Lennol “Lenny” Absher began serving as an officer in the U.S. Army in 2000. After serving for over 20 years, Lenny is taking on a new adventure: business ownership.

As Lenny learns the ropes of owning and operating a home repair servicing business, The Patch Boys, he applies the same aspirations and leadership skills that he developed serving in the armed forces.

While serving in the military, Lenny took on a number of roles and was stationed across the world. Beginning as a field artillery officer assigned to the First Cavalry Division in Texas, to serving in Iraq, and becoming a foreign area officer stationed in Germany and the Washington DC area, Lenny’s military experience runs the gamut.

Lenny’s last assignment was the associate dean of Middle East School 1 at the Presidio of Monterey, California. Lenny finished his military service and retired in November 2020. With a lifetime of highly valuable skills under his belt, Lenny was selected to participate in the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program working with an IT service management company. He was offered a full-time job focused on leading veteran recruiting and training programs. Yet in this new role, his desire to chart his own future persisted.

“At this time in my life, I was at a crossroads. I had done government and military work and experienced corporate life,” Lenny said. “It became clear to me that I was ready to work for myself.”

Lenny began to entertain the idea of franchising and started to explore opportunities that aligned with his skills. Coming from a military background, Lenny understood the importance of delivering results and paying sharp attention to detail. When he was introduced to the opportunity with The Patch Boys, Lenny was immediately intrigued.

“I was drawn to The Patch Boys’ unique business model and the gap the brand fills in the home repair service market. In the military, I thrived as a project manager and enjoyed every opportunity I had to lead, so I knew that working with The Patch Boys would allow me to do exactly that.”

The passion and ambition Lenny possessed from the start made him a perfect match for working with The Patch Boys. With a top-of-the-line training program to meet aspiring entrepreneurs where they are, Lenny was in good hands from the start of his business ownership journey. He welcomed the support from The Patch Boys family with open arms and enjoyed the expertise the brand provided every step of the way.

“I thought branching out on my own was going to be scary, but The Patch Boys had the answers and resources I needed to be my own boss,” Lenny said. “The expertise and network of support I have in the early stages of my business has been invaluable.”

A significant part of The Patch Boys training program is educating its franchisees on the unique nature of services it offers and the niche market the brand provides. The Patch Boys prides itself on addressing the everyday wear and tear that larger construction companies do not tackle. No matter the size of dent, ding, or hole, the brand teaches its franchisees how to create feasible solutions for their local community.

The Patch Boys mentorship was most essential for Lenny as he navigated marketing businesses and understanding regulatory and legal matters. In addition to supporting in the training and preparation before Lenny opened his business, The Patch Boys have also worked with Lenny in the early stage of his business to accelerate growth and hiring.

A difficult part when growing a business is finding the right people to flourish with. Because of this, Lenny has worked closely with The Patch Boys team to find technicians with relevant experience. Within the hiring process, The Patch Boys also offer assistance conducting technical interviews, which is yet another added bonus for franchisees.

Even though he is still in the early stages of his business, The Patch Boys have identified Lenny as an asset to the brands growth and future success. In 2022 alone, the company added more than 120 locations to their national footprint. With this momentum, The Patch Boys is touting 10 years of consecutive same store sales growth. The brand continues to thrive in the home improvement industry, as The Patch Boys finished 2022 and celebrated the new year with over 300 locations open across the country.

In order to maintain the brand’s historic development over the last two years, The Patch Boys continue to identify the best business partners to move forward with, Lenny being one of them.

“Lenny’s leadership experience and commitment to the brand makes him the perfect addition to The Patch Boys team,” said Ted Speers, President of The Patch Boys. “Every homeowner deserves the best care and service when repairs are needed, and we know that Lenny will go above and beyond to create exceptional experiences for Loudon and Montgomery county residents.”

Lenny and The Patch Boys of Silver Spring and Ashburn have a bright future ahead. With a daily commitment to providing top-of-the-line drywall and ceiling repair to his community, Lenny is already making his presence known. Lenny understands how important it is in the early stages of business ownership to reach out to customers and show the value he and his team provide.

With spring on the horizon and more homeowners tackling home renovation projects, Lenny is ready to meet the demand for ceiling and drywall repairs around him. Lenny is confident that from the very first consultation, he and his team will be able to secure lifelong customers due to the unmatched experience The Patch Boys provide.

“Working with such an established brand like The Patch Boys gives me a unique opportunity to provide repairs and service that are at the highest caliber,” Lenny said. “I have big dreams for my business and feel empowered by my aspirations and the support of The Patch Boys team to achieve them.”

Author bio: Lenny Absher wanted the next chapter of his life to include business ownership. The Patch Boys gave him the opportunity he was looking for. With military experience and a diverse skill set at his disposal, this 47-year-old entrepreneur is ready to provide his community with top-notch home repair service.