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Are you a Veteran looking for an opportunity to join the
ever-growing franchising industry?

We recognize Veterans who have pursued careers in franchising.

It’s an excellent time to look for franchise opportunities for veterans. Many franchise brands now offer special discounts and incentives to prospective franchisees with military experience, and the best franchises for veterans recognize the strengths and related skills that veterans can bring to a business.

Much like the military, franchising is built upon clearly defined systems, set structures, discipline, and effective teamwork, which is why veteran franchise opportunities can help position veterans for success. But with all of the franchise opportunities for veterans now available, sourcing out the best franchises for veterans can be overwhelming. So to help you along, we bring you stories about veterans who have already found success in franchising to help inspire you to work towards creating your own success story.

Kumon North America Franchisee Edward Lofland

Kumon North America Franchisee Edward Lofland

When Edward Lofland crossed the border with his U.S. Marine Corps unit into Iraq in 2003, their mission was to secure the oil fields from Saddam Hussein’s troops. He hadn’t begun to contemplate post-military life. Driving into a hail of gunfire, his only thoughts were...

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