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Junk King was named to Franchise Business Review’s 2022 list of 100 Recession Proof Franchises.



For over 15 years Junk King has continued to expand our footprint and our environmental impact while creating jobs nationwide as well as expansion into Canada. Today we have a fleet of over 500 trucks on the road and more than 150 franchised locations.


Recently Junk King was named to Franchise Business Review’s 2022 list of 100 Recession Proof Franchises. I credit a number of factors for keeping Junk King growing even in the face of a global pandemic, including but not limited a strong brand and marketing support for our network of franchisees, and our commitment to serving communities and partnering with like minded entrepreneurs with a passion for our services and goal to leave this world better than we found it.


According to P3 Cost a recession proof franchise is an “ industry that provides essential products and services that people and businesses will need regardless of the economic climate.” Living in a consumer driven world creates a constant stream of waste. At the current rate that people are buying goods, traditional waste management models are not sustainable. Junk King strives to innovate a solutions driven, innovative system of waste removal that translates into reusing as much material as possible. In implementing a logistics structure for waste management, we are also able to reduce our own carbon footprint and not add to the problem. Whether it is time to declutter that crawl space or just take out the weekly recycling, Junk King provides unparalleled customer service, professional and sustainability focus junk removal for our clients. 


So the problem we are addressing – outdated waste management coupled with an increasingly harmful environmental impact – is ongoing and creates the potential for a constantly growing stream of business even in the face of a challenging economic climate. In order to keep expanding a franchise company you need two things, more customers and more franchise owners/locations. This brings us to the first of a couple of our VIP initiatives… marketing.


Marketing strategies focus on the key business attribute known as brand recognition. When Junk King was created in the early 2000s, we immediately focused on establishing a brand for itself. Similar to how a pro sports team or elite organizations like the various branches of our military lean into cohesive ‘branding’ in the way of rallying cries and uniforms, Junk King aimed to visually stand out among our competition from the very beginning. One way we did this was launching with bright red trucks that are 20% larger than our competitors’. It’s nearly impossible not to notice one of our fleet on the road, and consumers are proven time and time again to choose companies with a brand they recognize when making their purchasing decisions.


A big part in expanding our brand recognition and updating our marketing approach is Crissy Russo, SVP of marketing at Junk King. WIth Crissy’s guidance we have created a social media presence that is reliant on engagement and used as a tool to keep franchisees connected to their communities. Followers and consumers are encouraged to interact with our social media posts, which in turn has improved our online conversion rate, lead generation and overall brand recognition.

Another reason I’d like to credit for our success is our focus on a service oriented, team culture that starts within our network of franchise owners and extends into each of their local communities.


Nurturing business relationships within communities allows us to connect with consumers and creates brand likability. One way Junk King approaches this is by supporting community outreach programs. For example, we have always been proud of our partnership with Military Makeover. Through Military Makeover. Junk King provides our services and disposes the waste created during the home renovations given to service men and women. 


Internally this cause is close to Junk King’s heart. Today we have numerous veteran owned and operated Junk King locations across the US. We see a high level of success among our veteran employees. Junk King’s service minded, team focused structure resonates with current and former military members. 


Skills like commitment, hard work, and an overall mission oriented approach to a purpose “bigger than oneself” seamless transfer into the successful operation of a Junk King location and creates a strong bond between its team members. A perfect example of this is Melissa Michel, owner and operator of two Junk King locations, Junk King Baton Raton and Junk King Fort Lauderdale. Military Veteran Melissa Michel of Junk King Baton Raton and Junk King Fort Lauderdale, has said “My strong training skills are a product of my military training and career. These are passed down to my staff and customers and each and every job. Being well organized and having the ability to manage a staff while performing a wide range of duties is second nature to me and a key to success at our location.”