Over the past two decades, security-conscious Americans have been forced to acknowledge the grim reality that their once-safe nation has become an unpredictably dangerous civil conflict zone. Violent crimes occurring every 24.6 seconds, political division, civil unrest, and acts of terrorism have changed the once wholesome face of America, and the now battle-weary personal perspective of every flag-waving American right along with it. With ever-growing pressure on the already over-burdened American infrastructure and police response rates of 22 – 145 minutes and climbing, now more than ever private citizens seek proven methods of self-reliance, with a large collective desire to be their own “first responders”.

Where the unpredictability of safety concerns has become a new normal, United Defense Tactical (UDT) emerges as not just a business, but as a vital contributor to public safety and personal empowerment. Founder and CEO, Wes Fox, believes that “the key to strengthening community defense is by directly empowering its private citizens. Simply stated; given the confidence and ability to protect themselves and their family, you give them an equal level of self-confidence and technical ability to safely and effectively protect their communities as well.”

A man with a progressive long-range vision of revolutionizing the somewhat antiquated concept of community civil defense has the answer many seek; making UDT’s reality-based, progressive firearms and self-defense training curriculum developed by former Navy SEALs and high-level tactical operators available to everyday citizens, everywhere.

UDT’s training classes transform the safety-conscious into the safety-confident, armed with comprehensive skills to protect and defend in any situation. Combining cutting-edge technology with professional self-defense training instruction, their state-of-the-art facilities have created an unparalleled, controlled learning environment to teach every skill level how to assess, communicate effectively, de-escalate situations, move efficiently, and function effectively in high-pressure, reality-based scenarios.

With classes across 3 main categories, they are unrivaled in providing the most well-rounded firearms and self-defense training curriculum in the world under one roof:

  • Firearms + Tactical Training Courses
  • Self-Defense + Conditioning Courses
  • Indoor Range Experiences

UDT’s franchising model is a carefully crafted pathway, designed for those who are passionate about making a tangible impact in the realms of personal safety and community well-being. If you are a forward-thinking entrepreneur, UDT invites you to join forces and become an integral part of a movement that prioritizes the safety and well-being of communities by bringing this innovative concept to your town.

Far beyond the typical franchisor-franchisee relationship, UDT immerses each in a culture of excellence, complete with extensive training that equips franchise partners not only with the skills to run a successful business but also the knowledge and understanding of the crucial role they play in community safety. Their support system includes comprehensive training programs, innovative marketing strategies, and ongoing operational support to ensure each franchise is positioned for success. 

UDT programs are carefully designed to ensure that all training provided is aligned with the highest standards of safety and legality. They emphasize the responsible use of firearms, underscoring the importance of understanding and respecting the power they hold, focusing on empowering individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones in situations that demand it. This not only enhances their safety but also contributes significantly to the broader community safety.

Every UDT franchise stands as a beacon of strength and support within its community. Their franchisees are not just business owners; they are influential community members who play a pivotal role in enhancing local safety. By fostering strong relationships with local organizations and groups, UDT franchisees become part of the tapestry of their communities. They conduct workshops and seminars, sharing valuable knowledge and skills, and are not just about teaching reality-based threat training; they’re about building community resilience and empowering individuals to feel safer and more confident in their daily lives. 

In a society where self-reliance and personal safety are increasingly prioritized, UDT franchisees are uniquely positioned to meet this growing need. They offer not just a service, but a vital resource that helps individuals feel more secure in an uncertain world.

Our vision for UDT’s future is ambitious and far-reaching. We see a nationwide network of franchises, each contributing to the overall safety and security of the country; a unified force for positive change. UDT’s expansion plans include the establishment of state-of-the-art facilities across the nation, ensuring that no community is left without access to top-tier training. As they grow, their franchises will become cornerstones of their communities, known not just for their quality of service, but for their commitment to the greater good.

UDT is more than just a training program; it’s survival. If you share their vision and are prepared to take on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey, consider joining their franchise family. Together, you can profoundly impact the safety and security of our nation, one community at a time.