United Defense Tactical, the first-of-its-kind firearms and self-defense training center, announces the brand’s official “Founding Franchisees.” These franchisees – most of whom have been members of United Defense Tactical – are entering the California markets, helping United Defense Tactical move towards its goal of national expansion. Wes Fox, founder and Chief Instructor, opened the first United Defense Tactical in Costa Mesa, California, when he realized there was a lack of dynamic self-defense training centers on the market. 

“My goal has always been to help keep as many people safe as possible,” said Wes Fox.

Elyas and Stephanie Peshtaz are one of United Defense Tactical’s first franchisees, with their Los Angeles County training center opening this winter. After a random physical attack on the way to Stephanie’s birthday celebration, the couple decided to sign up for self-defense courses and found United Defense Tactical. 

“This incident opened our eyes to the harsh reality that we were not prepared for this to happen,” said Elyas. “We decided it was time to learn about self-defense, and we fell in love with the entire curriculum and business model of United Defense Tactical. 

Paul Davis has been a member of United Defense Tactical for two years and is opening his center in Long Beach, California. As he has progressed through the curriculum, he has seen the demand for dynamic training and creating more responsible firearms owners.  

Ray Bowers is another founding franchisee, bringing his United Defense Tactical to Murrieta, California. Ray was introduced to Wes through his flooring business, and after learning about the business model, decided to open his own United Defense Tactical.