Bill retired from the Army in 2010 after spending seven years in Fort Hood, TX, a premier division. He went on to work for the Department of Veteran Affairs and looked forward to living as a family man and spending time with his grandchildren.

However, since leaving the Army, he has dealt with chronic shoulder and hamstring injuries. Physical fitness had always been an essential part of his physical and mental well-being, but the daily pain was becoming unbearable. He would regularly visit an orthopedic surgeon for the pain, but nothing seemed to stick. The pain would always come back, and Bill stayed in this uncomfortable cycle for twelve years.

The frustration of not being able to play with his grandkids energetically and enjoy the activities he once loved had Bill searching for relief. After finding assisted stretching on Google, Bill decided to try it as a last desperate attempt to cure his pain. He worked in Dallas, a nearly two-hour commute to his home in Temple-Belton; however, there was a StretchLab nearby. He signed up for a consultation and began stretching twice a week for 50 minutes.

Bill noticed an incredible decrease in pain within just a month and a half. Then, after six months, Bill recalls his improvement of being just short of a biblical miracle – he is pain-free! Now, Bill lives a lovely life with his family, playing with his grandchildren and helping other Veterans experience the same relief. 


About Bill’s ‘Miracle’: StretchLab: 

StretchLab offers a variety of one-on-one personalized stretching services including a 25-minute stretch that concentrates on the client’s current stretching needs, as well as a 50-minute head-to-toe deep stretch that addresses all major muscle groups. Flexologists™ hold a nationally recognized certificate in assisted stretching, as the Flexologist Training Program is accredited by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, a first in the field of assisted stretching and something no other brand offers. Monthly memberships are available for four or eight visits per month, as well as drop-in stretches. 

Assisted stretching worked for Bill because of the one-on-one stretching technique in which a trained professional guided him through a series of stretched, with the aim of improving flexibility, range of motion and freedom of movement, specific to Bill’s personal needs. 


From the Field to Franchising: 

With StretchLab becoming such a huge part of 61-year-old Bill’s life and his desire to retire creeping in, he knew the two-hour commute to get stretched would soon become intolerable. He also recognized the large community of retired military veterans in Temple-Belton who could benefit from assisted stretching. Thus, Bill decided to look into opening his own StretchLab.

He used much of his retirement savings to fund the studio and celebrated StretchLab Temple-Belton’s grand opening in July 2023. Bill understands many people in constant pain don’t understand why; his main focus now is to help people feel their best through assisted stretching. 

Additionally, with Bill’s new focus on spending as much time with his family as possible, the StretchLab studio has turned into a true family-operated business with his daughter, Christina Botha, working as the Sales Manager, allowing them to spend more time together not only personally, but professionally. 


How Past Experience Helped Shape Present:  

Bill’s past has helped prepare him for his entrepreneurial journey. He draws from his military experience in everything he encounters. From unforeseen circumstances to decisions to fuel success, Bill can tap into the military decision-making process and handle the situation quickly and effectively.

Recognizing the circle of retiring from the Army first-hand is valuable when encouraging other veterans. After retirement, many people feel that their whole purpose for existence has been taken away, and they lose all self-discipline.

“There are a lot of broken Veterans,” says Bill. “However, the emotional part of stretching is completely underestimated. StretchLab Temple-Belton is filled carefully with empathetic Flexologists who, in addition to stretching you, spend 1-on-1 meaningful time with you, which can make a difference for many people.”

Bill is happy to serve his entire community, but especially fellow Veterans. He encourages them to try assisted stretching for themselves and even to consider franchising, thanks to all the help offered for those looking to start a small, thriving business and bring a sense of purpose back into their lives! 



Final Thoughts — Breaking the Stigma with Men:

Something that Bill is very passionate about when attracting new customers to his business is breaking the stigma of what men thing about stretching. Bill understands that many men in the local community view stretching as ‘feminine.’ This is because most men have very limited knowledge of what assisted stretching is or understand the concept of StretchLab. However, Bill is looking to break down this wall of ignorance. Every time he has taken a man, or a fellow Veteran to StretchLab, they have left with a membership! Bill is certain that his new location is destined to make a difference in people’s lives, even if they don’t know it yet.