Founder and CEO Bryan Park reflects on the journey of the flooring franchise, from its humble beginnings in a Colorado garage to the strong national presence it now enjoys.


As we mark the 15th anniversary of Footprints Floors, I find myself reflecting on our incredible journey from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent national player in the flooring industry. When I founded Footprints Floors in my garage in 2008, my vision was clear: to revolutionize the flooring industry by bringing more integrity, better customer service and new innovations to each project. Now, with over 150+ territories, a thriving network of 87 franchisees and a new spot on the National Wood Flooring Association Board of Directors, I’m immensely proud of what we have accomplished together.


The start of the business was simple. When I returned to Littleton, Colorado, after my service in the U.S. Air Force, I realized that the Denver flooring industry lacked the level of service and sophistication that homeowners deserved. I wanted to change that. Fueled by a passion for doing what’s right, we set out to fill that gap and have since served nearly 50,000 homeowners and supported local franchisees in building their own meaningful businesses. 


One of the defining characteristics of Footprints Floors is our unwavering commitment to customer service. From day one, we have prioritized transparency, integrity and communication. We treat our customers how we would like to be treated and, as a result, we have served as a beacon of quality and reliability for homeowners seeking flooring installation solutions for the past 15 years.





Through this journey, we’ve built relationships with national partners and become even more ingrained in the industry, consistently working to elevate our own skills and stay educated on best practices through system-wide training opportunities, conventions and peer-to-peer support. 


This dedication has led to a recent partnership with a large, well-known national wood and tile retailer, wherein our franchise owners can refer customers to the vendor for partner pricing, and also the launch of our Revel Woods Footprints Collection, a premier product line.


Working in someone’s home comes with great responsibility, and knowing that people trust us enough to welcome us reaffirms everything we’ve done to build our reputation to this point. In all aspects of the business, we’ve worked diligently to elevate our expertise, service, products and skills. This journey alone has been an incredible privilege.


That said, we’ve been fortunate to grow Footprints Floors into something more than just a business. Through Footprints Floors, we’ve been able to give back to aspiring entrepreneurs, through franchising, and to community members in need, through our First Fruits Fund. We allocate a portion of our profits to various community nonprofits that address the needs of people in our own communities. Both at the corporate and local levels, we feel so blessed to have the opportunities we have, and it means so much to us to pass those blessings along.


What started as a single operation in Colorado has grown into a national brand with over 150 territories. Every one of those 150+ territories represents an opportunity to serve and do impactful work afforded to someone who is truly passionate about doing so. Franchising was not the plan at the start of our journey, but I’m so grateful that it became a part of our story. Seeing the success of our franchise owners and the impact they have in their communities fills me with pride.


Looking ahead to the next 15 years, the future is bright for Footprints Floors. We have ambitious expansion plans, both for our services offerings and geographical reach, including expansion in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. Through every growth stage, we will continue to prioritize integrity, quality and service in everything we do, ensuring every footprint we leave is a testament to our commitment to excellence.


After adding 15 new territories with 12 new franchise agreements last year, it’s clear that our model is something people need. We remain focused on seizing new opportunities, building stronger relationships and inviting even more people into the Footprints Floors family. 


As we celebrate this milestone, I express my gratitude to every single person who has played a role in our journey thus far. To my wife, who believed in this dream when I was working to support our young family out of our humble garage, and to every employee, franchise owner, customer and partner who has trusted us along the way: thank you. Here’s to the next 15 years of growth and impact — one footprint at a time.