With the appointment of its new CFO, Voodoo Brewing Co. showcases its dedication to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community within its franchise network and among its consumer base.


Voodoo Brewing Co., the globally recognized craft brewery and brewpub concept, has proudly announced the appointment of Isaiah Fitzgerald-Palacio as its new chief financial officer (CFO). 


Fitzgerald-Palacio brings a wealth of financial knowledge and a commitment to community engagement to the brand. In his new role, Fitzgerald-Palacio will play a crucial part in shaping the brewery’s financial trajectory while fostering sustainable growth. He has over 15 years of experience in financial management and a proven track record of success, and the leadership team is looking forward to his contributions.


“We are thrilled to welcome Isaiah to our executive team and celebrate this moment for our brewery,” Matteo Rachocki, CEO of Voodoo Brewing Co., said in a press release. “His leadership and vision is instrumental in driving our continued success and deepening our commitment to a relentless pursuit of quality.”


The brand has welcomed Fitzgerald-Palacio with open arms into the Voodoo family — which truly is a family, as it got its start with the efforts of two brothers. Master brewer Curt Rachocki, along with his brother Matteo and a group of investors including friends and family, purchased Voodoo Brewery Co. in Meadville, Pennsylvania, in 2011. With relentless dedication, they transformed it into a thriving business, establishing their first pub in 2012. The team poured everything they had into opening their first location, leaving Matteo with only $76 in his bank account on opening day.


The brewpub was an immediate success, with loads of support from the local community. The leadership team soon expanded when U.S. Army veteran Jake Voelker joined the team in 2013 and co-founded Voodoo Franchise Group. The 5 Voodoo Brewing Company owned corporate locations, in addition to Voodoo Franchise Groups 20 independently-owned units, has poised this craft brewery brand to expand its unique brewpub concept nationwide.



Voodoo is a brand that is characterized by genuine partnership and robust support. The brewery’s “anti-franchise” ethos was named for its dedication to allowing franchisees to remain independent in their business ownership venture, with some wiggle room to make each location unique, while still enjoying the support of the franchising system. The brand prioritizes collaboration and community engagement through customizable menus and community-driven events and programming. This community-centric approach and collaborative culture is one of the aspects that drew Fitzgerald-Palacio to the brand.


Fitzgerald-Palacio’s commitment to community engagement stretches all the way back to his youth. He grew up in the Southeastern United States, with a family ethos rooted in public service. Fitzgerald-Palacio grew up under the guidance of an Army veteran parent, learning the value of hard work and perseverance at a young age.


When he was 15 years old, he discovered his passion for financial management and set his sights on success in this industry. Fitzgerald-Palacio obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University before venturing into the world of public service and taking on a variety of roles within the National Park Service.


In 2019, Fitzgerald-Palacio decided to pursue a newfound interest in the wine industry, earning his master’s degree in Wine Business from Sonoma State University. He went on to gain experience in production, sales, research and accounting within the industry, with a tenure at the Allen Wine Group. From there, he transitioned again into the role of managing member at Whole Wine World before taking an opportunity to join Voodoo Brewing in January 2023.


“I am honored to continue working with the talented team at Voodoo Brewing Company and contribute to its ongoing growth and success,” Fitzgerald-Palacio said in a press release. “Voodoo’s commitment to a vibrant and inclusive community resonates strongly with me: Voodoo is all about community. This is a company where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, and I look forward to leveraging my expertise to support the brewery’s mission.” 


Fitzgerald-Palacio will play a pivotal role in planning for the brewery’s production needs and increased wholesale distribution sales as the franchise company continues its aggressive expansion strategy and breaking into new markets across the country.



“It is an amazing moment in my life to be a new face among
brewery owners and executives,” Fitzgerald-Palacio said.