JDog Brands is by Veterans for Veterans. Its two concepts, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling and JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care, have seen incredible growth in 2022 and are on track to exceed 300 units in 2023.

JDog Brands, the parent franchisor to JDog Junk Removal & Hauling and JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care, has had a monumental year. Both system-level growth and mission-focused work have seen incredible changes, and the JDog Brands network is only getting stronger. As the franchise continues to grow, we are on track to exceed 300 open units in 2023.


As the largest Veteran franchise system in the world, JDog Brands is working diligently to lower the Veteran unemployment rate below 1%. In November 2022, Veteran unemployment was at 2.7%, a notable decrease from the 3.8% reported in late 2021.


For many Veterans, military separation can be a challenging time. The camaraderie and connection that many service members experience during their time in the military can be difficult to find in the civilian world, and many Veterans find it challenging to secure civilian employment that leverages the skills they learned and used in the military.


JDog Brands, however, is working to change that. With 66 franchise agreements signed in 2022, we have forged partnerships with qualified Veterans and military families who are interested in serving their local communities, staying connected with other Veterans and working toward a shared goal. In addition to the three to five Veterans each JDog franchise employs, the network has created hundreds of jobs for military families this year alone.


JDog Brands Owners Differentiate Themselves Within the Booming Home Services Industry


In a $500 billion and growing home services industry, differentiation is key. While home services are presented as an ongoing need, and there is, generally, an ever-growing demand, the concentration of service providers is just as rich. For many homeowners, the house is one of their largest investments, and the people who work in the space are carefully selected.


As such, JDog Brands has built a model that stands out in communities and allows homeowners to be confident in the services they are receiving.


The concentration of Veterans within the system creates both a comfortable, familiar environment for retired military personnel and a unique customer experience. Three pillars of military service, respect, integrity and trust shine through to the customers as owners and their employees handle each and every project with care.


Further local involvement by our owners in local Veteran groups, fundraisers and other community-focused efforts bring the JDog image beyond the business. Within the JDog Brands network, we have seen a pet adoption event as an opening day celebration, involvement in a local Veterans of Foreign Wars department and a diaper drive to support local single mothers.


The Larger JDog Network Works To Embrace Philanthropic and Community-Building Efforts


While local owners are encouraged and empowered to pursue charity in a way that is meaningful to them, the JDog corporate team is consistently working to develop philanthropic and community-building programs to benefit Veterans both within its system and beyond.


Late last year, we launched the Tactical Treasures podcast, offering a new voice to the military community. The podcast is hosted by JDog Brands co-founder and Senior Vice President Tracy Flanagan and welcomes a range of voices in the military space to discuss their personal “tactical treasures.”


Through the JDog Foundation, we develop relationships with government and civilian organizations to ensure there is proper funding and guidance available to Veterans who need it, including support for suicide prevention and PTSD management programs. The foundation is funded in part by the profits of Operation Hidden Treasures auctions in which JDog Junk Removal & Hauling owners look to salvage and repurpose unused items found at jobs.


We have also partnered with RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) to raise funds for Soldiers’ Angels and Irreverent Warriors, a nonprofit organization committed to improving Veterans’ mental health through connection and never-dying camaraderie. Last summer, over a dozen JDog franchisees participated in and sponsored their local Silkies Hike, a gathering where Veterans walk in boots and “silkies,” a retired military tradition, as a reminder that we are all here for each other, all of the time.


Each day, at least 22 Veterans and military service members die by suicide. All of our philanthropic efforts, in some way, return to an effort to decrease this statistic. Whether we are donating directly to mental health care or promoting connection and conversation, our work in this arena is incredibly important to our core values as an organization.


JDog Brands Continues to Push Forward, Working To Established Veteran-Centric Businesses Across the Nation


In 2023, we are working to surpass the 300-unit mark by developing businesses in Baltimore, Charleston, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and more. However, the higher-level vision for the brand is to reach the 600-unit mark and continue to embrace Veterans, military families and the needs of the community along the way.


There is an incredible demand for the JDog experience from both prospective business owners and customers in need of junk removal and floor care services. The drive is different for everyone; some customers are drawn to the branded vehicles and military-adjacent attire JDog employees show up in, and others are interested in supporting their neighbors who are Veterans. For prospective business owners, the JDog Brands support network, continued involvement with the military community and ongoing opportunities to connect with the local community can be incredibly appealing.


From all sides, however, the focus and impact on the health and wellness of Veterans and military families continue to permeate the business, representing an incredible success for the JDog Brands business model and core values.