How does military training and discipline contribute to the success of veterans as franchise owners? 

Military veterans recognize the value of systems, discipline and commitment and they typically possess strong leadership skills all of which are traits required to successfully operate a franchise. BELFOR Franchise Group’s franchise opportunities are founded on proven and tested business models. Our veteran owners frequently discover that following BELFOR’s established business model is far less daunting when compared to venturing into independent entrepreneurship and also more rewarding than pursuing a job in the civilian corporate world. 


How do veterans’ experience with teamwork and collaboration in the military positively impact their ability to work with a franchise team? 

For many service men and women, collaboration and teamwork are mission critical in actually saving lives so those attributes most definitely translate into effective team management skills in our service-based franchises. A team-oriented approach to business helps franchisees learn from their managers and from other franchisees. This fosters collaboration among staff members and ensures a cohesive working environment poised for growth and success. 


Can you discuss the significance of veterans’ commitment to service and community, and how it positively influences their engagement as franchise owners? 

Veterans often find it very rewarding to make a meaningful impact in their communities, and they take great pride in their mission to serve the community. Our brands are passionate about giving back to the communities we serve and we encourage our franchisees to have a strong local presence in their communities. Many veterans often find that the civilian work they do after their service ends lacks meaning. By choosing to start a business that provides essential residential and commercial services, our franchisees can continue their custom of service by cleaning, restoring, maintaining, and/or safeguarding local homes and businesses in their area. This focus allows veteran franchisees to help people through challenging situations as they work to deliver positive outcomes. 


Can you share insights into how veterans’ focus on mission accomplishment aligns with the goals and objectives of successful franchise operations? 

Veterans have been trained to think and plan strategically to ensure a positive outcome. These skills can be applied toward the management of one of our franchise businesses. Developing long-term goals, implementing effective strategies and anticipating challenges are vital aspects of both military operations and opening a reputable service-focused franchise. 


How does the ability to adapt to different environments and situations, characteristic of military service, benefit veterans in the diverse landscape of franchising? 

Military service members  are exposed to variety of social situations and are trained to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. Mission success is dependent on building strong relationships with fellow service members. Because of those experiences, veteran business owners have learned to be quick on their feet and find creative solutions to complex problems. These problem-solving skills are invaluable when dealing with a diverse customer base, and this adaptability fosters trust and loyalty among customers from various backgrounds, contributing to the success of their franchise. 


In what ways do veterans’ dedication to continuous improvement and learning contribute to the ongoing success of their franchise ventures? 

Continuous improvement is essential  in military service, and it is equally important to franchise growth. Veterans, through their commitment to learning, are readily equipped to identify opportunities for expansion, enter new markets, and explore additional revenue streams, contributing to the overall growth of their businesses. Veterans are not afraid to put in long hours and to lead by example. These traits are critical when scaling a franchise business. Their determination to overcome a variety of challenges propels many veteran owners to thrive in the franchising industry. 


Is joining a franchise less of a financial burden on veterans’ than if they were to go into business on their own? 

It’s important for veterans to thoroughly research and evaluate specific franchise opportunities to ensure alignment with their skills, goals, and financial capabilities. To express our gratitude to veterans and to make our franchise opportunities even more accessible, BELFOR Franchise Group offers a special veteran discount that is applied to the initial franchise fee. We believe that veterans have a unique perspective and dedication that can contribute to the future success of our franchise family, so we do our best to ensure that our franchise opportunities are within reach for those who have served our country. 


Doug Smith, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development at BELFOR Franchise Group, has decades of experience in the industry. He has a strong track record working in franchise sales and development leadership roles to help franchise systems grow their footprint. Doug has been an integral part of BELFOR Franchise Group’s acquisition of HRI and the expansion of the group’s strong community of residential and commercial service brands.”