Did you know that there are more than 18 million military veterans in the U.S. right now? Many are searching for career opportunities where they can continue to serve and assist their communities. Owning a home care franchise – or becoming a caregiver – has become a viable option thanks to SYNERGY HomeCare, the fastest-growing home care franchise in the nation for the past three years.

Not only does franchise ownership empower veterans to become entrepreneurs, the home care industry also allows them to serve the 5.5 million military family members – often referred to as Hidden Heroes – who are caring for members of our military and veterans. What many of those families may not realize is that they could be entitled to home care benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 

That’s why in 2022, SYNERGY HomeCare launched an education and outreach initiative to raise awareness about home care benefits for which veterans and their families may be eligible.


Care for Veterans

Because many servicemen and women leave the military and pursue civilian careers, they may forget about their VA benefits. They may not realize that there are a number of VA programs that cover the cost of home care to help them with things that may have become more challenging as they have gotten older. Some VA benefits even cover the cost of respite care for family caregivers, who may be juggling a job and a family while  caring for a loved one.

With more than 450 locations nationwide, SYNERGY HomeCare is well-positioned to serve veterans and their families across the country. 

“Our veteran initiatives extend SYNERGY HomeCare’s long-standing commitment to providing personalized and compassionate care to veterans and their families,” said Rich Paul, Chief Partnership Officer for SYNERGY HomeCare. “We’re honored to be a trusted partner in helping our veterans access the quality home care support they deserve.”  

“We make a point to convey to our military clients that being on the receiving end of care is not a sign of weakness, but a privilege that veterans have earned through their service,” said Lucille Menard, a U.S. Navy veteran who tapped into her desire to serve by opening a SYNERGY HomeCare franchise in Port St. Lucie, Florida, after her military career.  

“It’s so important to treat veterans with dignity and respect and help them in meaningful ways. I may no longer be a soldier, but I can still be of service,” said Lucille.  

Felix Gbee (pronounced Bay), also pivoted from serving in the military to serving veterans and older adults in Northern Virginia as the owner of a SYNERGY HomeCare franchise in Leesburg, Virginia

When Felix met a client who was a retired Army Colonel who served in leadership positions around the world, it was the start of a great friendship based on a shared background. Felix joined the Army in 2002 and served several tours in Iraq as a Platoon Sergeant before serving in the Army Reserves.

According to the client’s daughter, Felix’s experience in the Army was an invaluable bonus as he is sensitive to her father’s persona and mindset as a former member of the military. The client regularly remarks how privileged he feels that the owner of the company comes to visit and see how things are going.

“After 20 years in the U.S. military, I was searching for a way to continue serving others,” said Felix. “I realized that the number of older Americans eager to ‘age in place’ might need some assistance. I met with several home care companies but recognized that SYNERGY HomeCare was the right fit for me. They had so much to offer and by following their lead, I was able to launch and grow my business. I really enjoy working with veterans and am passionate about serving them because I know it can be hard for us to ask for help. I joined the Army to make a difference and my new career in home care allows me to continue to make a difference. It’s incredibly rewarding.”


Resources for Veterans

Felix and Lucille utilize SYNERGY HomeCare’s outreach resources to educate veterans on how to access services. A dedicated page on the SYNERGY HomeCare website outlines the process and provides links to explore. There are a few important steps: 

  1. Inquire about what programs they may be eligible for. The VA website, https://www.va.gov, provides information on the various benefits and how to determine eligibility. 
  2. Visit the local VA office. Here, veterans can get registered to receive VA benefits. 
  3. Navigating VA benefits can be daunting, which is why there are a number of outside organizations designed to help veterans navigate their benefits. Foundations like the Wounded Warrior Project, the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization, AidandAttendance.com and other consultation services exist to make the process a little easier. Programs like VetAssist and AVCC (American Veterans Care Connection) are also specifically intended to help veterans apply for the Aid and Attendance pension.
  4. Find a home care provider that is contracted with the VA, like SYNERGY HomeCare.


Employment for Military Spouses and Veterans

SYNERGY HomeCare’s service to members of the military, veterans, and their families includes an active partnership with the U.S Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). 


The program is both creative and powerful. The MSEP connects military spouses with hundreds of partner employers who commit to recruit, hire, promote and retain military spouses. Since its inception in 2011, MSEP employers have hired more than 200,000 military spouses. This is a significant accomplishment considering that military spouses face an unemployment rate of 24%. Additionally, the Department of Defense estimates that military spouses experience a 25% wage gap as compared to their civilian counterparts. 

SYNERGY HomeCare’s available jobs across the nation appear in the DoD’s MSEP career portal exclusive to military families. The MSEP also leads training sessions for SYNERGY HomeCare franchisees on how to best reach military families with employment opportunities, including those in traditional military markets. 


Top Marks for Veteran-Owned Franchises

In addition to being recognized by Franchise Business Review as a Top Franchise for Veterans, SYNERGY HomeCare is a member of VetFran, a strategic initiative of the International Franchise Association designed to facilitate the transition of veterans into franchising. SYNERGY HomeCare is committed to helping service members become successful franchise business owners, offering a 15% discount on the initial franchise fee to qualifying veterans.


To learn more about franchising opportunities with SYNERGY HomeCare, visit https://synergyhomecarefranchise.com or call 888-578-5357 to schedule a consultation.