When it comes to the senior care industry, there’s a unique opportunity that stands out not just for its business model but for its deep-rooted commitment to service—in-home care franchises. A Place At Home, a senior-focused home care provider, is that golden opportunity. With over 50 Locations nationwide, the franchise provides more than 15,000 hours of care a week, helping over 650 people and employing more than 750 caregivers.


Veteran Focused

What sets A Place At Home apart is its veteran-friendly approach, emphasized by its membership in VetFran and a 10% discount on the initial franchise fee for veterans. In addition to helping veterans start their own businesses, many A Place At Home locations, including those run by Scottsdale territory owner Alex Caudill, prioritize caring for veterans. A Place At Home – Maricopa County is one of the largest service providers for non-skilled care for the VA Phoenix Health Care System. Caudill is a veteran himself, having spent 10 years in the United States Marine Corps.

“I’m not just a provider in the VA health system, but a patient, too. I understand what my clients are going through. I can walk veterans through getting benefits because I’ve been in their shoes,” said Caudill.

Caudill has seamlessly integrated his military experience into a successful business venture. His history with the brand is impressive: opening his first location in Scottsdale in 2018, expanding with two more in 2020, then recently acquiring all of Maricopa County. He now officially owns 18 territories and will soon open his fifth office location.


A Life of Service

Caudill’s military background is nothing short of remarkable. He enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 and served in the White House Presidential Detail under the Obama Administration. He was deployed to Afghanistan and then later joined the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Reserves. His awards include the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Combat Valor, among other recognitions.

From Marine to Senior Care Leader

After his military service, Caudill earned a B.S. in Business Management and took on various leadership roles in the healthcare industry, including skilled care, assisted living, and senior care. His experience of personally and professionally caring for seniors led him to A Place At Home.

“I wanted a senior care business executed in a way that allows the person to live their life on their terms,” said Caudill. “Everything about A Place At Home aligned with my mission.”

Caudill was just a 27-year-old from Wisconsin passionate about building a thriving senior care business when he began his franchising journey with A Place At Home. Shortly after connecting with A Place At Home co-founders Dustin Distefano and Jerod Evanich, Caudill purchased the Scottsdale territory and relocated. 

“I knew nothing about the area or what I was doing, but I knew if I worked hard, I could make it work,” said Caudill.

While juggling the job transition and a new home, Caudill set a record for the fastest launch in the franchise system’s history. He then led A Place At Home – Scottsdale through a profitable first year in business, even beating out Distefano and Evanich’s first-year revenue totals at their location in Omaha, Nebraska. Revenue tripled in his second year of operation, and now, in his fifth year with the franchise, Caudill expects them to see upwards of an $8 million revenue increase.

“He was on top of it from the first day we talked, and he hasn’t stopped since,” said Evanish.

Caudill and A Place At Home – Scottsdale’s recognition within the franchise system reflects the location’s momentum and growth. In 2019, their first full year in business, A Place At Home – Scottsdale was recognized as a top-performing territory, with top client satisfaction ratings. Caudill was also named brand ambassador, someone who generates positive social reviews, creates community engagement, and fields validation calls.

Then, in 2020, for the second year in a row, A Place At Home – Scottsdale was named a top-performing territory, and Caudill earned the Founder’s Cup. This highly prestigious award is bestowed upon the most distinguished franchisee who has made major contributions to the brand and played a significant role in the organization’s success.

In 2021 and 2022, A Place At Home – Scottsdale earned the top producer award, meaning the location earned the highest revenue in the system. Caudill said he’s gunning for top caregiver satisfaction scores this year. 


Satisfied Employees Means Satisfied Clients

Caudill believes that focusing on his employees will translate to happier clients. He is doing this by providing his 200 employees, including caregivers, with a benefits package that hasn’t been seen before in the senior in-home care industry. The package includes competitive wages, health insurance, a discounted phone plan, a gym membership, payroll advances, increasing paid time off, bereavement, sick time, and discounted esthetician services. 

“Once we implemented this benefits package, we blew up. We began getting the top caregivers in the area, resulting in the best care outcomes for our clients. Then reviews of the organization skyrocketed, and referrals went up,” said Caudill.

Additionally, the franchise location is planning a partnership with a local school to pay for their caregivers to become certified nursing assistants. The whole concept of the benefits package and this new partnership is to take the budget for recruiting new employees and instead put it toward retaining and uplifting current caregivers.


The Future is Bright 

With ribbon cuttings planned in the next six months for two new locations and an ever-expanding service area, the future looks promising for A Place At Home – Maricopa County.

“It’s amazing to look at where we’ve been, but when looking ahead, there’s so much untapped potential in our community,” said Caudill.


A Call to Serve Seniors

A Place At Home looks forward to welcoming more veterans searching for a franchise opportunity that aligns with their values, skills, and desire to serve. With its veteran-friendly incentives and a proven track record of success, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to continue their life’s mission of service. Visit aplaceathomefranchise.com to learn more about the next steps.