The tree care, lawn care and pest control franchise offers a military discount, a welcoming and understanding team, and a strong training and support system for new entrepreneurs.

Franchising has provided a path to entrepreneurship and financial freedom for countless veterans. The model is recognized as a welcoming one for individuals who appreciate a proven model, know how to execute a plan, and are able to work well as part of a team. In many cases, the franchise opportunity brings not only financial freedom to veterans but work-life balance, personal fulfillment, and an outlet through which they can leverage their leadership skills. In an industry that’s already known for being veteran-friendly, Joshua Tree Expertsthe home services franchise that provides tree maintenance, lawn care and pest control services—is especially welcoming.

“We know that franchising is a popular pathway for veterans looking to get into entrepreneurship or those in need of a meaningful transition to civilian life,” said Joshua Malik, CEO of Joshua Tree Experts. “That’s why we work diligently to create a welcoming environment for veterans while also lowering the barrier to entry.”

Franchisees who join the Joshua Tree Experts franchise system will receive a 10% discount on the franchise fee for their first territory—nearly $5,000 off. But the support certainly doesn’t stop there.


Firsthand Veteran Experience and Insight

Joshua Tree Experts has built an environment that is welcoming to veterans by including a veteran on the corporate team and leveraging his insights in their processes and resources. Director of Franchise Development Dylan DeGroat is a former child services social worker, police officer and active member of the U.S. Army National Guard. 

Prior to joining the Joshua Tree Experts team, DeGroat spent 10 years in the U.S. Army where he became an officer after participating in ROTC. During his service, he led a logistics company platoon and specialized in aviation as an executive officer. DeGroat was also deployed to the Middle East in 2020 where he managed aviation fueling operations. When a family tragedy brought DeGroat back to Pennsylvania, he reached out to Malik and began working in lawn care.

Since working his way into a leadership position with Joshua Tree Experts, DeGroat has been

able to support and serve veteran franchisees in the system, bringing the values so familiar to veterans to the franchising and home services industries. Through this experience, DeGroat has also recognized the values that veterans bring to the Joshua Tree Experts system and how they serve to strengthen the entire network.

In addition to DeGroat’s presence on the leadership team, Joshua Tree Experts also has a father-son military family duo running a franchise in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Seth and Caleb Hill had considered opening a business but couldn’t find the right starting place. When Caleb learned of the Joshua Tree Experts model through his friendship with DeGroat, he was confident that franchising was the right pathway for them.

“I never really looked into franchising before my conversation with Dylan,” said Caleb. “I didn’t know the specifics of the industry at all. Of course, we still have a lot to learn, but I believe it’s important to surround yourself with people who are smarter and more experienced than you; that way you can learn from their mistakes. One of the reasons we picked the brand was because of the outstanding team behind it. The folks from Joshua Tree Experts are not just experts in their field but are also leaders in their community. They are role models that we can admire.”


A Veteran-Friendly Model

“Structure is something that makes veterans great franchisees,” said DeGroat. “They are also trained in executing a process, are goal-oriented, have a sense of leadership and can easily adapt to the business model.”  

The Joshua Tree model also offers a familiar structure to veterans. With an internal chain of command, standard operating procedures and set standards, veterans can easily understand what needs to be done or how to handle certain situations based on proven practices. The guesswork is taken out of the equation.

A robust training program ensures veteran franchisees are supported from day one, offering a welcoming environment that both taps into their existing strengths and provides the education they need to learn new skills. This is especially important for those who are just beginning their transition to civilian life as the Joshua Tree Experts team can play a supportive role for veterans as they build their futures. 

While Joshua Tree Experts works hard to offer a pathway to veterans looking to start their own businesses, the team also realizes that veterans may have unpredictable demands on their time and attention.

“We have a level of patience and adaptability that can be hard for veterans to find in other brands,” explained Malik. “We understand that a veteran’s timeline might be unpredictable and that, for many, their road after separating from the military is not a straightforward path. These facts in no way take away from the support and encouragement we are willing to give veteran franchisees. Our mission is to support people in building successful, scalable businesses, and with veterans, this journey might include a few unexpected twists and turns.”


Why Now Is the Time To Invest With Joshua Tree Experts

Joshua Tree Experts has established itself as a welcoming franchise system for veterans, offering familiar structures and thorough training to ensure each veteran owner feels fully prepared to tackle ownership. When these traits are applied to an already lucrative business model, veterans are positioned for a favorable future in their businesses.

The Joshua Tree Experts model allows franchisees to capture a larger market share than the standard tree care franchise might. With pest control and lawn care services incorporated into the tree care business model, franchisees can provide multiple services to a single customer base, encouraging stronger customer relationships and boosting revenue through predictable repeat business.

After achieving strong momentum in 2023, Joshua Tree Experts is looking to continue growing in prime markets across Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey and North Carolina.

For veteran entrepreneurs looking to break into the industry, Joshua Tree Experts has decreased the barrier to entry with a 10% discount—or $4,950 off—to the standard $49,500 franchise fee. 

“We understand that the transition to a meaningful career after military service can be challenging, and we want veterans to know that we are here for them,” said Malik. “Franchising with Joshua Tree Experts provides an opportunity for veterans to enter a structure that is familiar to them but doesn’t hinder their growth, work alongside other veterans who truly understand them, and build something truly meaningful for themselves and their families while also serving their communities.”

“I believe we can set a positive example and inspire others to explore similar paths,” said Caleb. “When I look at people in my generation, I see many who are hesitant to venture into business for themselves. I get it. It can be scary. But I hope I can be an example that shows it’s not only possible but doable. My aim is to encourage my friends, younger siblings and the next generation to take that leap and find their own success.”