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VFPnext’s Customizable CRM Solutions Perfect for Franchise Management

Front Cover Story October 2021


One Texas-based business technology company wants to whip franchises into shape with their comprehensive
customer relations software.


Based in Fort Worth, TX, VFPnext builds customer relationship management (CRM) software that also has automated marketing and sales built in. The VFPnext system consists of a digital guest registry, a full
CRM to manage the complete customer journey, a sales presentation that is conducted on an iPad, and a new customer orientation system designed to help increase ancillary sales.




The software is highly customizable and perfect for franchisors who want to better manage their entire franchise system and individual franchisees who want to better manage their customer experience. While the company primarily works with fitness franchises, virtually any type of franchise would benefit from its technology, VFPnext CEO Daron Allen said in a recent interview with Franchising USA.

Currently, the company is working with spas, childcare franchises and even furniture retailers in addition to their core of fitness franchise customers.

“When we get connected to somebody who has a vision and they want to bring that vision — through technology — to life, we are the company to call,” Allen said. A good example of how VFPnext helps its customers realize their vision is what they were able to do with Soldier Fit . Co-founder of the fitness franchise, Dave Posin, needed a complete system to assist his franchisees. After a deep dive with VFPnext, Posin identified why the solution was the right fit for his franchise operations.




“The VFPnext team recognized the unique nature of the exciting SOLDIERFIT franchise system. Our network is growing rapidly and offers franchisees a truly different fitness business opportunity. To assist our system, the automation and customization of each communication track is a huge tool. Because our franchisees rely on preset systems and processes, this system allows us to pre-write sales scripts for our sales team to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. We have also created hundreds of customized tracks and stages to follow the lead through every step of the sales cycle. We use this as both a sales tool and retention tool. We have customized follow-ups for our members for calls, texts and emails to make sure they are staying motivated and coming in,” Posin stated.

Allen relayed another story of how Crunch Franchise co-founder Craig Pepin-Donat came to VFPnext and said he envisioned the Crunch Fitness customer experience as being similar to how Apple handles its
in-store customers.

“My vision for the Crunch sales process was to create the same experience you would get in an Apple store – simple, professional, and streamlined with a consistent and elevated experience,” Pepin-Donat said in a statement. “Having a consolidated sales-based software platform has helped us improve operational efficiency and enhance the support we provide to our franchise partners across our network.”

Perfect for franchises


What makes VFPnext ideal for franchises is its ability to group franchise locations according to various criteria and then allow the franchisor to pull up a bevy of reports about each of those groups or individual franchise locations to see how well they are doing regionally and in relation to the entire organization. VFPnext founder Mario Bravomalo calls franchises the company’s “sweet spot” because the technology is extremely helpful for franchise management.

“We can give permissions to the franchisor who can now see all 300 of their franchisees, but they can see them by group,” Bravomalo gave as an example. “So, there is a group in Florida that owns 27 locations, here’s a group in Texas that has 15, here’s one that only has one location. So, they can look at all their groups together and get an accurate picture of the entire organization or they can look at them by region. They can pull reports in different ways to help the franchisor manage their business and see who is doing what. They can drill down all the way to a single customer.”

While the software gives franchisors a helpful overall view of the entire franchise, it also helps to manage individual franchise locations. Allen likened it to a virtual assistant for franchise owners.

“VFPnext is like the most amazing digital executive assistant,” he explained. “The franchisee comes in and instead of having an executive assistant live and in-person, it does the same thing. It says: here are the 10 people I’ve emailed for you today. Here are the five text messages that have come in that you need to take a look at and then here are the four people you need to call today. It’s all laid out for them.”


The entire process of making VFPnext perfect for each franchise customer is to listen to exactly what each franchise requires and then showing them how VFPnext can be configured to meet their precise needs.

This process can take a few months as the software company and franchise go back and forth about what exactly the franchisor needs the software to accomplish. Once the software is configured correctly, VFPnext trains the franchise employees on how to use the software.

Even the training is customized for each employee’s job. For example, the managers might be trained on how to use the entire system, but the marketing team will only be trained to use the marketing tools, etc. Each new franchisee that the franchisor brings on board is trained by VFP next and once everything is set up and running, the training of new franchisees typically only takes a few days.

“We take a significant load off the for doing the training and implementation for each new franchisee location that comes on board,” Allen noted. Training is delivered live via video call. The company also has live Q&A sessions and a comprehensive training video library that franchises can reference.

Speed to lead

One aspect of VFPnext that both Allen and Bravomalo are quite proud of is the “hot lead notification” feature. According to a report by the software company Velocify, the quicker a company can reach out to a lead, the better chance it has of making that lead a customer. VFPnext is able to connect to all of a franchise’s lead generating tools, whether those be website forms or on social media. As soon as a lead provides their contact information, VFPnext’s automated system can put that lead in touch with a salesperson in under 60 seconds, greatly increasing the chances of that lead deciding to become a customer.

“As soon as the lead comes in, the franchise location gets a phone call and the system immediately connects the sales team to the prospect,” Allen explained.

For new and established franchises alike, VFPnext has a highly customizable CRM and marketing solution that makes it easy for both franchisors and franchisees to manage their organizations. “If there is someone — doesn’t have to be in fitness — that is starting a franchise or has a franchise and they have a vision of what they want their technology experience to be like,” Allen said, “they should give us a call.”

For more information, phone: 877-837-1212 or visit