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The Case for Veterans and First-responders – key traits why these highly-targeted groups enjoy success as a franchisee


Thanks to their unique background, veterans and first-responders possess the ideal mindset for successful franchise business ownership. Veterans and first responders are primed to succeed in business, given the transferable skills learned by being on the front lines. These fields stress the importance of leadership, following set procedures and protocol and operating with integrity – traits that are crucial to ensure business success.


Franchising provides a sense of teamwork and camaraderie that is often missed by veterans and former first responders after retirement. Service-based franchises, such as Ultra Pool Care Squad, a pool and spa service franchise founded by Explore Industries, a worldwide fiberglass pool and pool cover manufacturer, appeal even more to these groups given their ability to work “in the trenches” and be hands-on with their work.

With Ultra Pool Care Squad, we communicate to veterans and first-responders across different channels about why our brand, service and culture is the right professional fit for their personal experience and skillset. Here are key traits veterans and first responders possess that primes them to succeed in a franchise system:

  1. Mission Focused: Veterans and first responders are all about execution and owning a problem to ensure it gets fixed. They jump right in to handle the task at hand and have the integrity to see it through – to “complete their mission.” Veterans and first responders have dual skillsets of following a specified process or chain of command, while at the same time being tasked with executing and “storming the hill.” Throughout their careers, they have been tasked with taking initiative, while also following a set system and protocols to ensure their success. Much like a soldier is ready to respond at a moment’s notice to any challenge, a franchise owner must be prepared, knowledgeable and flexible in day-to-day operations, while still maintaining processes and procedures. This is crucial for a franchise business like Ultra Pool Care Squad. We have a set process for franchisees to follow to ensure compliance in all our territories, but unpredictable events can happen while they are on a job site. It is important in those situations that they are able to take initiative and solve a problem without relying on our set protocol.


  1. Thrive In the Trenches: So much of the work our franchisees and employees do involves being hands-on in solving a problem. Most first responders and active members of the Armed Forces do not do their job behind a desk – they are used to being out in the field and on the road, working with teammates to get a job done. And with a home service franchise, it requires a unique combination of individual entrepreneurship, organizational structure and the personal discipline to follow a set of steps to execute a plan, which is something that tends to resonate with veterans and first responders’ experiences.


For example, in the case of pool care and maintenance, pool water is different from house to house, from week to week. Veterans and first responders are very accustomed to no mission or challenge being the same. A key portion of emergency medical technicians’ jobs are triage and troubleshooting – determining which patients are a priority and diagnosing symptoms for effective care. Our technicians do this with our pools by looking at problems and finding solutions. Given the rigorous training they have gone through, they know how to calmly asses a situation and think on their feet in order to solve the problem.


  1. Believe in What They Do: Veterans are a multi-layered population with a distinct culture that includes, but is not limited to, values, customs, selfless duty, codes of conduct, and excellent communication. We have franchise owners from all walks of life, ranging from former corporate employees to a manager that wants to take advantage of owning his or her own business. The common goal between them is that they want to build a legacy, make a positive impact on the community, expand outside their comfort zone and grow – both their business and personally. Committing to a franchise business is a lot like signing up for the military – not just because there is a contractual obligation that must be fulfilled. The person that steps up to the plate in either circumstance is confident and willing to take initiative and dive right into the residential pool aftermarket. They know there will be challenges, but they thrive off of challenges.


Whether going in the trenches, testing battle drills, or training a new team member how to service a 20,000-gallon swimming pool so a mom can feel confident the water is safe and clean, there are many connections between veterans and first responses with the duties of a franchise owner. Joining a franchise system provides the kind of teamwork and camaraderie veterans and first responders are used to and actively seek out. It’s a win-win for both all parties involved.

At Ultra Pool Care Squad, its leadership and support teams are looking for collaboration and partners to help grow this brand as the premier pool care service and repair organization – and to accomplish this, it welcomes steadfast, integrous and driven professionals, traits that veterans and first responders are certain to have. Ultra Pool Care Squad wants to make the transition into franchise ownership easier for veterans and first responders and alleviate some of the initial financial stress of starting a business, so they are willing to offer them a 50 percent off initial franchisee fee discount. Ultra Pool Care Squad is proud to offer this deep discount to veterans and first responders – not only to thank them for their service, but because they know that these groups are sure to find success in their franchise system.

BIO: Amy Lawhorne is the Chief Operations Officer of Ultra Pool Care Squad, and the former Chief Operating Officer of Authority Brands and Vice President of Outdoor Living Brands.