand.

Turbo Tint had a strong debut, increasing Goodman’s sales by 30%. Solidifying its launch as a dynamic new brand, the concept generated positive results following the pandemic outbreak when government guidelines forced Goodman’s location to temporarily shut its doors. While his location was shuttered in April 2020, the store sold 250 window tint orders online and increased sales by more than $10,000 over the previous April.

With an eye to the customer experience, all Turbo Tint locations feature a modern and spacious waiting area with oversized leather chairs, flatscreen TVs, and computer workstations with free Wi-Fi in front of a cozy fireplace setting. Customers can help themselves to complimentary premium coffee, beer, wine, soft drinks, and snacks.

Moran debuted the brand nationally in 2021. There are currently two additional open locations, in Orlando and Delray Beach, Florida, with signed agreements for 46 more stores. Moran expects to open five or six Turbo Tint stores in the first quarter of 2023 and anticipates having 18 to 21 stores by the end of the year.

Advantages of Turbo Tint Model

People are turning to automotive window tinting to reduce sun exposure and preserve their car’s interior. Window tinting can reduce the chances of windows shattering in an accident, and it improves visibility by eliminating glare from oncoming vehicles and the elements.

In addition to automotive window tinting, Turbo Tint locations also offer architectural window tinting solutions, ceramic coating, and paint protection services. Window tint options are available for residential or commercial buildings, with the benefits of lower energy costs, excellent UV protection, and increased comfort by preventing exposure to sunlight throughout the year. Paint protection services apply a thin protective film to maintain the condition of a vehicle’s exterior from damage due to scratches, chips, and abrasion from rocks, pebbles, and debris from the road.

By offering multiple profit centers and high-margin products designed to attract a diverse and passionate customer base, Turbo Tint is a one-stop-shop for window tint. Moran’s franchise owners are innovative entrepreneurs who take a hands-on approach to business ownership and strive to create a legacy for their families. Success runs in the family at Moran. Many of the company’s franchisees are second-generation operators.

Partnering with Moran allows entrepreneurs to leverage the company’s long history of experience in franchising and rely on its comprehensive support system and scalable business model.


New Partnership Offers Promise

Moran-Goodrich and Gardner will be majority shareholders in the Clear Window Solutions ownership group. Gardner will oversee market development, site selection, and buildout, while Moran-Goodrich will manage the operations side of the business.

“I am thrilled to join Gary Gardner on this business venture as we bring the Turbo Tint concept to the Las Vegas market,” Moran-Goodrich said. “I have been friends with Gary for many years, and he was very impressed with Turbo Tint’s quick installation, online purchasing, and scheduling concept as he was looking for franchise investment opportunities. We felt this was the ideal time to begin our partnership and expand the Turbo Tint footprint into additional markets that are a perfect fit for our brand.”

A number of people from Moran’s leadership team will be minority partners in the new venture — Pete Baldine, Moran’s president, Ben Reist, franchise development representative, Amanda Maquet, marketing director, and Grant Maquet, business development manager.

Moran is one of the nation’s leading franchises of general automotive repair, transmission repair, and window tint services. They are the franchisor of six brands, including Milex Complete Auto Care, Mr. Transmission, and Turbo Tint. Moran focuses on helping franchise owners generate high ticket prices and become fixtures in their local community by being a one-stop shop for all their customers’ car care needs.


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