Twin Brothers Turned Co-Founders

Chris and Keith Ryan are not only identical twin brothers, but also entrepreneurs and co-founders of Spray Foam Genie, one of the fastest growing franchise companies in the country. 

We both started our journey into the world of construction and home services at a young age, and have now been in the industry for a total of 25 years. Fresh out of high school, we began our careers in the painting industry with our dad at his painting business. Soon after, we both decided we wanted to add another skill under our belts and became certified electricians, providing electrical services in addition to painting and wood refinishing. With well-versed knowledge of the home improvement industry, we then began remodeling homes and eventually building our own homes.

Our passion for providing customers with the best possible service combined with our background and experience eventually led us to start Spray Foam Genie, a nationally trusted insulation contractor with an emphasis on insulating homes with sustainable and eco-friendly materials. And now, for the past 16 years, we have been forging a powerful path in the niche industry of spray foam insulation. Both of us have now taken on different roles at Spray Foam Genie, with Chris now the Chief Operating Officer and Keith the Chief Technology Officer.

In 2020, we met Kevin Longe, the now CEO of Spray Foam Genie, and together we decided to launch the company into the franchising network, selling our first franchise in December of 2022. As of today, our team has sold 60+ locations which equates to over 325 territories, resulting in Spray Foam Genie becoming one of the fastest growing home service brands in the franchise world. 


The Magic in Spray Foam Insulation 

Spray Foam Genie truly believes in the “magic in insulation” and we have established ourselves as an emerging leader in the home services industry through our reliable team of experts, as well as our focus on sustainable materials and methods.

So, what special ingredients are used to make spray foam so magical? Spray foam is a cutting-edge, high-quality material composed of two chemicals, polyol resin and a form of isocyanate. When these two chemicals are combined, a reaction occurs that creates a foam that will expand when it’s sprayed onto a surface. Spray foam not only fits into any area, even in hard-to-reach places and oddly shaped spaces, but it also creates an airtight seal that prevents cooled and heated air from escaping. As a result, it is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional forms of insulation. 


Revolutionizing the Industry

Our team provides a revolutionary approach to the insulation industry with spray foam’s long-lasting results, energy efficiency, and consistent temperatures for all our clients. 


Long-Lasting Results

Because Spray foam is an extremely durable material that can fit into any space, there’s no need for extra repairs or replacements. As a result, spray foam installations can cover up to 30 years of protection, much longer than other more traditional forms of insulation such as fiberglass or blown insulation. Without the need for repairs or replacements, spray foam also minimizes the waste generated from insulation replacement cycles.


Energy Efficient 

Compared to traditional insulation methods, spray foam uses less material because of its expanding properties, leading to a decrease in raw material use. At Spray Foam Genie, we pride ourselves on being able to help businessowners and homeowners reduce their energy bills by 40%. Spray foam keeps your home well-insulated, regulates its temperature, and also helps reduce air leakage. This helps reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home, resulting in energy conservation and lower energy bills.


Consistent Temperatures

Spray foam also provides a much higher average R-value, allowing your home to stay at the perfect temperature year-round. As the foam expands to fit all spaces of your home, an airtight seal is created that prevents heat loss or gain and keeps your home at a consistent, and comfortable temperature.


Shooting for the Stars

Over the years, Spray Foam Genie has completed thousands of spray foam jobs across the U.S.  As of today, we have sprayed over 650,000 gallons of material, have sprayed over 3,500 homes, and have saved over $3,510,00 in energy savings for our clients.

At Spray Foam Genie, we are always looking for potential franchisees to join our team and kickstart their own business. Specifically, we look for individuals who are entrepreneurs at heart, have a passion for helping others, care about the conservation of energy, and of course, wish to provide their communities with an eco-friendly and revolutionary insulation service. 

Looking back at younger versions of ourselves, it’s truly astonishing to see all that we have accomplished over the years. What started as painting projects with our dad and small home renovations, has now led us to start our own company and build it into a successful and reliable franchise. As cliché as it may sound, we would not have been able to do it without each other. And most importantly, Spray Foam Genie would not be what it is today without the expertise, support, and friendships behind the brand.

Thanks to our philosophy to always shoot for the stars, Spray Foam Genie’s innovative approach provides residences and commercial properties with an environmentally-conscious solution to insulation, saving energy and helping to pave the way for a green future.