Midwest Shooting Center Takes Bold Next Steps in Evolving the Shooting Sports Industry


Midwest Shooting Center, a Veteran-Owned Business, is pleased to announce its new venture into franchising.


We believe that veterans make exceptional entrepreneurs, which is why we offer a 20% discount on our initial franchise fee to all qualified, honorably discharged US Military veterans. We want the path to ownership to be as affordable as possible as they start their next venture.

Our story is quite unique as we are the first and only proven full-service indoor range-retail franchise in the United States. What began in 2016 as a small e-commerce shop has grown to be 8+ open/soon-to-be-open corporate stores with over 10,000 members and 2,000 training clients with a unique brand within the industry.

Midwest Shooting Center a newly registered franchise division is eligible for operation in 41 states, the first and only full-service indoor range-retail franchise in the nation.

According to Chief Executive Officer, David Sabo, “The prospective indoor range-retailer is faced with many challenges ranging from funding to compliance to piecing together a complex business model. To this point there has not been an adequate solution for these individuals that, in many cases, are risking everything to become a business owner in our industry. The best we have provided these folks has been industry vendors that disguise themselves as industry consultants— who have been more than willing to give advice for a fee and with no accountability to said advice. Our franchise offering changes this by offering prospective and current indoor range-retailers a soup to nuts business model that has been built and tested for success. We walk side-by-side with our franchisees to assist with site selection, funding, training, project management, pre-negotiated pricing—both capex and product utilizing our size and purchasing power, and post opening support that includes marketing, field operations, purchasing, compliance, and more. Our headquarters staff is robust and our corporate stores are utilized to test business model adjustments and vendors we may be seeking to implement prior to franchise system roll-out. There is enormous responsibility to our franchisees in our highly regulated franchisee/franchisor relationship. Due to the replicated success of our 8 open/soon to be open locations and the resources we will be making available to our franchise operators; we believe this to be a gamechanger in our segment of the industry.”

Midwest Shooting Center is a modern indoor range-retailer with 8 locations open or in the process of opening in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. The brand seeks to accommodate the full spectrum of firearms enthusiasts, but goes above and beyond to appeal to novice shooters. Typical locations have 2 bays with 20 indoor lanes, a robust rental fleet, and retail product. Key drivers for the business model focus on membership and training departments, both of which are best-in-class and unique in the industry. The typical Midwest Shooting Center has over 85% of its’ costs covered via these departments (both of which are recurring revenue) within the first 12 months in operation. Beyond financial gain, these high-volume departments build organic community and provide a deliberate, common-sense path for new shooters to become comfortable adopters of firearms from both an entertainment and personal production standpoint.

“We have implemented the same level of stability in our membership and training programs in the 35 Anytime Fitness franchise locations we have built over the last decade in Ohio and Pennsylvania. It’s remarkable how the thousands of hours of business model adjustments in that space have been able to be applied in the shooting sports industry” remarks Jeff Swinford, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder. “This demonstrates a high degree of predictability in consumer behavior that transcends industries.”

“By franchising the brand it gives frustrated prospective and current indoor range operators an outlet to make their dreams materialize by breaking down and overcoming the common pitfalls that derail our would-be peers in the industry. We will continue to open corporate stores, but the reality is we exist in a large country and operate in a huge industry. We have something great that we can share with the business owners we have an affinity for and believe franchising our brand allows us and our partners to grow together” comments Chief Operating Officer Eric Kline.

If you are a prospective range operator or existing range operator seeking to learn more about Midwest Shooting Center Franchising, e-mail us at: Franchise@MidwestShootingCenter.com

About Midwest Shooting Center

Midwest Shooting Center is owned and operated by two USMC Veterans who entered the industry in 2016 as a small e-commerce only firearms retailer. The first Midwest Shooting Center location opened its doors in Lima, Ohio in early 2019 and has since been awarded a Five-Star rating from the NSSF, the highest in range excellence. Midwest Shooting Center is one of the fastest-growing indoor range-retailers in the United States with locations open or opening in Lima (Ohio), Fort Wayne (Indiana), Toledo (Ohio), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Dayton (Ohio), Indianapolis (Indiana), Cincinnati (Ohio), and Cleveland (Ohio). Members receive access to all facilities.