Renae Scott’s climb up the corporate ladder in the restaurant industry is a story of hard work, sharp instincts, and a knack for seizing the right opportunities. It’s a journey that began with her college job as a waitress, where she learned the ropes of customer service and the daily grind of a busy restaurant. These early days weren’t just about working her way through college; they were Scott’s first classroom in the business of hospitality and food service, giving her a solid grounding in what it takes be successful in the restaurant industry.


Her big break came as a regional marketing manager at Carl’s Jr. when she paired up with a colleague from operations to tackle the brand’s franchise expansion into the Colorado market. This opportunity was about setting a new standard for how the company could grow and expand in new markets. Their teamwork led to a success story for Carl’s Jr. that became the template for future market entries. This experience was a huge win for the brand; and it was Scott’s springboard to bigger things, proving that a collaborative spirit and a fresh approach could make all the difference in successful brand growth.


Scott’s style of leadership is straightforward and approachable. She’s the kind of leader who doesn’t just sit in her office; she’s in the trenches with the team, always ready to roll up her sleeves. As she worked her way up the ladder, she made it her business to be where the decisions were made.  She found ways to get a seat at the table whether that was a meeting on Supply Chain, Finance, or Operations. This cross functional approach broadened her restaurant business knowledge and earned her respect from Franchisees and Company executives. She’s shown that a leader’s influence shouldn’t just be confined to their own department. This go-getter attitude resonated with other women in her field, demonstrating that you don’t need an invitation, it’s just a matter of taking a seat and offering an opinion. 


Now at Slice House, Scott’s using her vast industry experience to support the franchisees that are the leading the growth of the brand. That’s never been more impactful as Slice House was recently named #1 Emerging Brand in Pizza Marketplace’s Top 100 Movers & Shakers 2023, and is experiencing rapid growth with over 120 restaurants in signed development agreements and 10+ new units opening this year alone.   Slice House’s Founder Tony Gemignani commented that “We are thrilled to have an accomplished industry veteran like Renae join our team at Slice House as our first ever Chief Marketing Officer.  She is a master in innovative brand marketing, building franchise support systems and mapping out innovative, scalable brand growth.” 


Scott’s priority at Slice House is ensuring brand and franchisee success, from the latest marketing tools to strategies that really work on the ground. It’s a role she takes seriously, always looking for ways to drive growth and support the people who make the business what it is.  She is making an impact across all aspects of the Slice House business with a focus on building a best-in-class martech stack that will include an all-new online ordering, rewards, and email marketing programs.  As a data driven marketer – Scott thrives in understand what drives guest engagement.  Enhancing the digital presence of Slice House will also include a website overhaul, social media strategic growth and leveraging data to understand consumer buying habits.  While building franchise support systems, she is also returning to her field marketing roots and creating local marketing toolkits to support franchise growth throughout the country. “Slice House is an amazing brand with key differentiators in the pizza category.  With an iconic and world-renowned founder – combined with award winning pizza – Slice House is already seeing explosive growth.  I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this team.”


Scott builds marketing teams on the principles of mutual respect and empowerment. She’s a firm believer in the idea that leadership isn’t about waiting your turn—it’s about stepping up when you’ve got something to offer. Her approach has helped create a workplace where women are encouraged to lead and where their contributions are valued. It’s a space where the best idea wins, no matter who it comes from.




Her philosophy is simple: treat each day as a chance to learn, to do better and to be better. It’s this mix of positivity and pragmatism that keeps her teams focused and ready to face whatever comes their way. Scott leads with a belief in the power of teamwork and the idea that a leader is only as good as the support they give to others.  Rarely taking no for an answer, she believes in a simple guiding principal when faced with challenges: “We will figure it out and come with a solution”. 


Scott’s story is relatable to anyone who’s ever aspired to more in their career. It’s a reminder that leadership isn’t about titles; it’s about attitude and action. As she continues to guide Slice House through the competitive world of pizza, she stands as a role model for women in the restaurant industry, showing that with hard work, a collaborative approach, and a willingness to learn, you can reach the top and bring others with you. Her journey is a call to action for women everywhere: step up, speak out, and lead the way.


Renae Scott is Chief Marketing Officer for Slice House by Tony Gemignani